Prevent your puppy from destroying their bed

13 Dec, 2021

Prevent your puppy from destroying their bed

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If you are a pet owner who has owned puppies from a young age you know the training challenges. Here are some top tips on how to train them to prevent your puppy from destroying their bed. Read on to learn more about puppy training and engendering good behaviour through training and creating the right environment.

How to Prevent Your Puppy from Destroying Its Bed

prevent your puppy from chewing toys
Every puppy loves to play. You need to prevent your puppy from causing damage. Train them how.

Though puppies are cute, they can be pretty destructive at times. They explore their surroundings with their mouths and also love to play with anything new to them. A puppy will bite anything and everything they find because of their age. A puppy is a curious animal and likes to explore everything in its surroundings.

Puppies are prone to causing damage

They are prone to chewing or ripping up anything that’s placed in front of them, whether it’s the corner of your favorite chair or one of their beds.

Sometimes, you might wonder why do puppies destroy their beds when there are so many other things near them. The following article will answer all your questions. But if you start training early you can try to stop a puppy from causing any damage.

Why Do Puppies Destroy Their Beds?

Puppies go through several different stages in their development. From three to four months of age, puppies are teething and need something that they can chew on to ease the discomfort.

The puppy’s bed is usually the victim because it offers an easy target for this chewing habit. At about eight months old, puppies reach maturity. It is a time when a lot of behavioral problems can start to surface, including destructive chewing.

Marking territory

The puppy may feel the need to mark his territory by destroying things. But how can you prevent your puppy from wreaking havoc and causing damage in this stage?

In addition, many puppies have an innate desire to dig. They dig for various reasons: they’re bored, or it’s just something that comes naturally to them. In some cases, dogs have been known even to dig to get out of their kennel. They may also scratch or claw at it until they’ve created a hole for themselves big enough to crawl.

What Can You Do About It?

While you can’t stop a puppy from biting when they are teething or marking its territory, you can prevent your puppy from destroying its bed. In this article we offer you some expert ideas on how to train.

When introducing a new puppy to their bed, make sure to supervise them closely. The puppy’s bed should be comfortable and big enough for their use.

prevent your puppy
Training really works

The following are some tips to prevent puppies from destroying their beds:

1. Keep their beds clean

If you get lazy about cleaning up after your puppy’s bed, try setting a schedule to keep the bed in good shape. This way, it’ll be easier to get them to use their dog bed whenever they need it instead of holding them on a leash at all times. Keeping the bed clean will also make it smell like them and feel even more familiar.

2. Make sure their bed isn’t too fluffy

Steer clear of using blankets or pillows for this purpose – they can easily be picked up and torn apart by curious teeth, resulting in feathers everywhere! Choosing the right bed can help prevent your puppy from causing more damage for example with dogs scratching their beds.

Try to pick a bed with thicker fabric, so if they try and chew on it, they’ll cause less damage.

3. Give them toys instead

As puppies get older, you can gradually start to wean them off of their need for your pillows and blankets.  It would help if you started by offering them various toys that will allow them to do the same thing as gnawing on a pillow or scratching at a blanket – only now they’re using something that’s meant for playing.

It is a great way to prevent your puppy from causing damage to soft furnishings and one way to get a puppy to stop biting.

dog walking business
Reward good behaviour, it encourages good behaviour, and prevents your puppy from engaging in activities you don’t want

4. Reward good behavior

Did you know that dogs are capable of learning simple tricks? The best way to teach them is by using positive reinforcement. Don’t give them too much attention for bad behavior because all they’ll learn is that this is the way to get what they want. However, by giving them enough attention for good behavior, they’ll be more likely to repeat it in the future.

You can even try teaching them new behaviors on purpose, so they have an activity to do when you’re not around.

Additional Tips to prevent your puppy from causing damage

When introducing a dog to its new bed, make sure they don’t have access to anything they shouldn’t be chewing. Don’t give your puppy attention for misbehaving – if they figure out that doing something terrible gets them a reaction, they’ll be sure to keep doing it!

Live in dog sitters can help

When you go away on holiday and have to leave your pets behind bringing in live in dog sitters can help you continue your training and management of the pets.

What is live-in dogsitting

housesitters essential skills
Live-in dogsitting is a good solution for dog minding for rescue pets

More and more people choose rescue dogs these days. Rescue dogs have been often placed in a welcoming new home after being abused, neglected, or abandoned by their previous owner. They will have had a wide range of experiences, from severe abuse to simply abandonment. Not that abandonment is simple.

But what happens when the pet owner wants to go on holiday and they start searching for overnight pet sitting in my home, or in-home pet sitting near me.  They actually need live-in dogsitting and housesitting and petsitting platforms like HouseSit Match can help. Then they can find dog sitters and vacation with peace of mind.

Continuing dog training with live in dog sitters

If you want a happy and well behaved dog, teach rules and expectations. And above all don’t leave a dog alone for many hours. That is not fair on the pet. Find a dogsitter. Dogs are intelligent creatures and need company. They thrive with a playmate. Dogs generally want to please and are pack animals by nature.

That’s where dogsitters can help you manage your ongoing puppy training even while you are away. Just show them what to do and how to be with your dog.

Summary – How to prevent your puppy from destroying their bed

The facts mentioned above should end your curiosity as to why do puppies destroy their beds. Lastly, to sum up, dogs love comfort, and if you can keep your dog’s bed clean, they will not destroy it. Moreover, they will most likely begin to use the bed as their personal space.

Why Housesit Match?

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