Renovating a house on a budget – Top Tips

30 Jun, 2021

Renovating a house on a budget – Top Tips

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If as a homeowner you are planning on renovating a house on a budget, read on. In this article, we offer a range of top tips. Our renovating suggestions will help you manage on your fixed budget, save money and also consider how to find extra funds.

How to renovate a house on a budget

renovating a house on a budget
Renovating can be quite expensive in terms of costs of materials

There comes a time in every home or residence when you just feel the need for something new and fresh. Perhaps you have stayed with the same style for a couple of years. Or indeed perhaps you have just purchased a home for your family and want to explore a new style of décor.

Whatever the reason, it is always important to renovate your home after a certain period. That being said, this is not always a cheap endeavor. More often than not, you may find that what you want does not fall within your budget.

This article is here to give you some ways to which you can reduce the cost of renovating your home while also making sure you do not have to acquiesce to lower standards and quality of materials. Here are some ways you can renovate your house on a tight budget.

Try to DIY some of the jobs

Labor is perhaps the most overlooked aspect of construction, let alone renovation. A lot of money will be spent on labor and finding the right people for each task. Sometimes, the cost of labor may overshadow the cost of buying the materials.

Even though there are some tasks where you need specialist skills, some jobs you can do on your own. This will save a lot of money and time. It is no secret that, at times, contractors may draw out the length of their renovation. This way they make more money, especially if they are paid on time they spend on the site.

Skip through all the hassle of finding and supervising workers. Try searching on the internet. The internet is teeming with many articles and videos that give you step-by-step guidance on how you should go about the task you want to undertake.

It should be noted that you need to get information from credible sources so that you do not end up wasting materials and thus spending more money than you would have if you had hired labor. Make sure that you understand every step properly before you proceed.

Consider second-hand furniture – It’s well-priced

Second-hand furniture is just as good as new furniture.  And buying second hand is a great tip for renovating a house on a budget. If you are diligent enough, you will find different kinds of furniture in second-hand stores. Often they are better, in terms of both quality and furniture aesthetic.

Over the years, furniture makers have lowered the quality of materials they use to make the furniture. In addition, they have simultaneously increased prices to increase profits. This means that if you find a furniture piece that has been around for some time, the chances are that it has withstood the test of time because it is of higher quality.

Second-hand furniture comes in handy, especially if you are going for a rustic aesthetic for your home. Additionally, it is also far much cheaper to buy second-hand pieces, repair any damage and restore them than buy new furniture. All you have to do is look for the piece you want and need, and don’t settle until you get it.

renovating a house on a budget
Renovating your kitchen can improve the value of your home

Borrow money from a family member or just online

If you find a piece that you need straightaway, or you want impromptu changes, consider options. If you do not have the cash at that time, then consider your options to secure the money.

Luckily, though, there is a myriad of the said avenues, one of which is borrowing money from your relatives. Of course, you will have to pay them back after some time, but provided that you do pay them, it is a pretty effective avenue to get some quick cash.

Another way you can borrow money is from online financiers. There is a plethora of financial entities that have an online presence. All will be more than willing to lend you money at low-interest rates and over a long time. Look carefully, take your time and decide when you are ready.

Irrespective of the method you choose to borrow money, make sure that you move carefully. Iron out the agreement’s details before you take any money, especially when it comes to online financial institutions. If you do not understand the details, have a lawyer take a look at them and explain them to you.


Wait for sales and buy a few things every month

Waiting for the sales essentially means that you play on your patience; wait for discounts. Playing the long game may prove to be a lot cheaper. Even if it takes you a lot more time to get what you want you will spend less. Sales always have, and will always, be around. Everything goes on sale eventually. And some prices plummet to more than half of the original price.

All you have to do is be vigilant and keep an eye out for these sales. They are most common around thanksgiving and the holiday seasons, namely Christmas and New Years’. However, depending on the store, you may find sales all year round. All you have to do is look.

Saving money in this way is a fantastic approach to renovating a house on a budget.



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