Protect your home in Winter

7 Nov, 2019

Protect your home in Winter

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Protect Your Home Before Winter Sets In

In the Northern hemisphere we are already feeling the changing seasons. It’ is definitely time to protect your home in Winter, before the cold weather really sets in. There are various ways to do this ahead of the harsh weather. We can insulate, make our windows, walls and pipes weather resistant. On taking a closer look you might find your home needs more attention than you thought. If you are a snow bird homeowner and you invite housesitters into care for your property to protect your home and care for pets while you are absent for the Winter our advice is to take a long hard look at your property and make it Winter ready. Here are some ideas on what to do.

home in Winter
Snowbound homes in deep winter in Scandinavia

Preparing your home in Winter

It’s almost Autumn, and I don’t know about yours, but my home is feeling it. I didn’t even notice anything was wrong until the long lines of trick-or-treaters came marching up my driveway.

Despite their adorable costumes, all I could think about was their parents, seeing my house with fresh eyes. I knew they were seeing what I had stopped seeing a while ago. My house needed some serious care! It was definitely time to take a closer look.

How to keep your home looking new

Every homeowner who takes pride in their home needs certain tools to keep it looking fresh and clean, like power-washing equipment or a concrete sealer.

Power cleaning can make such a huge difference for the look of all the surfaces of your home; you’ve probably forgotten how good your driveway looked before it got worn down by the weather or rust stains.  It’s so incredibly (and weirdly) satisfying to watch all that dirt get power-washed away! There’s even a subreddit of people that just share those oh-so-satisfying power-washing videos and talk about them! You’ll have to keep power washing again and again, unfortunately, unless you use a concrete sealer.

Power-washing your property

A fresh power-washing leaves your home looking like it just got a makeover. It feels like a million bucks! And homes are normally luckier than the homeowners. You know that a makeover only lasts so long, but for your house, you can seal that new makeover in and leave your home looking fine and finished for years to come.

A good concrete sealer will keep your driveway and walkway looking fresh. A sealer will also protect your surfaces from future staining, corrosion, and scarring. The right power-washer will vary from city to city, but a quick Google search will show you your nearby options. Just search for “power-washing near me.”

home in Winter
Jet washing your home helps prepare the surfaces

Home in Winter – The right time to clean and seal your house

The upkeep of the house in Winter is a representation of the people who live inside. It shows the care that people put into their homes, and the pride they maintain in the appearance.

You’ve seen the dead leaves begin to clump up around your lawn and stick themselves to your walkways. Nothing looks good like that! And if the leaves aren’t enough, the rains are dripping dirt all over the front of your house and across the driveway.

Once Winter hits, it’ll be too late to do any work. All the dirt and leaves will freeze themselves deep into the surfaces of your house in Winter, leaving stains over everything that is a pain to remove (if they can be removed at all!). On top of that, the normal tools used to keep walkways and driveways safe and clear of snow can end up damaging them in the long run.

Timely action saves more work next year

And then Spring will come with its rains and erosion. Prevent permanent damage and act now. If there is permanent damaget the concrete will never look as good as it would have if it had been protected from all that wear and tear in the first place.

To avoid having to replace your driveway or walkway, and to keep them looking good, this is the time of year for a good cleaning and a quick sealing. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

All this is best done to protect your house in Winter and before you invite in housesitters. If you act in good time you can be sure of the integrity of your property in cold weather, and you’ll be sure of your home in Winter.

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