Precious home mementos: 4 Ways to preserve them

10 Jun, 2021

Precious home mementos: 4 Ways to preserve them

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Living in a home often means we gather many souvenirs and photographs that evoke dear memories. As a homeowner you might well find that you simply gather as much stuff as you have space. Often the precious home mementos get mixed up and sometimes lost among the unwanted junk. Keep precious home memories safe. Here are 4 ways to preserve your memories for the future.

4 Ways anyone can keep precious home mementos safe

precious home mementos
Keeping such precious souvenirs safe becomes increasingly important as time passes

Leaning into creativity

Just because you can take a video or a picture of something on your phone doesn’t mean you’ve properly commemorated an associated event. Pictures will be from one angle, videos will be constrained. The best vide of a fine view showing you and a mountain behind may hardly show the mountain—the same thing happens with the moon.

The camera’s eye and your eyes are able to take in different perspectives. Unless you’ve got a specific type of camera, you’re likely not going to get the best image you could of the moon, or a distant lonely mountain peak. So though the common way to commemorate events is to snap a photo, there are limitations with this memorialization method.

That said, there’s still a place for photography in the realm of keepsakes; it’s just not your only option. Here we’ll explore four additional ways you can keep precious memories forever, including means of storing and presenting photos.

  1. A Large collage—One that takes up a whole wall

A collage can be the size of a movie poster, or it can take up an entire wall. Now do be advised, if you plan on selling a home, then a collage of photographs, memorabilia like movie tickets, and other things will likely be lost with the property. However, you could make the collage removable. It will depend on how you put all the precious home mementos together.

That being said, if you do go the collage approach, it’s wise to “back up” your memories by scanning pictures into a computer first. Once you’re sure you’ve got everything safely stored, you could pick one wall in a room and carefully adhere your most cherished photos to that wall in a shapely pattern that grows to take up the entire space.

precious home mementos
Make a photo wall with sealed photos to preserve them

Top tip – Seal the pictures

When you’ve got everything attached, and the collage has grown as you want, seal the pictures. There are ways to seal the pictures in so they’re behind a laminate compound. You’ve likely seen this done at bars, or in woodworking. Once done, as long as you or your family has that house in possession, those memories are safe.

  1. A Treasure chest of memories

Another way to commemorate treasured memories is with an actual treasure chest. Be sure to partition the chest. Put little drawers in there like those which come in a jewellery box. Secure such a jewellery box to the chest. Be sure it can be closed to secure keepsakes even if the chest is moved and drawers open.

Often jewellery boxes will be built like a small wardrobe. As a result, you can just close the little box’s outer doors and secure it to the side of the chest. Voila, you’ve got a safe container within a container. The key to putting memories in a chest like this is organisation. Make them easy to peruse and keep safe. You don’t want to just throw your precious home mementos any which way.

For the ambitious: A memory wardrobe

Beyond little cabinetry designed like tiny wardrobes in the tradition of jewellery boxes, why not go large? A large wardrobe can be made into a memory “shrine”, if you will. Clothes, pictures, keepsakes, paperwork, pieces of art, books—all can be stored very neatly in a sort of memory wardrobe. You just section off different areas of the furniture for different things.

Top tip – Keep the mementos on display

Once you’ve decided on what best describes the particular memory family you’re looking to preserve, then you simply add items to each section of the wardrobe. Since it’s a piece of furniture, you can move it wherever is best. Ideally, you don’t keep it in the closet. Instead you make this precious home memory wardrobe a key feature in the living room. to enjoy it keep it on display wherever is best.

  1. Scrapbooking and photo albums: The timeless classic

Something a lot of people have forgotten about in the modern world is turning cherished memories into materials which can be referenced in a safe, artistic way—like what previous generations had in the form of photo albums and scrapbooks.

Keeping those cherished memories alive

Whether scrapbooking, designing your own memory wardrobe, carefully storing things in a literal memory treasure chest, or designing a massive collage to take up an entire wall, there are definitely ways to preserve your memories creatively. A picture tells a thousand words. But if you store precious home mementos in a creative way, it may tell even more.



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