Remove construction junk fast – Here’s how

28 May, 2021

Remove construction junk fast – Here’s how

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Becoming a homeowner means you can determine the shape and look of your home. This may well mean you undertake a construction project or two. The absolute worst part of that project is when you need to remove the construction junk. There will likely be a lot of it. Here are some tips on how to remove that junk fast.

Steps you can take to remove construction junk fast

remove construction junk
A construction site always has lots of junk

If you’ve recently taken it upon yourself to undertake a major home remodelling, or simply placed an order for new, bulky pieces of furniture online, then you’ll be aware of the amount of debris, Styrofoam, and pesky packing material you end up with. You’ll also be aware if you’ve had to complete a big construction project on or near your property.  For example building a shed or greenhouse are classic examples. Then you’ll also be familiar with how quickly leftover junk from construction can pile up. This can leave you feeling overwhelmed with the amount of cleaning required.

Bigger construction projects are even more draining, and managers overseeing the work know that they need to leave a sizable portion of their budget to clean-up, a process which also needs to be reflected in the overall timeline. If you’re in a jam and in the middle of a construction job whether big or small, and not sure how to get rid of construction junk quickly, then this article is for you.

Planning for the Not-So-Fun Part

Construction workers and the foreman you hire all love their work. They like working with their hands and creating something out of seemingly nothing. However, everyone hates the process of cleaning up. It’s a nightmare even for people with small residential projects like a bathroom rather. This is because construction work creates a ton of debris. Not only is it difficult to clean, but it is very unhealthy if not disposed of properly.

The trash left over from material packing, piles of unwanted scrap pieces, demolition debris, and so on are typical. It’s a deeply unpleasant task and the truth is, project managers rarely account for it properly. This is because it redirects vital resources away from the team’s more productivity laden tasks. Fortunately, there is a trusted team of experts that are convenient to collaborate with in order to minimize additional tasks like this – you may directly contact them for more information on their services offered.

Instead of leaving it as it is, it would be better to have a waste disposal company on your side like take care of construction waste.

Alternatively if you live in Australia try 1300 Rubbish to remove your construction waste.

Getting someone to help

The clean up can also sometimes entail outsourcing it to a third party, which is not terribly cost-effective. At the same time, it needs to be planned for! If the project manager or whomever overseeing the work fails to account for the not-so-fun part of their job, that already dilutes proper clean-up efforts, leading to a failure to get rid of construction junk quickly.

Outsourcing the Labor

Ok, so we’ve established that construction clean-up is often pretty cumbersome. Moreover it is not always properly accounted for in the main timeline of a project. One option that tends to be pretty helpful is outsourcing the work to a licensed and experienced professional hauling company. At the very least, the construction crew will need to order a construction dumpster to help haul away all the debris and packing material. If outsourcing isn’t exactly how you feel the resources should be allocated, then looking into a construction dumpster rental in Jacksonville FL is one good way of maintaining your bottom line while getting the necessary work done in as clear a manner as possible.

Whether you decide to outsource the work in its entirety or not is up to you, but make sure that you have the tools needed to ensure that cumbersome material is taken away in as efficient a manner as possible. 

Implement the Cleaning Plan

After a construction job is completed, you should get to work on the cleaning straight away. The first step is to make sure that the team has the appropriate gear to observe health and safety rules. To get rid of all the dust, you will definitely need face masks, towels. You also need dust mops, heavy-duty cleaning solution for the floors, a vacuum cleaner with extra filter and a broom. Make sure to wipe down the walls, dust any ceiling fans – usually overlooked. Clean the window frames, light fixtures and light bulbs, and so on.

remove construction junk
It is not always straightforward to dispose of construction junk

The difficult bit is to remove construction junk

Big pieces of packing material and chunks of debris are the first thing to go. However, the truly difficult job is in cleaning up every little thing, leaving no stone unturned. This is time consuming, but essential in ensuring the health of the inhabitants, and getting rid of toxic materials. 

At the end of the project

Removing construction junk is a pain. Similar to how people who love to cook hate washing dishes, most people will look at construction clean up and groan. It’s a lot of work, and it can be cumbersome and costly. However, it is a necessary evil. Before anyone can enjoy the fruits of their construction labor, everything must be sparkling clean. 


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