Renovating a home for the first time? Read this

28 Sep, 2021

Renovating a home for the first time? Read this

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If you have recently decided to begin renovating your home for the first time read this blog. Whether you are a first time homeowner or you are experienced property renovator it is always worth reviewing your approach and the likely events during the project. In this article we give you a high view of the things you might expect on your journey.

Renovating a home for the first time? Here’s what you could expect

renovating a home means a good maintenance and renovation project
Regular maintenance and renovation of your property can be an excellent investment

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For you to successfully renovate your property, you must begin with a good plan. Whether you are renovating a home on a budget or you have an open wallet, consider your plan in detail. House renovations are a good investment, especially if you love residing in a beautiful living space or you have plans to sell your property in the future. When handled appropriately and professionally, an effective home renovation gives homeowners a good return on investment.

First renovation

If you are renovating a home for the first time, the probability is, you have no idea where to start and how to handle the renovation process. However, the most crucial thing you should understand is, a proper plan is everything when renovating a home for the first time.

It will go a long way to ensure you avoid disappointments as a result of poor planning. It is normal to encounter a few expenses you did not budget on, making the renovation process even more difficult. In this case, when renovating a home for the first time, there are several things you should know and understand before beginning the process.

Your house may have more damage than expected

There are specific areas in your house; you will never notice they need repairs until you decide to do a home renovation, for instance, the floors and the walls. Like when you want to fix a new wallpaper on your wall during renovations, your contractor may show you that the wall is uneven. When this is the case, it will automatically call for an alignment of the wall before installing the wallpapers.

The damage can even be more, depending on who constructed the house. Therefore, when renovating for the first time, you may encounter more damages than you expected.

large modern house located by water front
Consider the size and scale of your renovation project

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Calculate all costs at the beginning then double them

As mentioned earlier, planning is key when you are renovating a home. One of the essential aspects of planning is calculating the costs you are more likely to incur during the renovation process. However, before doing the calculations, you will need to conduct thorough research on what you are most likely to spend. For instance, how much you will purchase the renovation items and pay the contractors how much money you will pay.

After you have established the areas you are more likely to spend on, you can go ahead and calculate the costs. After that, be sure to double the cost to avoid panicking when other expenses arise.

Be Realistic About What You Can Buy with Your Budget

You are renovating a home for the first time, and it is okay to be over-ambitious. However, since you have allocated a budget for that project, ensure you stick to it. You probably do not want to be bankrupt as a result of the renovation project. In this case, look for what you can afford and incorporate it into your renovation project.

It is possible to get quality items at an affordable price. You only need to conduct research or seek recommendations from friends on getting affordable items that do not compromise quality. However, if something happens and you have unexpected expenses you can always borrow money online or from friend and relatives.

Renovate The Kitchen First

large kitchen renovation
Plan for the kitchen as your first project when renovating a home

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You may have questions on approaching the renovation process, like the order you should follow when undertaking the process. Most realtors will advise you to begin with the kitchen since this is one of the vital areas in your home that increases the worth of your property.

t, therefore, means that with a good kitchen renovation, you can manage to sell your property at a good price. Other than that, you will be in a good position to maximize your kitchen space when it is properly renovated.

Also, the kitchen should be approached first since it is an area that will generate too much debris.

Stick To One Style When You’re Picking New Interior

Living room with easy style and dog in dog bed on the floor
If you choose a calm and eclectic pet friendly decor keep it consistent throughout the home

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Before consulting and contacting your interior design, it is important to be specific and stick to one style or design when selecting what you want for your interior. You can get ideas from tv shows, magazines, or interior décor websites. Settling on one style is essential since your designer will not lure you into loving other designs, not within your vision. It will also assist you in working within your budget.

A final word on renovating a home for the first time

Renovation projects can be hectic, especially if you do not have an appropriate plan. With a degree of planning and reflection before you start you can revamp a property without breaking the bank. When you are doing it for the first time, it is normal to come across challenges.

However, with expert planning from budgeting to choosing trusted contractors like general contractor Dallas TX, you are more likely to be successful. For that reason, be sure to understand the things mentioned above to know what to expect when renovating a home for the first time.


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