Roof Maintenance – Essential for a Homeowner’s Peace of Mind

23 Feb, 2020

Roof Maintenance – Essential for a Homeowner’s Peace of Mind

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As every homeowner knows keeping your roof well maintained and in good condition is essential to guard against bad weather, this makes roof maintenance an essential check list item before Winter sets in for every house owner. This is doubly true if you are going away on holiday or for long periods entrusting your property to HouseSitMatch housesitters. Choosing a good roofing contractor is equally important to ensure sustainable roof maintenance and securing the condition and value of your home.

roof maintenance
Maintaining your roof is essential for peace of mind when you go away

Maintaining your Roof is Critical for Your Peace of Mind

A roof is one of the most important aspects of a house. It can help keep your home climatised and more importantly it will keep the bad weather out. While we all think our roof is in perfect or at least in good working order, it is certainly worth a regular check. Have you ever been up there and taken a look?

Due to the fact that the roof is one of the least accessible areas of a house, it is rarely inspected and a few loose tiles can soon lead to a deteriorating roof. Some roofing companies take advantage of this and may prove poor in delivery, doing the minimal amount of work required. They will be hoping that you will never go up there to check it yourself.

Whether it’s a built-up roof or shingles, after any roofing job, it is recommended that you go up there and check it out yourself. Then you can make sure the roofing contractor did what they were asked. Certainly you should ask for photos of the pre and post condition of the part of the roof are they have worked on. 

roof maintenance
Maintaining your roof and tiles will ensure the condition of your home

Warning signs to watch out for in roof maintenance

1. The roof does not have an underlayment

The underlayment is the layer between the shingles and the sheathing. This is one of the most important aspects because it helps to keep moisture out of the house. Your roof will also rapidly become damaged over time due to the lack of this essential layer.

According to the experts from T. Simpson Roofing, this may be one of the hardest points of negligence to spot. However, any reputable roofer should be installing this feature. Make sure to double-check this point and ask them directly. If you are moving into a house, hire someone to take a look at the roof if you do not trust the people who built or refurbished the roof. It might cost extra, but if they skipped this layer, or another vital step you will be saving yourself a great deal of money and anguish in the future.

2. There are no drip edges

One of the most vulnerable areas of the roof is where the shingles end and the gutters form. These play a huge role in helping to clear water away from the foundation and the roof. These drip edges can not only prevent moisture and water buildup along the corners of your roof, but they will also help to prevent any major soil erosion close to the foundation of your house. Erosion close to your house can create a whole slew of issues such as basement leaks and water damage to the walls of your home. Pay to have these installed if they are not on your roof already.

roof maintenance
Tiles should be carefully selected for property and weather conditions

3. Some of your shingles Are missing

This is the easiest issue  to spot, as it is extremely noticeable when there are shingles missing from the roof. Take a careful look at your roof. Work systematically around the property to ensure that all the shingles are not only there but placed correctly and fixed. Cheap roof jobs will often fail to attach the shingles properly. This leads to them falling off soon after placement. Worse, they do little to protect the interior of the roof and wear away at your structure over time.

Keep an eye out, especially in the middle of the roof for a situation like this. The middle of the roof is often impossible to see from the ground.  Therefore the middle becomes a prime spot for a roofer looking to save money, to skimp on. This is one of the worst things a roofer can do to you. Fortunately it is one of the easiest to spot.

4. The shingles have stains

Stains on shingles should trigger alarms for you as this is often a sign of long term water damage. If the shingles have turned black, you can bet that there is a high level of water damage on the shingles and the materials underneath as well. If you see black shingles that stand out, it is important to act quickly. The longer you wait, the more damage that will occur underneath. While replacing the shingles themselves will not be expensive, it is fixing up all the walls underneath that will cut into your wallet quite heavily and leave you wishing you’d hired a better roofing contractor.

If you notice your roof has any of these problems, it is imperative that you act quickly to resolve it. Check out Look into hiring a tried, tested, and true professional roofing contractor. They will ensure that your roof maintenance is up to standard.

A final word on roof maintenance

While you might save money with a cheap company, the costs you will occur in the long run are definitely not worth saving a few bucks that day. Look into a professional roofing company and rest easy knowing that the roof over your head is safe for years to come. This means you can leave your home to go on holiday with peace of mind. You’ve left your home in the care of housesitters knowing you’ve done all you need to keep your property maintained and secure. 


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