Preparing a home for a house or petsitter

11 May, 2021

Preparing a home for a house or petsitter

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If you have pets or you have decided you need a housesitter to care for your property while you are away read this. You are likely preparing a home for a house or petsitter to come and stay while they watch your home and pets. Here are some top tips on how to go about your preparations before they arrive.

Preparing a Home For a House or Petsitter

house or petsitter with two dogs
A house or petsitter can be a great help when you are away

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You are all prepped and ready for your trip away or work weekend. You have packed and booked yourself a house or pet sitter. Now to do some of those last-minute preparations. When planning a trip, especially during or after a global pandemic, you may want first to get a covid cleaning service to do a sweep of your home to make doubly sure that you and your house sitter are both safe.

Ensuring the home is clean and tidy and the houses or petsitter has space to live while you are away is fundamental when preparing your home for a house or pet sitter.

Get ready by preparing a home for a house or petsitter in advance

Welcome your sitter warmly on arrival, it sets a good tone

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It is important to get ready in advance. Think  about what is needed for your housesit or petsit. Write down your brief when you are preparing a home for a house or petsitter.

Other than that, there are a handful of other last-minute things you can do to make sure your sitter knows what’s what and essentially give yourself the peace of mind that things will be fine while you are gone. Preparing your home for a house or pet sitter means you’ve prepared your home for a pet in your absence and the person who will be caring for them. Read on to find out some ways to prepare your home for a house or pet sitter.

The Lists

Leave them a list. This sounds obvious but hear us out. It is important when preparing a home for a house or petsitter. It shows you’ve thought about your brief. Whether it is house chores that need to be done or the pets’ feeding and grooming schedule, leave a list somewhere in the house so that the sitter can keep on top of things for you.

It can literally be as simple as “Take the trash out on Wednesday” or more complicated instruction on maintaining a pool if that is something that needs to be done. This is an important point when preparing a home for a house or petsitter. Of course, the terms of what the individual needs to do while you’re away will be agreed upon before you hire them but give them a fighting chance. You don’t want your trip constantly interrupted by phone calls asking you if A or B needs to be done.

Physical lists are also better than email lists that can get buried. You can do both, of course, but always leave a physical list behind.

Food for the pets

One of the fundamental points to note when preparing a home for a house or petsitter is ensuring there is food for the pets. If you have a pet with dietary requirements, or have a specific food you always feed them, then ensure you have a stock of it before leaving.

This is especially important if you are going on a long trip if it is a particular kind of food that would be difficult for your pet sitter to obtain, get more than you think they will need.

Food for the house or petsitter too

On the flip side, if you are organising inhome pet sitting, it might be nice to let them know what food they can have from the fridge and pantry. You can even offer to grab some things for them as a thank you for looking after your home. This is a small but welcome gesture of goodwill that will be much appreciated. It is one of the nice things to do for a house sitter and a thoughtful thing to do when preparing your home for a house or pet sitter.

dog held by reading dogsitter on a bed
Give the house or petsitter time to get to know the pets if possible

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This point doesn’t need too much explanation and links back to the point about leaving lists. However, with pets at home it is a vital step when preparing a home for a house or petsitter. Leave your pet’s medications out somewhere in an obvious container so that the sitter knows where they are.

It is very easy to gloss over this when you are prepping to leave the house. And yet it is no less important.

Also, make 100% sure that you have enough medication for the duration of your trip. This is especially true if it is a specialist medication that only you, as the pet owner, can get. If it is a more generic medication, provide the number or location for the medications. That way your sitter can obtain more if they run out in your absence.

A long term house or petsitter need extra preparation

preparing a home for a house or pet sitter
Taking time for a proper written and face to face briefing is one of the fundamental ways in preparing a home for a house and petsitter

Photo by Jenny Kaye

If you need long term housesitters and you’re inviting them into your home to care for pets and property prepare. Your sitters will need place to put their clothes for a longer period. So for example, you may need to empty a full cupboard or wardrobe for them. You will also need to consider space in the kitchen so they can keep their own food stuffs separate to yours.

Agree the terms of their long term visit. Document what you have agreed. That way you will have a clear understanding on rooms they can access and spaces that are resolutely yours. One idea is to put all your precious, fragile and breakable items in a room that is lockable for safe keeping. Most housesitters prefer this to avoid any unexpected accidents.

Preparing a home for a house or petsitter in conclusion

This, of course, if you are preparing a home for a house or petsitter, take a moment to make that list. This is not a definitive list of last-minute things you can do to help a sitter out. Yet they are some of the most important.

Be as thoughtful and helpful as you can when preparing a home for a house or petsitter. They, in return, will have the best chance of looking out for your home and pets. You can go on your trip knowing that you have done everything possible to keep your house and animal safe when you are away.

How to find a housesitter or a pet sitter

If you join one of the best housesitting websites like HouseSitMatch as a Pet Homeowner you can post an advert as soon as you know the dates you’ll be away and try to find a free good pet housesitter for this assignment. Or by using alternative networks you may also be able to find a good professional pet housesitter.

Join one of the Best Housesitting Networks

Whether you join one of the best Housesitting networks like for a small annual fee, or find a good pet house sitter it is basically a great investment in time and a subscription fee. This investment allows you to be productive without risking your pet’s safety, and keeps pets safe at home. It can help you secure great house or petsitter to come to your home for free.


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