Every pet owner needs a robot vacuum cleaner

29 Jun, 2021

Every pet owner needs a robot vacuum cleaner

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As a pet owner and pet lover having a fur baby is one of the best things you can do. If you’re having a bad day, just play with your pets to the stress away. They are just so adorable that few can  resist playing with them! However, pets aren’t just toys, a source of entertainment, or stress-relief. Having pets is also a huge responsibility. Cleaning with a robot vacuum cleaner can be a great help at home when managing the cleanliness of your home space.

Can a robot vacuum cleaner remove pet hair?

robot vacuum cleaner
Pet hair needs to be managed with a regular cleaning routine

Taking care of a dog or cat is almost the same as taking care of a child. Meaning, having a fur-baby isn’t an easy job because you’ll have to feed, bathe it, and clean its mess regularly. Getting yourself a pet means adding another household member; pets aren’t just ‘pets’. Even so, one of the challenges that every fur parent is facing is the non-stop shedding of their pet’s hair.

This problem might not be a big deal for some, but in reality, this problem should be taken seriously. Removing a pet’s hair inside your house is very difficult to do. If you’re going to try picking up each hair one by one, it will take you forever. Even though there are plenty of traditional vacuums that work well there is a more convenient way.

Here’s why a robot vacuum works

Luckily, there’s a very simple yet efficient way of managing and eliminating hair, and it is a robot vacuum. Programming and operating a robot vacuum to do your cleaning tasks for you might be the best idea to keep your indoor area dust-free and pet dander-free. Yes, as a loving fur parent who likes a clean and pet-friendly home, get the best robot vac!

Nevertheless, one thing that may seem difficult is choosing the right robot vacuum for your house. Well, it basically depends on your cleaning needs. If you use carpets or rugs in your house, you might need a robot vacuum with higher suction strength. If you have a wide space in your house, then you need a robot vac with long battery life. The point is, it depends on your needs and preferences.

Why is it essential to eliminate pet dander in your home? Can a robot vacuum help you with that task? If yes, what are some of the robot models that can help you get rid of pet hair? We’ll discuss these questions in this article.

Why You Need to Eliminate Pet Hair and Dander in your House

Leaving your pet hair on the floors, carpets, rugs, or elsewhere inside your home can be harmful to your health. Anyone with a sensitive respiratory system is especially vulnerable. At first, you will experience a runny nose, itchy eyes, and allergies. And if you’re not going to remove those pet hair immediately, things could get worse.

Can a Robot Vacuum Help you Remove Pet Hair?

The answer is yes. The best robot vacuum cleaner can facilitate your pet-hair-removing operation by independently and automatically finishing the cleaning process. It simply travels around your house gathering any pet hair it finds in your house. You then have more time to do more important things for you or your pets.

If it’s already your pet’s shedding season, you can easily set a cleaning schedule on your robot vacuum so it will clean your house depending on your preferred program and schedule. Yes, the best robot vac will help you with your pet-hair-removing operation.

What are the Robot Vacuums that are Perfect for Getting Rid of Pet Hair?

l  Roborock S6 MaxV

robot vacuum cleaner
Some robot vacs have long battery life and can simply go on for hours

This robot vacuum is perfect if you have carpets or rugs with lots of pet hair stuck on them. This mainly because of its high suction power of 2500 Pa. It also keeps your rooms free from the smallest dust particles and allergens that cause respiratory issues. Also, if you have several pets at home every all surfaces attract the fur and pet dander. This robot vacuum would be very efficient with its 3-hour long battery life.

The Roborock S6 MaxV isn’t just your ordinary robot mop or robot vacuum. It uses trailblazing and innovative cleaning features to deliver clean floors. For example, it offers organized navigating, routing, and mapping abilities. Such a highly intelligent robot vacuum can deliver the utmost cleanliness all over your house.

The High-Precision LiDar Navigation feature enables this robot vacuum to plan and map out specific areas that must be cleaned. There is also a voice-command using Roborock’s partner apps, Alexa, or Google Assistant.

l  iRobot Roomba i7

This high-end robot vacuum is a powerhouse in terms of collecting pet hair. It has dual rubber brushes that are tangle-free. This prevents pet hair from tangling. The high-quality filter that can also  catch and confine up to 99% of cat and dog’s hair and dander.

Because of its high suction power, it is an excellent choice for removing pet hair from your house. So if you’re a fur-parent, this robot vacuum is very much recommended for you!

It can also be controlled with the iRobot’s iHome app, Google Assistant, and Alexa voice command. It also intelligently maps out your house while it cleans it.

l  Deebot U2 Pro

robot vacuum cleaner
Some robot vacuums are made specifically for pet owners

Can you believe it? There’s a robot vacuum cleaner that’s actually designed for pet owners! This robot vacuum includes a high-technology ‘Pet Care Kit’ and a ‘Max+’ mode. This means that it powers the cleaning machine boosting suction strength and managing pet hair inside the home.

With the Deebot U2 Pro, you can easily use the upgraded and enhanced vacuum and mop feature with the OZMOTM Mopping System to clean your whole house thoroughly and independently. If you have a huge home with lots of cats and dogs, worry not. This robot vacuum can mop and vacuum areas measuring up to 200 sqm. That’s impressive, right?

l  Coredy R750

If you’re looking for moderately priced and efficient robot vacuum, the Coredy R750 might be for you. It delivers a truly brilliant cleaning experience. It is installed with a washable and high-efficiency HEPA filter. This makes it an excellent machine for collecting dust and pet hair. No doubt it is a magnificent choice for a fur-parent!

The Coredy R750 works perfectly with carpets as it has 1600 Pa suction strength that can be boosted up to 2000 Pa. It allows the user to schedule cleaning activities. Moreover, It has high-grade sensors that can detect obstacles and specifically clean areas that are chosen by the user.

The Right Robot Vacuum Cleaner will Keep your House Free from Pet Hair

Managing pet hair can be a struggle. Sometimes you need to work to ensure a comfortable and safe home for all the residents, including pets.

To achieve your optimal level of cleanliness look for the robot vacuum that best suits your needs. There are lots of robot vacs available to choose from. Be sure to choose wisely and smartly to get the best results for you, your family, and your pets.

If you want to find what’s the best robot vac for your home, kindly click this link: https://cleanup.expert/robot-vacuums/.



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