Revamp your kitchen without remodelling – Here’s how

24 Jun, 2021

Revamp your kitchen without remodelling – Here’s how

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Every kitchen will show its’ age eventually, however fabulous it was to start.  As the homeowner you need to foot the bill for every change or improvement.  Here’s how to revamp your kitchen without the cost of a large remodelling project. Read on to learn how…

How to revamp your kitchen without remodelling

revamp your kitchen
If your kitchen is looking tired, try to revamp the look

Fully remodelling your kitchen can be expensive and intrusive with contractors taking over your home for weeks or even months. If you would rather not go down this route, or simply can’t afford to, there are some simple changes you can make to revamp your kitchen and make it look as good as new.

Repaint walls and cabinets

Whilst your choice of color scheme is down to you, painting your kitchen white is a trick used by interior designers and kitchen renovators as it makes your kitchen look bright and new. Whatever color you decide to go for, freshly painted walls and cabinets will certainly rejuvenate even the shabbiest of kitchens. For cabinets that are really beyond rescue, buying new doors is an inexpensive way to create a great new look. Be sure to check your wooden cabinets for evidence of damage by pests which, if found, can be dealt with by a reputable termite control company, 

Change handles, knobs and faucets

Updating your old cupboard and drawer knobs and handles adds a subtle change to your kitchen that can instantly modernize it. There are many online stores offering custom made door knobs that will fit in with whatever style you choose. 

Old, discolored or simply old fashioned faucets can be cheaply replaced and will add to your kitchen’s new look. Choose a vintage look or go for bold colors to attract attention. 

Revamp your kitchen flooring

revamp your kitchen
Change to flooring to refresh the look

Depending on the condition of your floor you may need to have it replaced entirely. This can really refresh the look of your kitchen. It gives you the chance to ensure your floor matches your preferred look for your revamped kitchen. An old shabby floor will detract from any improvements you make elsewhere.  So it is well worth the investment. Alternatively, you could add rugs or mats to cover the floor. They will also add a splash of color to the room. The advantage of having mats is they are easily washed. And what’ is more the mats protect the floor underneath. Dropped cups and glasses also have a much better chance of surviving when landing on a mat rather than a tiled floor.

Update your lighting

The right lighting in your kitchen can make all the difference to the look and feel of the room. A few new light fixtures can transform the ambience of your kitchen. New lighting could range from new light shades or lamps, to a lighting feature which really draws the eye. Ensure you have bright lighting around your work surfaces so you can see what you’re doing, but elsewhere such as over the kitchen table softer lighting can be more pleasant to light the room while you are enjoying your meal. 

Following these great recommendations for revamping your kitchen will make your kitchen look brand new at a fraction of the price of a total remodel.



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