Radon testing – How to test your home

11 Jun, 2023

Radon testing – How to test your home

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If you are a homeowner or if you rent one it is important that you do radon testing. It may not have occurred to you, perhaps you thought that a full survey on purchase of the property is sufficient. Think again. We should all do radon testing at home and act as soon as we see that levels are high. These are the reason why and what to do as a matter of importance.

Radon testing is key when you move into a new home

Every home has radon gas. Regular testing is important

Every home has some radon.  Have you ever heard of radon? If not, don’t worry – most people haven’t until it’s too late. But every homeowner should know some key facts about radon.

You see, radon is a colorless, odorless gas that can fill your home without warning signs. It is important to recognise that you test your home to ensure that the levels in your home are at an acceptable level. Some places are more prone to others to high levels of radon.

This is why radon testing is essential, ideally when you first move into a home and if your area is susceptible then every three months after that.

Radon Testing Nashville: How to Test Your Home and What to Do if You Find High Levels

If you live in Nashville and haven’t had a radon test yet – stop what you’re doing! Don’t wait another day; get this critical testing done for your safety! The good news is that radon testing Nashville has become more prevalent, so keeping yourself safe is easier than ever.


What is Radon?

Radon gas develops naturally from the ground as rocks break down and release radioactive particles into the air. This radioactive gas can accumulate to dangerous levels when trapped inside buildings like homes or offices.

This invisible poison can cause serious health concerns over time if allowed to build up within your home. Gas exposure could lead to lung cancer, which makes radon one of the leading causes of cancer deaths among non-smokers in America.

By getting your home tested for Radon and then implementing appropriate mitigation measures, you will be doing everything possible to protect yourself and your loved ones against potential illnesses caused by unsafe levels of Radon in indoor air.


How do I Test My Home?

radon testing
As soon as you buy your new home you need to start radon testing

Good question! Testing may seem daunting at first glance, but it’s pretty easy and affordable, with many options available. 

You have two primary choices when it comes to testing: either use an at-home kit or hire a professional service company that offers accurate results quickly!

At-Home Kits:

At-home kits are usually relatively inexpensive — less than $50 – they come equipped with detailed instructions typically written out explaining what steps need to be taken before, during & after using their kit; when read carefully should make everything pretty self-explanatory.

Generally speaking, the process goes as follows:

  1. Put on disposable gloves
  2. Open the kit to expose its testing chamber
  3. Place the kit in your lowest level living area (basement or crawlspace)
  4. Leave it there for a minimum of two days (or follow kit instructions closely)
  5. Return the testing kit to the manufacturer’s lab or business center once your test is done

Suppose you’re interested in purchasing at-home test kits. In that case, Amazon undoubtedly sells many of them- some more reliable than others, so be sure to check reviews and certifications before buying.

Professional Radon Testing:

Hiring professionals to help you with testing your home for radon will provide a high degree of accuracy and fast results — they’ll generally show up at a prearranged time with their equipment and administer tests of the latest equipment available, which usually provides same-day turn-around.

But prices can vary greatly depending upon your location, so make sure you shop around and ask questions about what type of equipment they use during their tests, certifications held by staff members, etc.… before committing financially.

What Should I Do if I Find High Levels?

qualified home inspector
New builds are a great investment- but make sure you test from first moving in for radon levels, including testing water for radon

Oh no! You’ve received test results indicating unsafe levels of radon gas within your Chattanooga home… Now what do you do?

First things first: don’t panic! You must take immediate steps towards remediation measures suggested by WHO, so keep reading below on how best to tackle it.

Contact Local Mitigation Services :

Calling local mitigation services should be your highest priority immediately after reading unsurprisingly high test results-have done this? They will work directly with homeowners like yourself to develop plans that fit within budgets for successful mitigation strategies appropriate for each case!

This means using tactics – ranging from increasing ventilation systems – ventilating foundation areas etc., all while ensuring the minimal cost possible.

Don’t Delay Radon Remediation

You must begin remediation processes quickly, knowing the dangers of radon. Avoiding mitigation or delaying remediation could allow toxic levels to build up and unnecessarily endanger your family’s health.

Being a responsible resident means getting ahead of any & every problem that can put your safety and the safety of others in harm’s way!

Radon testing and appropriate actions in summary

In conclusion, your home is your haven. It’s essential to take extra steps regarding securing everyone’s well-being and avoiding harmful air particles in your environment – radon testing in Nashville should be up there as one of those top priorities when having peace about your dwelling location.

Remember: if you need clarification on radon gas levels around you – get tested! At-home test kits are readily available online with little effort, plus professional service companies will be more than happy to help safeguard against this silent killer, which may already have found its way into too many homes across our nation as we speak.


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