Popular home roofing options to consider

8 Jul, 2021

Popular home roofing options to consider

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Every homeowner is responsible for the maintenance of their property. This includes the exterior walls and roof maintenance. If you need to mend or replace your roof it is worth looking at all the home roofing options. They vary in size, durability and of course cost. Read on to learn which of the most popular roofing options would suit your property best.

Today’s Most Popular Home Roofing Options For Residential Buildings

home roofing options
Whatever home roofing options and tiles you are considering you need to maintain them for the integrity of your property

Home roof maintenance

While every homeowner is responsible for the maintenance of their property roofing can be overlooked. However, full property maintenance includes the exterior walls and roof maintenance. If you need to mend or replace your roof it is worth looking at all the home roofing options.

A roof is something that all of us remember only when it leaks or gets severely damaged. It is not something you do when you want to revamp a property on a budget. Other than that, we don’t even notice it exists. However, a roof can have a drastic impact on the overall looks of your house.

A freshly installed roof looks beautiful and is rather useful as well. It’s quite easy these days to get your roof redone by some experts or to install a new one altogether.

There is also a lot of variety when it comes to home roofing options. What is more, they greatly impact the experience you have and associated costs. There are metallic roofs, asphalt roofs, synthetic roofs, and many more. A person who hasn’t heard of all these things before can easily get confused and overwhelmed if they have to make a choice.

This is the recipe for keeping a healthy and attractive roof. Alamo City homeowners are often on the lookout for the best roofing company in San Antonio that can help them keep it this way and also give them tips on what to do to preserve the top of their house.

Knowing the most popular roofing options in the market helps you make a better decision in this direction.

What every buyer needs to know about the home roofing options

This is why in this article, we’ll be exploring the various options you have available to roof your residential building. Not only will we be considering these options for their durability and longevity, but we’ll also consider them for their visual appeal. So let’s get to it and discover the different home roofing options available for your residence.

1. Asphalt Roofs

Asphalt is gaining a lot of popularity and it’s used by a lot of people around the world. The main benefits of having an asphalt roof are a longer life than other shingles, more variety of colors compared to traditional shingles, and features like fire resistance.

These shingles are popular for many reasons, especially their availability, it is a huge benefit. In fact, more than half of homes utilize these types of shingles, either knowingly or unknowingly, because of their trusted features. These shingles are also relatively easy to replace in case they go missing, and this is all because they are so widely used.

2. Steel and Other Metals

The metal shingles just have a different and more modern look to them that makes them more appealing to some people. Homeowners and designers aiming for a contemporary and minimal style tend to choose them from all the home roofing options available. Not only do these shingles look good but they also perform rather well.

There are various options available in this category like copper, galvanized, colorbond, and stainless steel roofs. With the composition of these materials, a beginner might encounter difficulties and they might even wonder how to install a colorbond roof or a metal roof, however, these roofs are relatively simple to install just like the traditional shingles.

You can even take these shingles to any contractor and they’ll get these installed for you.

3. Synthetic Roofs

Synthetic materials when used in any kind of rigorous application are usually more durable than traditional materials. When choosing synthetic shingles, you can easily expect them to outlast any other type of shingle. Since these shingles are made of plastic and other durable materials, they’re weatherproof, rot-proof, and nearly indestructible.

They are just as easy to install as any other shingles but the main issue with these lies in their cost. The costs for this option can be much higher than any other options. However, the money you spend on this option will be well worth the cost due to the immense advantages they offer.

home roofing options
Slate is a wonderful material for roof tiles, durable and beautiful

4. Slate

One of the most beautiful naturally occurring materials, slate is a great choice and one of the most popular home roofing options due to its attractive qualities. It’s one of the most resilient roofing materials and a roof that’s done with slate can easily withstand decades of use and abuse.

Slate is also an inherently fireproof and mildew resistant material, which makes it the ideal material for your roof.

However, they can get pretty heavy and a real slate costs a lot of money. Another advantage of using rock shingles is that they look absolutely stunning which offers your house a regal look as well.

Home roofing options in summary

These are many home roofing options available these days to the ordinary homeowner. Whether you just want to improve the look of your property or make the roof more robust without spending too much money you have options. Some of the choices given here might cost more than the traditional roofs but the cost-to-benefit ratio is more beneficial.

Find out the exact features you want in your roof, aim for a color to match your overall theme. Then finalize the decision about which roof shingles to choose for your home or residential building. These decisions made with consideration and thought will make for a beautiful roofing for your property.


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