Property investment – Top tips to optimise the value of your property

3 Apr, 2020

Property investment – Top tips to optimise the value of your property

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As a homeowner and therefore property investor you doubtless consider the improvements you make to your property with some care. If you have another property investment apart from your home then you will be constantly mindful of kerb appeal and the investment to return ratios. Here are some tips for how to optimise your property investment. Read this blog for some great top tips.

How to make a home universally appealing – 2020 guide

Home is where the heart is, and it’s certainly a space that you should make feel your own, in order to make you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. However, if you’re using your property for a purpose other than putting your feet up in the evening with a cup of tea, you might want to think a little bit differently.

Running a property business, and want to attract tenants for the long term in order to maintain a consistent rental income stream? You may learn more here or perhaps you’re running a B&B service, and want to ensure that all of the people that stay have the same pleasurable experience?

Simply want to make your personal space a bit more welcoming and inviting to guests that come over for a chat? Whatever the case may be, here are a couple of different tips and tricks to help give your home/apartment a universally appealing look and feel.

Property investment
Ensure a good presentation to help with your property investment

Manage your decor – Start with colour

Colour is an extremely important part of a home. If you want to add a splash of paint to your home to get it feeling fresh, choose carefully. Typically, if you want to go with something that will appeal to most and not be too overbearing, a bright, general colour – such as white, cream, beige, or a light shade of grey – is your safest bet. It might not sound like the most interesting choice in the world, but it will go with most of your furniture, which is good news if you don’t want to invest in new stuff.

Lighting effects

If you’re scared of committing to a specific colour, or simply don’t want the expense of repainting, invest in lighting. You could invest in some colour-changing LED lighting as a flexible intelligent solution. Not only are these devices extremely easy to set up (they’re literally as easy as screwing in a light bulb), but they can be changed on the fly . The lighting can help in matching the mood and preference of whoever is using the room.

Property investment
Use LED lighting to change the mood of a room at little cost

Smart LED lighting will also give the technological appeal to your property, helping to keep things future-proof and serving as a selling point for those trying to entice people to the property. If you want to take things one step further and truly modernise your property, you could do so by adding more smart technology, such as a smart assistant speaker, smart heating, or even a smart security system. All of these devices are relatively easy to set-up, and they link together, too, making the home a bit more efficient and helpful generally.

Property investment
Neutral palettes ensure your property appeals to a wide audience

Minimalism in your decor

Worried that the person visiting your home, or the tenant living in your property, won’t like the décor? Why not give them less to think about with a minimalist aesthetic? This is an extremely popular interior style and it’s rather easy to pull off, too. You could start by stripping back on some furniture that you don’t need. Keep things simple. You could even declutter in order to make some extra cash for renovations.

Property investment tips

For inspiration on how to pull off an inviting and universally appealing minimalist décor, take a look at some of the different apartment properties offered by investment company RWinvest, particularly if you have a flat/apartment or a home with reduced space.

Tip – Space saving effects: A typical apartment interior consists of space-saving furniture, and bright open layouts with maximised floor space. This allows for those living in the apartments to make it their own space and do what they like with it.

Tip – Personalise your property: Allow yourself the freedom to personalise your home. This enables you to make it a space where you feel comfortable. And, if you have a tenant moving in to your property, allow them to add their own touches, if possible. It can be as simple as hanging things on walls and putting a few nails in here and there. Your tenants will surely thank you for it and see it as a positive acknowledgement. What is more, you could save yourself some money that you otherwise would have wasted trying to find something that they like.



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