Police Clearance: the Good Edge Over Another Sitter

8 Sep, 2022

Police Clearance: the Good Edge Over Another Sitter

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Having Police Clearance or CRB check (UK) could give you the edge over another house sitter who hasn’t bothered to go through the formalities. It could mean the difference of winning or losing a great housesit. It doesn’t cost that much and the value of this peace of mind far outweighs the cost.

On HouseSitMatch we have integrated the systems for a number of ID and police checking systems to keep the site and our members safe.

Get your Police Clearance as a housesitter on HouseSitMatch

We strongly advise all our housesitter members to have current National Police Clearance documentation in Australia or a DBS ( i.e. Disclosure Barring Service) check in the UK. If you are from another country we can also offer a direct access to your national security systems to purchase your up to date Police Clearance certificate.

While this is not obligatory in our housesitting network we strongly advise that you do so.

What is a Police Clearance certificate?

A Police Clearance certificate is a dated document that reveals if you have a criminal record in your country. It is a way to prove to a homeowner or any interested party that you have no police record and you are a ‘good citizen’ as it is described in some European countries.

When you approach the authorities to run a police clearance search (for a fee) on your local and national records they will check will all the governmental bodies in your country to reveal any issues that might be of interest. If you have had no issues with the law then your record is clean and the certificate will declare as such.

Why get an up to date Police Clearance?

Just think if you were going to have someone live in your home while you were away, wouldn’t you like to have the added security that comes with the knowledge that the sitter/s have police clearance status. Keep it upper most in your mind that a Police Clearance could give you the edge over another sitter.

Why we recommend you get a police clearance certificate at HouseSitMatch

It displays on your housesitter profile

On confirmation the status of your clear Police Certificate displays on your housesitter profile to show all homeowner members that you have been cleared and have a good record.

An up to date Police Clearance could give you the edge

police clearance

Generally your police clearance certificate is valid for 12 months so one application could see you through a number of different housesits.

It is a nominal cost to display your record as a good citizen

In Australia, the cost varies from state to state so check the links below for a full listing of requirements and downloadable forms. You can also pick up the forms from a post office or police station. it is worth securing, however. Remember, having a police clearance could give you the edge over another sitter.

At Housesitmatch we can run up to date police checks for members for over 200 countries through our partners at Verifile. Once you have registered and completed your ID check you can go through the Police Check process.

If you choose to manage your own police clearance process then access your local online facility before leaving your country and share your up to date police certificate with our administration on completion. Here are some examples of the online bodies you can approach to get your up to date certificate.


Northern Territory

For NSW, Western Australia or South Australia, please use the National Police Check site or the National Crime Check site  for a national service.


For the UK Disclosure Bureau (formerly CRB) to run a police clearance check process, you can apply online via these links:
Online DBS Enquiry form

UK Disclosure Information Line Tel: 0044 8709 090 811
How to validate a genuine UK DBS check and certificate

To Register as a House-Sitter yourself for housesitting and pet sitting follow this link HOUSE-SITTER REGISTRATION

To Register as a Homeowner yourself follow this link HOMEOWNER REGISTRATION

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