Practical ways to enhance your home’s curb appeal

8 Jul, 2021

Practical ways to enhance your home’s curb appeal

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If you’ve been in a property for years the whole look of it becomes so familiar you go blind to it. As the homeowner it is easy to overlook how the front of your home appears to passers-by. When you need to sell your home or have an appraisal suddenly the inspection of others is real. Here are some practical ways to enhance your home’s curb appeal. Consider some of these improvements to really make your home appeal to others.

Practical ways to enhance your home’s curb appeal

enhance your home's curb appeal
Use lighting to draw attention to your garden areas however you use them

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The first thing that attracts your guest or passers-by to your home is the curb appeal. Therefore it is worth investing in its looks to make it inviting and conducive for relaxation.  You want to step from your fantastic house and be invited to the fresh air outside with a beautiful exterior. Here are ways you need to implement to enhance your curb appeal

Create an inviting front entry 

You are invited to a new home through the entrance. And so this first impression or look has a significant impact on your visitor and in fact anyone passing. A well varnished and manicured entry promises a better inside. So be sure to introduce your guest to your home in a neat way. You can improve your entryway using potted large or small plants, decorative outdoor lighting, painting the pathways, architectural designs, etc. If you want to really enhance the approach to your home via the front garden take advice from the North Highlands tree experts on trees and garden  landscaping. 

Maintain the lawn

Your lawn area is essential to your landscaping. Having it well maintained throughout the season is necessary to achieve the desired height and look. You need to learn ideas of maintaining your lawn which include; watering, mowing, weeding, controlling pests, etc.

A few simple changes can really freshen up the look


Lighting not only provides safety at night but also acts as decor. Consider using stylish low energy lightings, or you may as well opt for solar lights in the landscaping, path, and driveways.

Update your patio fixtures

Your patio area plays a significant role in improving your curb appeal. Before you purchase your porch furniture, consider the space and the porch material. Go for furniture materials that are resistant to weather conditions as they can be highly exposed. However, you don’t have to compromise on quality. 

Colorful throw pillows add beauty to the porch furniture, so go bold with colors; you will be surprised at how much it brings change. Another significant way to add coziness to your patio is by using decorative lighting from Of course, you never go wrong with chandeliers, as they always stand out and are fancy and beautiful.

Thorough cleaning

You may need to give your exterior a thorough cleaning once in a while. You will need a pressure washer to do this, and if you don’t have one, you can hire it. A well cleaned outdoors is highly noticeable and increases its attractiveness.

modern day home security
A front door is often the first impression you give of your home

Improve your front door

A very obvious way to enhance your home’s curb appeal is to refresh your front entrance. Your front door ushers people inside your home and should be an introduction to your indoors. Please choose the right front door. You may go sleek but consider security as it’s your house’s main entrance. Painting your door with contrasting colors is also a simple beauty feature. Consider bright colors, and if that’s not your thing, black and white are still stunning.

Replace gutters

Make sure you don’t forget to keep maintaining the gutters. When working outdoors, you are likely to either forget or ignore the drain. Consider cleaning or replacing them.


Flowers are an essential part of a beautiful exterior. You may need a professional landscaper to guide you in managing your garden when it’s young, but you may manage that yourself as they grow. Although flowers are beautiful, you need to exercise caution when handling them because some are toxic. A mixture of flowers remains to be the centre of attraction to many people.

Your garage door remains one of the most visible things that attract people’s attention. So please don’t ignore it. You may not have to change as paint can still work wonders.

How to enhance your home’s curb appeal in summary

Transforming your exterior does not have to be expensive. However, investing in little cash and DIY skills can change your curb appeal for the better.  If you have been thinking of improving your outdoor look, the above tips will be essential.



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