Revamp a property – Without breaking the bank

8 Jun, 2021

Revamp a property – Without breaking the bank

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Sometimes as a homeowner you just feel it’s time to have a refresh. Whether you need a new décor or some refurbishment you’ll just know when it’s time. And once you feel your property no longer lives up to your expectations you need to decide what kind of change. Do you know how to revamp a property? It can be costly, and yet there are some refurbishment hacks that are good to know. In this article we take you through a few practical ideas to help you along.

How to revamp a property without spending a lot of money

revamp a property
Some rooms respond well to a small refresh

Years of use can encourage a house to look tired and drained. This atmosphere can even spread to you and your family if you don’t any positive changes. Living inside a messy and miserable space is undoubtedly going to make you feel overwhelmed.

However, you might hesitate because you believe that transforming your property is too much expense. Luckily, a tight budget for renovation project wont stop you turning your dreams into reality. There are so many different tricks to saving cash whilst renovating to achieve your interior design goals. So, to learn how you can revamp your property without breaking the bank read on to learn the hacks that can make a real difference in no time at all. 

Recycle or sell, sell, sell 

If you decide that your property needs a big change, start first with small steps. Our primary top tips involves decluttering each room to make way for the work that needs to be done.  Decluttering your home may uncover a considerable volume of ‘stuff’ that you no longer want or need. Rather than throw these items in the trash, you may be able to sell them on to make a bit of money. These funds you can channel back into your renovation project.

When you start to declutter, aim to preserve items that you think you might be able to sell. Ask yourself questions like ‘does this item still have life left?’ And ‘is there a demand for this item?’ This will help you to ensure you don’t waste time trying to flog junk that no one will want. Once you’ve been able to gather a sufficient collection of sellable items, find a suitable platform. Such platforms will include online marketplaces or auction houses that allow you to post pictures of your items and accept offers from interested parties. You never know how much you’ll be able to generate as a result of your efforts. And it’s far better for the environment to recycle and pass on items rather than throw them away!

Explore the world of DIY 

One particularly expensive aspect of home renovation is the act of finding trusted tradesmen. Choosing the wrong partners can be expensive. Doubtless you’ll need specialist for various different jobs around your property. It can cost a small fortune to get a team of decorator’s into your property. Even for as little as a week contractors will charge by the hour and sometimes by the task.

However, consider that many of these tasks do not require technical skills or experience. Consider trying a little DIY rather than spending money on tasks that don’t reflect the value.  What is more, ‘do it yourself’ is fun and you could meet a community of others learning such skills. There are many skills that you can learn in DIY. A few days dedicated to painting and decorating for example can transform your property without robbing your bank.

Start with painting, a simple task to learn. Making the mistake of paying another person to paint your walls can be a costly error. A professional decorator may charge thousands to complete each room in your home. Alternatively, reading several guides and watching a couple of tutorial YouTube videos online will help you learn the basics. From this point on practice makes perfect.

Applying wallpaper, assembling furniture, hanging new lights and more can all be done by the novice homeowner! However, it’s not such a good idea to attempt anything specialist such as plumbing or electrical work. These skills require considerable training and sometimes formal qualifications to complete safely.

revamp a home
Paint your room with a brighter shade and change the light fittings to make a real difference

Search for deals & discounts

If you are being frugal yet still favour particular stores for special design essentials, wait for discounts! This is often the best way to achieve your goals. There are various options you can explore to save a money once you reach the checkout. Consider getting loyalty cards. Many stores and brands offer their customers loyalty cards in order to receive important news, discount and promotional updates.  Loyalty card holders are also given exclusive access to particular offers.

Stores also vary seasonal offers which can help you to find useful bargains if you plan well. For example, every year without fail, stores in January are filled with amazing sale items. The discounts can go deep, sometimes more than half their original price.

Black Friday and other similar events are also important dates to note in your calendar. Some of these deals are amazing but timing is everything.  Oftentimes you find deals and discounts  are only available for a limited time. One example of these sales are those hosted by Simply go online and start searching for discount codes that are available at your favourite stores. Don’t forget to check their authenticity by adding the code to your basket well before reaching the checkout. 


Don’t be afraid to ask for help to revamp a property

If you’re struggling to cope with the overwhelming task of revamping your home, don’t fret. You aren’t alone. Many people experience stress and panic at the shere scale of a renovation. You can actually use this fact to your advantage. Approaching friends and family to request a helping hand can cut your costs dramatically and reduce your level of panic in the project. Usually friends are willing to assist you for free.

Whether you need some support to move furniture around, advice on interior design or even just company to motivate you, call a friend. Never be afraid to ask for help or support from those who are closest to you. You never know what special skills or experience people in your network have to offer in your current project.  Be sure to throw a glorious housewarming party and to invite all of these helpful friends. This is a great way to show your appreciation whilst showing off your new and improved home. 

A final word on how to revamp a property

Revamping your home has never been so affordable. You can take the time to make the most of some of the brilliant tried and tested hacks described above. Transforming your property’s interior design without breaking the bank can be a real breeze when you know how. And there’s no time like the present to start creating your perfect home. Become the envy of your friends, family and neighborhood by renovating your property.

What are you waiting for? Get out there and turn your design dreams into a cost effective reality today by selling some of your old and unwanted items, exploring the world of do-it-yourself projects and sourcing the best discounts and vouchers, all whilst asking your nearest and dearest for support.



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