Remember holidays? Here’s what to do to get ready

18 Feb, 2021

Remember holidays? Here’s what to do to get ready

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Many of our members at are telling us how much the pandemic has built up an anticipation for travel. Holidays near and far seem almost achievable now that vaccinations against Covid-19 are well underway across Europe and the rest of the world. Just to remind us all what we need to do in preparation for a vacation, here are 5 top tips for how to get ready for your next holiday.

Preparation for the holidays

Getting ready for the holidays takes some preparation

5 Key Areas to Consider Before Jetting Off on Holiday

Whether we are going somewhere exotic for a sunny break or road tripping with your dog on a staycation, it is wonderful to have a holiday on the horizon. But it does not matter if we have days, weeks, months, and even years to look forward to a holiday and to prepare, we have to leave important details to the last minute.

This often means that the last few days (or even the night before) a holiday, we are running down our checklist of tasks and packing. Before you jet off on your holiday or leave for one of many city day trips, here are five key areas you need to consider which should help you in your preparations.

  1. Make sure you have your travel documents and holiday schedule or itinerary 

There is nothing worse than getting to the airport and realising that you do not have your passport, plane ticket, travel insurance, and any visa.

These glitches happen regularly as we get set and try to leave for our holidays. There is no getting around the problem – you will not be getting on that plane. You should check the expiry date on your passport well before you travel to ensure you will have a valid passport when travelling out and returning home.

You should also take a photocopy of your documents with you in case you lose any documents while you are away. The Post Office has some advice on keeping your travel documents safe.

Your vacation might be a Winter break far away  or a staycation
  1. Double-check your luggage

Do not leave packing until a few hours before you fly. Make a list of your ultimate travel pack at least a week before, so you give yourself time to get everything you need.

You need to be sure of how much luggage you are allowed to take on the plane, both in your hand luggage and any luggage you are placing in the hold. Going over your allocated weight could result in significant charges.

All packed and ready to go on a road trip
  1. Organise your transport to the airport

Logistics for any trip can be stressful. Getting to the airport on time can be a big source of stress, so consider how you will get to the airport well in advance. If you’re planning to visit several European cities, why not plan the transportation means in advance? Getting a taxi from Bratislava to Vienna airport can be a great way to ensure an easy and stress-free journey.

Similarly, you can investigate different options when traveling between cities or countries – whether it’s by train, bus, or even carpooling with others.

If you are driving and parking at the airport, check your route for any diversions or roadworks before you leave, and make sure to pre-book a parking space. If you are taking public transport or a taxi, leave yourself plenty of time to account for delays. Alternatively, travel to the airport on the day before your flight and stay in a hotel onsite.

  1. Prepare your currency

If you change your currency when you get to the airport, you are unlikely to receive a favourable exchange rate, so do your research and get your money changed before you leave for the airport. You should also tell your bank or credit card company that you are going on holiday in case they suspect fraud and block your card while you are away.

  1. Make plans for your home while you are away

Worrying about your home while you are away can spoil an otherwise perfect holiday, so take time to make sure your home is safe and secure before you leave. Turn off all electrical appliances at the socket (except the fridge-freezer), make sure the windows and doors are locked, and all gas appliances are off.

You might want to hire a house sitter or give a friend, family member, or trusted neighbour a key to your home so they can check in now and again.

Getting ready for your trip in a nutshell

So making plans early for upcoming holidays and utilising online accounting software can really make things easier. Make sure you have all your financial documents and currency in readiness, ensuring proper financial management while you’re away.

Additionally, consider exploring revenue based funding options to support your holiday expenses and ensure a stress-free vacation. It’s also important to prepare your home and pets for a housesitter, making sure you have chosen a sitter well from a good housesitting platform or agency.

Taking care of these preparations in advance will allow you to fully enjoy your holiday and have peace of mind while you’re away. Enjoy!

Make sure you have all your documents and currency in readiness. And prepare your home and pets for a housesitter, making sure you have chosen a sitter well from a good housesitting platform or agency. The rest of the holiday is down to you. Enjoy!


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