Puppy training top tips for new pet owners

5 Mar, 2021

Puppy training top tips for new pet owners

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As a new pet owner you may have trained pets before in your past. However, a new puppy in the home will be demanding in new ways. Puppy training becomes a vital step for them to learn how to live in your home environment. Here are some top tips to help you get started in training your new puppy.

Tips for Successful Puppy Training Sessions

Puppy training
Start puppy training with simple tasks

Puppy training – Key steps

Bringing home a new puppy is an exciting and fun time. It is also the ideal time to start their puppy training. For some pets and their pet owners, puppy training can be overwhelming. This is especially true if you have an active or excitable dog breed.

A great option in such cases is to use the tools and behaviour modification programs from The Dog Wizard dog trainers to help you get started safely.

However, if you are determined to handle this on your own, here are a few tips to help you get started and ensure your training sessions are successful.

Create and Stick To the Puppy Training Schedule

Just like with children, your puppy needs a schedule. They should wake up, eat, and go to bed at close to the same time each day, including weekends.

Be sure to feed your puppy three times per day. Another important part of their puppy training is that you take them outside to play. They need to socialize and be active as often as possible, especially when they are still housetraining.

Ideally, you should start with seven times per day, with the first outside session being when you wake up in the morning. Remember to stay consistent and remain patient. It will likely take your puppy a few days or a week to get used to everything.

Teach Your Puppy the Rules

Your puppy is not going to know your rules when you first bring them home. You have to teach them what they can and cannot do. For example, are you going to allow your puppy to sit on your furniture? What will you do when they get into the garbage can? Be sure to make the rules clear and stay consistent with what they are allowed to do.

Teach your puppy basic commands such as come, stay, and sit. It’s also important to train your puppy to right correctly on a leash, with no pulling. Most harnesses come with a front leash clip to help with this important skill.

Praise Your Puppy’s Good Behaviour

Be sure to provide positive reinforcement, such as a “good girl” and a treat, when they do what you have asked them to. This includes even small things. For example, did your puppy wait at the curb rather than running into the road? If so, be sure to reinforce this behaviour with a “good” or “yes” at the right moment.

This will show them what they are doing right, which is also going to encourage them to continue this good and positive behaviour in the future.

Create a Reward System in Your Puppy Training

puppy training
Offering a reward for interactive games and results is a good way to build a bond in puppy training

Reward the behaviours that you like or approve of. You should never reward behaviours that you don’t like. Make sure to impose immediate consequences if these occur.

The rewards you provide during puppy training don’t have to be extravagant. A belly rub or small treat is enough. You can also reward your puppy with playtime with other puppies, or a game of fetch outside.

If you want to train your dog out of negative behaviours, be sure to ignore them when they do them, or take away something they like. For example, if your puppy jumps on you when they are ready to play, turn your back to them. This shows them their behaviour is not OK. When they sit down and become calm, shower them with “good boys” and affection.

You need a dogsitter

What is a live in dogsitter?

As soon as you get a new pet dog for your home you realise that actually they need a lot of engagement. This is when most dog owner start asking ‘What is a live in dogsitter’? And can I find a live in dog sitter near me?

The pet minder’s engagement with your pets

The age and state of health of your dog will impact how much engagement they need.  When they are young they need a lot of attention and puppy training. The training ensures they stay safe, and learn behaviour that is suitable to live with humans in the home. House training is also important to make sure they and the house stay clean.

The next phase is one where they are a little older and need more exercise. They need longer walks, they need to run around to build and exercise their muscles.

As they gain in confidence they need socialisation with other dogs to temper their behaviour and to learn dog body language and protocols. Most dogs love human interaction so a live in dogsitter is a great kennel alternative and can keep your dog engaged and happy.

Dog sitters help you to maintain the puppy routines

It is really important that the puppy’s routines are consistently maintained. When you are away and you have a live in dog sitter make sure you brief them.

Your pet sitter friend

The live in dogs sitter will act as a pet sitter friend for your puppy. They will be company for your pet, and master for your pet helping them for traning.

Does a Dog sitter need to be a dog lover?

KemKem (Dog owner) – it is important for the sitter to like dogs. We have beagles and I don’t mind if they have experience with just one breed.

I would only want someone who has taken care of dogs and likes doing that, not just cats if that makes sense.

Susan (Dog owner) – Another important attribute is the sitter needs to have a sincere love of animals and of course to be attentive to behavioural signs and knowing how to interpret them correctly.

I wouldn’t say this is a “must” but it is definitely important and an added plus to a dog sitter.

Puppy foods

best dog food
Puppy feeding is an entertainment, but this too is an opportunity for puppy training

Consider feeding your pups a fresh, high-quality diet made of human-grade ingredients. Puppies need a highly nutritious diet to grow well and develop a robust immune system. Fresh dog food can offer essential nutrients and more to ensure the pups grow to be strong, healthy, and happy dogs.

Also, fresh food can be more appetizing than dry kibble, which can help the transition from milk to solid food.

Stop Biting in Its Tracks

Some puppies may try to play with their new people by biting at their feet and hands. This is the way they played with their littermates, so it is familiar to them. However, as part of your puppy training you have to show them that this is not OK. Follow through with your consequences immediately and be consistent.

When you get a new puppy, it is good to make sure they know the rules right away. Claim your turf early as the pet owner, the one in control. This will help them get settled into their new home faster and ensure everyone is happy for all family members alike.

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