Remodel to make your home pet friendly

9 Dec, 2021

Remodel to make your home pet friendly

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If you have pets living in your home, then when you remodel you should consider their needs too. Here are some great ideas for you the petowner to make your home pet friendly and safe. We also share some top tips on how to keep your pets safe at home when you are away with trusted housesitters. Read on to learn more.

How can a remodel make your home pet friendly

home pet friendly
It helps to make your home pet friendly when you remodel

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Pets are important and valued family members, and rightfully so, they are little balls of sunshine in our lives and deserve the best of the best. So, how can we make sure they get the best of the best?

Why not consider a remodel to make a pet friendly environment? When considering a remodel, it is essential to find some adjustments to make your pet’s life easier. These will also make it easier for you to take care of your pet. It is essential to mind your pet whenever you plan to remodel your home.

With the help of a contractor or with your ideas, you can create unique spaces for your pet in your home. 

Pet door addition 

If you have a dog or a cat, you will need to spend some quality time outdoors. Since you’re not always going to be available to open the door, it is a good idea to consider a pet door to your property. It will allow unlimited access outside and coming in after the adventure. In addition, a pet door is very convenient and gives you unlimited pet access for some exercise.

Caring for pets
Pet doors come in all shapes and sizes, and for cats and dogs they can make a home pet friendly

Garden room

Designating a conservatory or garden rooms as a room for your pet is an ingenious idea. Cats and dogs love the sun because they like to feel cost and secure before they sleep. Designating your conservatory as a ‘pet room’ will give them a space to bask in the warm rays and easy access to the garden (an obvious must for pets).

Plus, if you like to restrict your pet’s access to the ground floor of your home, a pet room might make this a little easier! In addition, they get access to the garden, which is a bonus. 

pet security
Ensure pets have their own space and place to sleep to make your home pet friendly

Add a washing station to make your home pet friendly

Pets need to bathe as part of their grooming. However, cleaning a pet can become a massive mess, although there are ways to make this dreaded task simpler. Why not add a pet washing station. That can as well become a multi-purpose mudroom for other family members.

The place needs easy-to-clean tile flooring and a handheld showerhead. You can also opt for a raised bathing station with a ramp and a commercial pet dryer.

make a home pet friendly
Washing pets is important and takes planning

Built-in beds can make a home pet friendly

It is essential to give your dog a dedicated place to sleep. Some people may use crates to provide them with a place to sleep, but they can also take up a lot of space and are not attractive to look at. Instead, you can incorporate pet beds in shelves, cabinets, and other built-in features.

You can give your pet their own space in as many rooms as possible without filling your home with crates. Both dogs and cats enjoy built-in beds. Plus, they allow you to be creative while showing off your love for your pets.

Trusted house sitters

Find a good source of trusted pet sitters to help you when you are away from home on holiday or a work trip. Housesitters can really help you manage your household with pes.

A final word on maintaining a household with pets

We know the percentage of pet owners in the world has gone up. Keeping a household with pets is easily done with the proper planning, substitutions, and a little effort. You’ll have a cozy, beautiful home that is a perfect environment for your fur baby family.

Why Housesit Match?

Housesit Match is an online network that can help you meet checked pet lovers who will housesit and petsit for you in your absence helping you to manage your property and pets. At Housesit Match we offer a supported professional service where you can find online help if you need it. Check out our TrustPilot reviews.

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A final word on how to make your home pet friendly

To conclude, It is essential to mind the needs of every family member when remodelling your home. Pets are family. So, the remodel should consider how to make your home pet friendly to cater to their needs. These additions will make life easier for you and your pet.


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