Prevent flea infestation – Protect your home and dog

25 Nov, 2021

Prevent flea infestation – Protect your home and dog

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Many a pet owner fears a flea infestation at home. And that is one of the challenges of having pets living in your home. Here are some top tips on how to prevent a flea infestation and how to protect your dog and home from this invasive mite.

Protect your dog and home

How To Keep Your Dog and Home from Getting a Flea Infestation

Protecting dogs at home is essential for their well being and ours

While fleas may be tiny, they can pack a mighty punch. This is partly because fleas do not typically fester alone. They gather in packs of many and when they all come together, they can wreak havoc on your dog and your home.

The flea’s ability to move

Fleas do not have wings, so they do not technically have much of an ability to travel around your home on their own. They typically first present themselves in your home because they jumped on to or into your pet’s fur while they were outside or in another location. When your pet moves around your home, they can jump or fall off and leave eggs where they land. They can jump much further than you think. They are typically around 1/6 of an inch in length but can jump more than a foot in distance.

Symptoms of flea infestation

Fleas have the ability to cause all sorts of skin issues — both for you and your pet. Your pet can develop something called flea bite dermatitis. It causes intense itching and scratching in your pet. This scratching will cause them to bleed and these scabs can become infected. This and other skin conditions found on your pet will need to be treated by your veterinarian. It can be solved by flea removal and medication for any infected areas. Fleas can also cause more serious internal issues in pets. Tapeworms are not uncommon.

And while fleas are most commonly discussed in regards to a pet’s health, they do have the power to physically affect humans as well. They may not live on your skin or in your hair as they do with pets, but they can spread diseases like plague and cat scratch fevers. They can also cause severe itching and bites that scab on your legs and arms. To learn more about fleas, visit

So, because of the health issues and inconvenience that they cause, we need to get rid of fleas.

flea infestation
Use pet remedies for fleas on dogs

How do we get rid of fleas?

Start outside of your home. How long is your grass? If your grass is not kept short and mowed frequently, it can be a good hiding place for fleas. When you let the dog out for the bathroom, this is when they can hop on and find their way into your home. They can also jump onto your shoes and pant legs. Keeping your grass short gives them less space to hide, but also helps the sun get the ground a little too warm for the fleas to be content. If your grass is short and the sun is penetrating through the grass, the fleas will leave to find a less hot space.

Prevention is better than a cure

There are so many different items available that can be used to prevent fleas from becoming attached to your cat or dog. Talk to your vet about all of the options. They will be able to advise you on all of the available options that would be best for your pet. You can visit to learn about some of those options. Make sure that if you treat one pet that lives in your home, you treat all of them.

When moving inside the home to prevent a flea infestation, it is important to note that you may not physically be able to see them or their eggs. Frequent vacuuming and cleaning of all areas of your home can help prevent an infestation. Vacuuming can remove both flea eggs and the adults that lay them. It is good to throw away your vacuum bags if you suspect any fleas.

Wash the dog’s bedding well on a regular basis

Managing your dog’s health and environment

Keep your bedding and your dog beddings clean. Wash them in hot water frequently. You can also clean your couches and furniture with steam cleaners. This will create a hostile environment for any fleas.

Summary of how to prevent a flea infestation of your dog and home

Prevention is definitely better than the cure when it comes to flea infestation. We hope you have found these top tips useful to help you maintain a healthy and safe environment for both your dog and your home.


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