Portable Careers & House-Sitting Webinar

2 Aug, 2014

Portable Careers & House-Sitting Webinar

Portable Careers

Portable Careers & House-Sitting:
How To Work While You Travel

On we hosted our second webinar in the HSM Webinar series this time on the topic of Portable Careers and House-Sitting. Thomas Mason chaired the webinar. Together with our expert panel we discussed the many ways you can work while you travel, hence creating your own portable career. HouseSit Match co-hosted the event with The Career Break Site.

Our expert panel included:

  • Chairman – Thomas Mason
  • Rachel Morgan-Trimmer – The Career Break Site
  • Jodie Thompson & Natalie Smith – Housesitting Academy
  • Myself – HouseSit Match.com

During the discussion we covered a variety of topics from why you might consider a portable career, to how to plan for an optimal ‘work while you travel’ trip. We also debated of all the portable careers, which careers are the most portable. Between us we shared ideas on how you can prepare by acquiring skills and organise your accommodation in order to make long term travel affordable. Rachel also described how from personal experience you through planning and research you can find ways to generate income you didn’t know you had. For example, she suggested investigating any tax rebates you might be owed, changing mobile phone contracts, or by selling or hiring out your car. She listed many more ideas and other information about preparing for your career break in the webinar. You can find more information on planning your portable career on TheCareerBreakSite.com. Naturally house-sitting came up as a way to enable you to travel further. Our professional house-sitters Jodie Thompson and Natalie Smith also shared with us their personal experience of discovering house-sitting in a difficult situation, whereas now it is their profession and the source of their revenue through their new project the Housesitting Academy. We’ll feature a special feature on the Academy in the run up to the launch. Thanks to Rachel for her excellent Webinar Summary write up.

For more detailed information please – CLICK to read the Portable Career & House-Sitting WEBINAR Summary If you have ideas you would like to suggest as topics for the future, please contact me directly by clicking here.

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Founder – HouseSit Match



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