Ready to be a fur parent? Here are some of the signs

23 Nov, 2020

Ready to be a fur parent? Here are some of the signs

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Most pet owners don’t really remember when they first wanted to become a fur parent. Although some people say that yearning to keep and care for a pet goes back to childhood. But if you are new to the idea and are feeling an awakening coming, here are some of the signs to look out for.

6 Signs You’re Finally Ready To Become A Fur Parent

It might have happened to you that you saw a cute dog or a cat and thought “I would love to have one as well”. But, in situations like this people most often find themselves thinking “I do not know if I am ready for such a commitment” right away. We have to agree that having a pet brings many new responsibilities. 

fur parent
Your puppy running towards you can make your heart leap

But, when you have a lovely furry friend to make your days better, you realize that it is absolutely worth it. If you are thinking about whether now is the time for you to welcome a pet in your life, these 6 signs might help you out.

You Have Enough Time to be Fur Parent

Even though it might be tempting to get a pet that would wait for you after a long day, if those days are too long, your fur child will not be happy. As experts on this topic from DoggoGroup explain, you should not forget that, just like us, animals have needs. They want attention, they want to play, they like being petted. Just like us, they appreciate being loved and taken care of.

That being said, before you opt for buying or adopting your furry friend, you need to make sure that your new friend will not be neglected. Think thoroughly if you can fit the visits to the vets and your day to day obligations into your schedule.

You Are Stable Financially 

Here’s the thing – many people tend to overlook the expenses when it comes to pet ownership. Starting from the food, the vaccines, the sterilization, and so on, having a pet requires you to have a sufficient amount of funds in order to keep them well-fed and healthy.

Wanting to nurture a young pet also entices some to keep a pet

That being said, if it just so happens you are struggling financially, you might want to wait a little while longer before you welcome one into your life. It would not be good for you to struggle even more because of all the expenses that having a pet brings, nor for your fur friend. 

Your Community is Pet-Friendly

If you live in an apartment, or with roommates, be sure that they will not cause you any problems regarding your pet. As a fur parent, the struggle of getting used to a new being in your life is hard enough, you do not need additional ones. Also, make sure you have a park or a meadow nearby so that your pet can go outside and hopefully gain some friends. It will allow them to be active and reduce the risks of diseases.

You Know What You Want

It is important to do the research before you finally decide what kind of pet and what particular breed you want. Think about your personality and habits. If you are more laid back and like to spend your days inside, it is not too smart to get a pet that is extremely active. On the other hand, if you like spending time outside, if you like to run, or ride rollerblades, think again if you planned on getting a less active pet. Knowing what you want is of great importance, because it will allow both you and your pet to be as happy as you can be.

You Often Volunteer To Sit Your Friend’s Pets

If you can not resist your friend’s pets and you use every opportunity to be their petsitter, even if you did not think about getting a pet, maybe you should.

fur parent
Many people find they just love spending time with pets

You may find you have started taking up housesitting holidays as a way of spending time with animals on your vacation time. If pets are something that brings you joy and if you are able to, you should definitely get one. Not only will your fur child be happy because of all the attention it is getting, but you finally won’t have to wait for pet sitting opportunities, they will become a part of your daily life!

You Do Have Too Much Affection For Your Furniture

Depending on the type of pet you get, you might have to say goodbye to perfect condition furniture, at least for a while. During the adjusting period, your pet might break a few rules and might ruin a piece of furniture. So, before you bring your fur child into your home, make sure you have put aside everything you do not want to be damaged. Eventually, your pet will learn, but, make sure you are ready for the period before that.

In the end, it is important to be aware and ready for the commitment and the responsibilities that come with having a pet. Make sure you have done your research, that you are mentally and financially prepared for everything that might cross your way.

None of this is meant to discourage you from welcoming a fur friend into your life. As a fur parent it is just important to be aware of what you are getting yourself into. But, we hope you will get one and that both of you will be very happy.


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