Renting a property? Here’s how to save money

15 Sep, 2021

Renting a property? Here’s how to save money

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If you are a homeowner and you are renting out your property you’ll know about all the expenses. Sometimes these expenses are expected and other times they are an unpleasant surprise. Ways of saving money can become very important. Here’s how to save money when renting a property.

How to save your money and time while renting a property

renting a room
If renting out rooms in a property vet your tenants carefully

A lot of people these days want to become a landlord. Sometimes this is out of necessity or possibly because they need a regular source of income from their investment. What’s great about being a landlord is that you have the ability to make money from your property.

Do you need permissions?

Before you start consider this question – do I need permission to rent out my house ? The terms of your mortgage would be a consideration, so check that first before renting a property.

This you can do with little effort except the process of renting it out. The best part is that you can even find tenants to rent your property without doing much work.

The downside of being a landlord is that you have to manage all the property concerns. You need to find tenants, collect their monthly payments, deal with maintenance issues, and so on. This can be time-consuming and tedious if you aren’t familiar enough with these processes. Therefore, here are some tips on how to make your life easier while renting out your property.

Be cautious when approaching potential tenants

The first step in making your life easier when it comes to renting out a property is to choose your tenants carefully. When you start to advertise cast your net widely to ensure a good response.

There are good places to publish real estate ads for free in many countries; Italy alone has many places to pubblicare annunci immobiliari gratis, for example.

Finding a tenant

This will help you look for your ideal tenant through a free platform, so you don’t have to worry about it costing you every time you want to list a property.

When renting a property you will likely want to find people who will pay you on time every month. However, there are a lot of people who put up a good front but then fail to pay. So you need to check their references from previous landlords.

They may have bigger problems that will prevent them from paying rent when it’s due. Or worse they think nothing of disrupting your rental agreement. Therefore, don’t just take anyone’s word for it. Do a thorough criminal and financial background check on them before renting out to them.

Hire a professional property manager

Dealing with renting a property may just be too much work for some people.  Consider the alternatives such as how to rent out your house with property management.

If you want to save yourself from the hassle of finding good tenants, then you should consider hiring property management Las Vegas, and let them do all the work. Even if you don’t have the time or patience to handle your rental property hire a professional property manager.

How will a property manager help?

A manager can also help you expand your business, as they have well-established resources and connections to other real estate professionals. They can help you find more homes for rent that will pay off well in the long run. Work with them closely and you will be able to maximize your profits.

There are many professionals who are keen to add properties to their portfolio. This might be the best option for you. Property managers will take care of everything from advertising, finding new tenants to collecting rent on time. What is more they will hand any maintenance issues that may arise.

Keep track of your expenses when renting a property

One thing that landlords often forget when renting a property is how much money they spend on renting their property out. They think that it’s all the tenant’s responsibility to pay rent, but this is not the case. If your tenants don’t pay time, then make sure you have funds to cover the rent until they do.

In other words, if your tenants can’t pay you in full for a month, make sure that you take from the rent deposit or from your own bank account so that you avoid a deficit.

Another issue is the money spent on maintenance issues for the rental properties. As a landlord, these expenses are seen as necessary costs. They should be included in the monthly rent so that your tenants can shoulder them. This will prevent you from incurring more expenses every time there’s a problem that needs fixing.

renting a property
Do spot checks when renting a property to make sure it is being well maintained by tenants

Consider charging late fees if renting a property to tenants with no history

Some landlords don’t charge their tenants’ late fees to maintain the relationship with them when they’re late on payments. This is a mistake for two reasons:

  1. You still end up losing money because of the missed rent period.
  2. If you allow your tenants to be late on a payment without any consequences then they will expect it whenever the rent is due. This  is never good when you have other potential tenants waiting also. Charging a small fine whenever your tenant is late to pay is acceptable. This does happen fairly often with tenants. 

When renting a property stipulate everything in the contract

When you first start renting a property, it’s unlikely that you already know all of the ins and outs of rental laws so it will probably take some time for you to learn what to do. One mistake that landlords make is not reading up on their state’s tenant-landlord laws or not including any provisions on the rental agreement about late fees or how these fees should be applied. 

This is a huge mistake because if you’re caught unaware when something happens, then there’s no telling how your rental situation will turn out.

Find house sitters to care for your property

What is a house sitter?

A house sitter is someone whom you choose to care for your home and pets while living in your home. Their duties can vary and expand according to your requirements, their skill sets and amenability.

It is good to know that while you are away on holiday you can have peace of mind knowing there is someone there to keep your home safe. Start by looking for housesitters to help you.

How do you find house sitters and pet sitters to help?

But how do you find the sitters already checked and with home care experience? Look no further, we at can help you to find suitable sitters that are already checked and with experience.

These days there are a range of housesitting platforms like Housesitmatch that offer wide access to pre-checked house and petsitters through a managed network.

Advantage of a housesitting platform and network

Using a housesitting platform to start looking for housesitters can save you a great deal of money. You may have to pay a small annual fee to register, however, once you have created a profile the rest is easy as they say.

Looking for house sitters

The best part about the housesitting arrangement is that no money changes hands. The house sitters will housesit and petsit, for free in exchange for free accommodation. It’s a win win for all including the pets who get to stay in their own home undisturbed.

improve home security
When you are looking for housesitters to be in your home, you are hoping they will care for your pets and keep the property occupied

Help when looking for housesitters – In summary

So if you are planning a trip and you have started looking for housesitters to keep your home, property and pets safe and well cared for in your absence look no further. We can help you at

We specialise in helping homeowners when they are looking for housesitters, to find the best possible match for their needs. So join us soon and we’ll help you to get started.


A final word on saving money when renting a property

As mentioned earlier, being a landlord is not an easy job. And there are rules for renting out a house you need to be aware of. You have to be responsible for everything that happens when renting a property. Check in on the tenant regularly to ensure the house house is being maintained. 

Therefore, you need to prepare before finding tenants and renting out your property so you won’t have any problems along the way. And there are important steps, things to do before renting out your house

At we often share practical advice that our members might find useful. Many of our homeowners are also landlords or would be landlords. We hope this article is of use. 


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