Priorities after moving into a new home – The Top 4

1 Jun, 2021

Priorities after moving into a new home – The Top 4

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Many homeowners will doubtless remember moving into their very first property. And as we get more experience moving into each new home, taking family and pets to new locations we learn more with every relocation. However, there are always priorities that need to be considered ahead of and after moving into a new home. Here is our list of top 4 priorities to help you manage the move more easily.

Ultimate 4 Things To Do After Moving Into A New Home

moving into a new home
Opening the door for the first time is exciting

Moving to a new home is a stressful affair. A long checklist of things requiring urgent attention often overpowers the excitement of moving into a new home. Getting into the house is only the beginning, and it is not time for celebration yet. To enjoy the comfort of your newfound home, you must be prepared to handle the stresses that come with it.  

There’s a lot that will determine whether your new house will work for you. You’ll have security issues to deal with down the line, utility, and not to mention those nosy neighbors who’ll prepare a welcome party without your consent. Do not be alarmed as the curated tips listed here will help you settle in just fine. Here are four ultimate things to do after moving into a new home. 

1. A New House, New Appliances

The first and most important top tips is don’t hold back from the simple pleasures of this life. Moving into a new home is a great excuse to find new home appliances. Before moving into your new house, and as seen at, there are so many appliance options you can decide to invest in. Let’s face it, there’s not a house without kitchen appliances, bedroom electronics, or some entertainment devices for your living room. There are, however, critical considerations that you’ll need to factor in before investing in just any appliances for your new house. Such might include:  

  • Quality – Ensure that the appliances will last you for the time you are planning to spend in the new house
  • Portability – Whether you are planning to move into your permanent house or a rented apartment, you must consider appliances that are easy to move. This will help whenever you have moving needs down the line
  • Power usage – To help bring down your power usage and the costs associated with it, consider appliances that will not eat into your account. There are so many wattage options but this will be determined by the type of appliance, usage, and not to mention the appliance’s maintenance 
  • Needs – Your needs should dictate the type of appliance you need. There are items that you’ll need for your daily use while others will not be used as frequently

2. Secure Your Home

You’ll have a lot on your plate and considering the neighborhood you are moving into, the last thing you’ll want is to have to deal with home breaking without having prepared for such. On your list, ensure prioritizing on changing the locks. Ensure that all the doors and windows in your new home close and can be locked. You can take things a notch higher by investing in in-house and outdoor security systems to help secure a new home. Before you go all in, ensure that you have a budget for it, that you have the right installation company, and have invested in quality security apparatus.  

moving into a new house
Make sure you alert the post office to your change of address

3. Changing Address

A new home means a new address. A number of your everyday aspects need your address; from your subscriptions, credit cards, to insurance just to mention but a few. Luckily for you, the process of changing your home address will not be as complicated. If by any chance you are not in a position to change it online, a visit to the post office should suffice. If your move finds you in different states, you might also consider updating your voter information. Hey, do not forget to share such information with your loved ones or those in your inner circle of friends. 

4. Utility Transfers

You need to accomplish this step once you are officially the homeowner and have ownership of your new home. Many factors may cause you to forget or delay the setup of your utilities. A new state, in most cases, means new utility providers. Consult with your new gas and electricity providers, and update your information on your new address. The quicker you check this out from your list, the better, as no one wants to be in a dark house with no access to water or gas. After sorting out these major utilities, check the other important utilities like internet or phone connection are working properly to make your stay at your new home comfortable.

Your pets

Special consideration needs to be taken for your pet family. A step by step approach is best and thought for each kind of pet and how you will move them to their new location.

The pet nanny

If you have a number of pets and they will need specialist care, medication with specific routines to be maintained you could consider a pet nanny. There will be a cost, however, you may feel it necessary to ensure that your pets are well cared for during the short period of moving and a day or so after.

Dog minding

It might help if you organise dog minder for the day of your move and perhaps the day after. That way you can organise the move from one place to another without increasing the animal’s stress levels. It will be a challenge enough to help them get used to your new place and their new home.

Dog boarding

If there are no friends or family available and you are struggling to find a sitter you could consider dog boarding, at a kennels.

It can make the final moving out and into a new neighbourhood less stressful.

Cattery and cattery alternatives

Unless your cat is an indoor cat, it is harder to keep changing the home environment for a cat. So a cattery might be the answer for a day or two.

Rehoming a pet

In extreme cases, perhaps if you are moving overseas you may need to rehome your pet. You could start with friends and family, people who know and appreciate your pet. Then perhaps consider a wider circle and finally a rescue home that specialises in rehoming pets.

Summary of tips after moving into a new home

The above pointers should suffice to help you settle comfortably in your new home. Needless to mention is the fact that your new home should be purged before moving in, and by this, it might mean hiring a cleaning company. But if you are up to the task, there’s no greater thing than the pride of having the satisfaction of knowing that you did it all.



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