Refacing Kitchen Cabinets – Kitchen Refresh Top Tips

8 May, 2024

Refacing Kitchen Cabinets – Kitchen Refresh Top Tips

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Maintaining a home is a challenge and high traffic areas in particular need a regular refresh. That’s when refacing kitchen cabinets can bring a whole new look that satisfies most homeowners as a way to bring a fresh look at a moderate cost in a home renovation. Read on to learn our top tips for new kitchen cabinet surfaces in your kitchen renovation.

Beyond Basic: Refacing Kitchen Cabinets Burst with Personality

old kitchen cupboards in need of refacing kitchen cabinets
Old kitchen cupboards do well when you consider refacing kitchen cabinets

Photo by Anh Tuan To

Refacing kitchen cabinets often gets dismissed as merely slapping on a fresh coat of paint. While new paint can certainly be part of the equation, don’t underestimate the transformative power of refacing to achieve a kitchen that oozes personality and style. Think of it as a blank canvas with far more potential than you might initially realize.

This is especially appealing for homeowners who crave a high-end designer kitchen look, but a complete cabinet replacement simply isn’t in the budget. Refacing also offers the opportunity to preserve beloved original elements of your kitchen while giving the overall space a major refresh.

Two-Tone Trend with a Twist

kitchen with high contrast surfaces between rough hewn wall and smooth kitchen surfaces
Use contrasting surfaces for impact when refacing your kitchen cabinets

Photo by Teodor Skrebnev

The two-tone kitchen cabinet trend is still going strong, but it’s time to break free from the predictable! Forget the standard formula of dark lower cabinets paired with light uppers. Refacing empowers you to get truly creative in how you incorporate this look.

Consider showcasing a bold statement color on a standalone island, while keeping the perimeter cabinets in a softer, neutral tone. This creates an eye-catching focal point without overwhelming the entire space. For homeowners wanting even more flexibility, laminate cabinet refacing offers a significant advantage.

Consider laminates

Laminates come in a dizzying array of colors and finishes beyond what paint alone can provide. From realistic wood-look laminates to high-gloss modern finishes, refacing opens the door to unique two-tone combinations that simply aren’t achievable with standard paint.

laminate kitchen cupboard doors
Refacing kitchen cabinets with laminate doors can instantly refresh a kitchen look and feel

Photo by JOSBRA design

However, be warned: Careful color selection is key with any two-tone approach. If your kitchen is on the smaller side, an overly dark island may feel heavy. Consult with a designer or use online color visualizer tools to help you find that perfect balance between bold statement and timeless elegance.

Wallpaper Wonders (Yes, on Cabinets!)

Forget notions that wallpaper is solely for the walls of your kitchen! This surprisingly versatile material offers a unique way to personalize your cabinet refacing project.

If you have scratched, worn cabinet doors, particularly those with thermofoil finishes that can’t easily be painted and you don’t choose a thermofoil cabinet repair for whatever reason, consider covering just the inset panels with a stunning wallpaper or even textured fabric.

What about the surrounding frame

Simultaneously resurfacing the surrounding frame in a fresh laminate or paint creates a clean contrast that highlights your chosen pattern.

Don’t think of this technique as just for achieving a farmhouse aesthetic. The sheer abundance of modern wallpaper designs available – bold geometrics, lush florals, or even faux-finishes – makes this a truly customizable solution.

The final look is something no one else on your block is likely to have. One important note for practicality: If applying wallpaper to cabinets near a sink or cooktop, encapsulate the entire door with clear resin. This adds durability, making it wipeable and worry-free, so your beautiful transformation will last.

The Artful Mix: Open Shelving + Cabinets

Sometimes, achieving a more stylish and spacious feeling kitchen is about strategic subtraction, not just addition. it could be that you only need

Incorporating open shelving alongside traditional cabinetry is a refacing project that transforms the entire vibe of the space. This isn’t about ditching essential storage – it’s about being intentional with what you put on display. Refacing kitchen cabinets with an intentional sense of style is one way to do that.

cat sitting on kitchen table
A kitchen is often shared with many types of visitors. Consider this in your planning 

Photo by Paul Hanaoka

Take care in the removal process

When refacing kitchen cabinets, be careful when removing the doors from a few cabinets and adding a beautiful contrasting backing to the newly open shelves, you create visual depth and airiness. This is where the concept of “refacing” extends to the adjacent cabinets – ensuring their finish perfectly coordinates with your shelving backer and creates a cohesive look.

Open shelves are ideal for showcasing those items that bring you joy: colorful dishware collections, lush houseplants, and frequently used cookbooks. Simultaneously, the remaining closed cabinets can house the less aesthetically pleasing, but still necessary kitchen tools and supplies. It’s a win-win: your kitchen looks curated, not cluttered!

Vintage Vibe, Modernized

If your heart yearns for a kitchen with a touch of history, blending vintage charm with modern sensibility is achievable through thoughtful refacing. Start by seeking out unique salvaged cabinets, either locally through architectural salvage shops or online marketplaces (perfect for those seeking “Cabinet Refacing in Aurora” or other specific locations).

These pieces, with their detailed woodwork or original hardware, add a layer of character that new construction simply can’t replicate. And, importantly, this approach keeps these gems out of the landfill!

Juxtaposition for a look when refacing kitchen cabinets

contrasting kitchen cabinets and frames
Refacing kitchen cabinets with contrasting colours can add dramatic impact and interest

Photo by André François McKenzie

However, the key to success is in the juxtaposition. Refacing the rest of your kitchen with sleek, contemporary materials creates a canvas that allows the vintage piece to stand out as a focal point. Imagine an ornate antique cabinet, lovingly restored, set against a backdrop of minimalist handle-less cabinets in a warm woodgrain laminate.

This is where professional expertise becomes invaluable. A skilled contractor specializing in cabinet refacing understands how to seamlessly blend old and new construction techniques, ensuring both the structural integrity and aesthetic beauty of your unique kitchen design.

Refacing Kitchen Cabinets in Summary

From playful patterns to sophisticated two-tone treatments, refacing provides a unique opportunity to transform your kitchen into a space that truly reflects who you are.

This approach may even ignite a spark of DIY inspiration. Refacing often incorporates homeowner-friendly techniques, making it more approachable than a total gut job. On the other hand, if these ideas inspire you but feel a bit daunting to execute, that’s when realizing the value of hiring skilled professionals becomes clear.

The right contractor specializing in refacing kitchen cabinets will make your creative kitchen vision a reality. Whether you’re tempted to tackle it yourself or seek out expert help, the end result is the same: a kitchen that fills you with pride every time you walk into it.


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