The Price of Oil in Winter vs Housesitter Costs

13 Dec, 2016

The Price of Oil in Winter vs Housesitter Costs

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Consider the price of oil in Winter vs housesitter costs

Weighing up any housesitter costs you might incur vs the price of oil and just turning up your heating when you leave the house empty to go on holiday is important. The question of rising and falling oil prices and the impact of heating your home in a cold climate is one many people worry about, especially with the risk of broken and burst pipes with no one to manage such an unfortunate event. Having housesitters stay in your home while you are absent actually mitigates this risk, and if the housesitters costs are only the nominal price of membership to a secure and collaborative housesitting network, and the housesitters come for ‘free’, then asking housesitters to manage the risk of burst pipes and sustaining security of your home in your absence is a no brainer.

Housesitter costs vs the Price of Oil
Housesitters can care and protect your home economically, especially in Winter

Impact of energy prices and why heating oil prices fluctuate

But what if the heating oil prices fluctuate dramatically in your absence? One of the features of using heating oil for your home is that its price can fluctuate, sometimes quite widely and rapidly. Here are some of the factors that can cause these variations.

Fluctuations in the cost of crude oil

The price of crude oil is one of the biggest factors affecting home heating oil prices. Crude oil prices are, in turn, affected by the demand and supply around the world. The demand for oil can vary day-by-day according to weather conditions, as well as other global events, including economic or political ones. The amount of oil extracted and supplied by the countries in the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) also influences global crude prices.

The seasons and unpredictable Winter temperatures

Needless to say, Winter weather also has a big impact on the demand for and price of heating oil. Even when crude oil prices are stable, the price of heating oil will rise in Autumn and Winter, when people need and use it most. The average household may use up to 1,000 litres over the whole Winter, but hardly anything from late Spring to early Autumn. When people need it, the prices go up.

The homeowners who also choose to take Winter holidays also have a choice which may impact their use of heating oil for their home. Some people choose to find housesitters for a Winter housesitting others simply turn up the heating in their absence to try and prevent burst pipes around their home. Others turn down the heating before they leaving believe the risk is too small to worry about. And many increasing numbers of holidaymakers keep the temperature stable and invite in housesitters at no cost through housesitting platforms like to ensure human beings manage the home situation according to the unpredictable Winter temperatures.

We have had housesitters maintaining properties in the Ukraine in a tough Winter, with fluctuating oil prices affecting the cost of living and maintenance. However, in this case, the homeowner and sitter came to an agreement to manage the situation and maintain a warm and undamaged property. Good communications can help even in unexpected and extreme circumstances.

Regional competition

More locally, the number of heating oil sellers in a region can affect the cost to the customers. In areas where there are relatively few oil suppliers, the prices will be higher as there’s less competition. Conversely, in areas where the population is higher and there are more sellers, prices will need to stay lower in order to remain competitive.

Regional operation differences

Part of the cost to the customer, when they order oil, is the cost of the delivery. If someone lives in a more remote area that takes longer to get to, then their end price will be that little bit higher. The cost per litre can be affected by how much it costs the seller to make the deliveries, which is why it’s a good idea to try to place orders alongside neighbours.

Why do oil prices have sudden surges?

The prices of home heating oil can change quite dramatically and rapidly, with not much warning at times, it seems. During times when refineries, customers, dealers and wholesalers have enough stock in storage, when temperatures are high or stable and when there are no geopolitical events to contend with, prices stay stable and fairly low. A sudden drop in temperature can cause demand to rise quickly. Additionally, most people find that they use a lot of oil when supply lines are more likely to be disrupted – during snow or other adverse weather conditions.

Cold weather means that people are using up their oil faster than the supplier can bring in new stock. Even refineries find they have to work hard to keep up with demand, and this means that wholesalers tend to raise their prices during these periods.

Sometimes, extra supplies of oil have to be shipped in from the Gulf or from Europe, which can take several weeks. Suppliers and buyers can get anxious during these times and this means rises – sometimes sharp ones – in the price of oil. Once everyone’s replenished, prices, and homeowners, can relax!

And the Housesitter Costs?

Whatever your heating system at home, it is worth considering how to manage the heating in your absence. Housesitters can help to manage your domestic situation and adjust the spend on your heating according to your prior instruction. The housesitter costs in a pre-planned arrangement can be surprisingly minimal. For the price of an annual membership to a housesitting platform you and have access to experienced and reliable housesitters who maintain your home and manage the spend on your heating for Free! They also keep your home safe, managing your pets and property while you are away.

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