Pool installation in a cold climate

19 May, 2023

Pool installation in a cold climate

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If you have toyed with the idea of adding a pool installation to your home in a cold climate read on. In this article we offer homeowners a description of the benefits and advantages, and all the options for swimming pool installations you might want to consider.

Challenges and advantages of pool installation in a cold climate

pool installations
Some properties in cold climates also have to cope with extreme temperatures in Winter

Photo by Adheesha Paranagama

Staying Cool in the North Star State: Your Guide to Minnesota Pool Installation

While the cold climate US state Minnesota is renowned for its bitterly cold winters, few people outside of the state realize just how hot and muggy it gets in the Summer. And as a result swimming pools and spas have become an increasingly popular Minnesota home feature in the past few years, and it’s not hard to see why.

On a humid day, there’s nothing quite as relaxing as a refreshing dip in your own private swimming pool; what could be better than being steps away from relaxation at all times?

There are a variety of options available for pools these days, each of which can add great value to the right home. Today, we’ll discuss some of the most common pool options in a cold climate state like Minnesota, as well as what the purchase and installation process looks like. By the end of this article, you’ll be ready to contact a pool contractor and get your own little slice of paradise in the land of 10,000 lakes.

There’s a pool to match every budget and lifestyle

pool installation
Natural swimming ponds simply blend into the garden

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Popular styles of swimming pools

One of the major challenges of a having a swimming pool in a cold climate, and especially a cold climate state like Minnesota where there are extremes of weather is the inground pool installation cost. If you have decided to go ahead and add a pool to your property take a look at the variety of pool styles available and that can work in this climate.

  • In-ground swimming pool – The most common pool installation in Minnesota is the familiar in-ground swimming pool. This style is a little pricier than above-ground so the challenge of a robust structure is reflected in the in-ground pool installation cost. However, they will last much longer in a cold climate and are more aesthetically pleasing. Many pool builders will use 3D modeling to help you customize your pool to match your needs exactly, from the shape to the depth.
  • Lap pool – For those who are fitness-minded, you might choose a lap pool. This type of pool installation is a narrow pool with a consistent depth so that you can practice your swimming and focus on exercise.
  • Eco friendly natural swimming pool installation – You can choose an eco-friendly pool installation, which is carefully designed to mimic a real body of water. These often incorporate elements like waterfalls, plants, and rocks to make you feel as if you are swimming in one of Minnesota’s famous lakes.
  • Saltwater pool – If you don’t like the feel and taste of traditionally chlorinated pools, you can opt for a saltwater pool. These use chlorine generators to extract the chlorine from salt, which can make the water a little less abrasive. Some people believe that this has greater health benefits; whether or not that’s true, it offers users a slightly gentler swimming experience without sacrificing sanitation.
  • Natural pools – are also a great solution: more common in Europe than the US, these use plants and biological agents to keep the water clean, which helps to improve the immediate environment as well.

Comfort and safety are essential considerations, too

Given Minnesota’s relatively short Summers, many pool owners opt to install heaters so that they can enjoy a good swim for a little longer in the year; these are often paired with pool lights, as the daylight hours can be wickedly short as the seasons move on.

Safety is incredibly important for every pool owner no matter where they live, so buyers should consider opting for additional features such as alarms, fences, and covers. These may be required by your insurance company and municipality, so be sure to check with both of these agencies when you’re deciding what to place on your pool.

You can also add an additional motion-activated camera to your home’s security system that will allow you to check whether there are any unwanted visitors to your pool.

Once you’ve developed a rough idea of what features you would like on your pool, it’s time to get in touch with a few pool companies to make your dream come true.

modern home with bright swimming pool
Ensure your property has the right landscape for the style of pool you want to add

Photo by John Fornander

Choose your pool installation contractor carefully

Work with a highly skilled contractor to ensure your pool is safe and durable

Finding a Minnesota pool builder with the experience necessary to safely install your pool is about more than just performing a quick online search. This is an expensive and long-lasting investment, so contact multiple contractors and check them carefully.

Look for industry certifications and accreditations, reviews from third-party websites, a fair market quote when compared with other companies.

Make sure that you provide all the companies with the same specifications so that you can fairly compare them, and choose one that is within the middle range of all the quotes you’ve received: the lowest price likely means the lowest quality, and you simply cannot afford to skimp when it comes to such a large investment.

“Don’t risk subpar results with just any pool installers. Hire a reputable and experienced contractor for your pool installation needs.” – owner of Precision Landscaping

Your chosen pool builder will walk you through your options and help you design the exact pool you would like. The criteria for the pool installation will include the material and filtration system, as well as optional features like heating, lighting, and the hardscape around the pool.

Once you’ve finalized your plans, they will begin the excavation and installation process; this can take anywhere from two weeks to three months, depending on what material you have selected. Fiberglass and steel pools are the fastest to install, as they are constructed in a factory ahead of time, while poured concrete pools can take up to three months or more to be complete.

Final thoughts on your pool installation in a cold climate

Whatever options you decide upon for your pool installation, be sure to receive all the warranty information from your pool builder. That way you know who to contact if there’s ever a problem once the builder has finished the installation. You should also create a maintenance plan with your pool contractor when the installation is complete, including a schedule for when to drain the pool for the season.

If you’ve ever fantasized about jumping into your own private pool, make that dream a reality by getting in touch with a Minnesota pool company today. You’ll never regret creating a cool oasis in the backyard – but be warned, you’ll find it impossible to drag yourself away from this delicious place of respite during the dog days of Summer!


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