Sanitize at home after a pest infestation

6 Apr, 2021

Sanitize at home after a pest infestation

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Every homeowner with pets knows the threats of animal based diseases. They are a threat not just for the animal but also the humans living in the home. If you have had a pest infestation the need to sanitize at home becomes more acute. Here are some top tips on how and why you need to clean up after a bout of pest infestation.

Why It’s Important to Clean and Sanitize at Home After a Pest Infestation

sanitize at home
Pigeons can be a real threat rather than a fun feature on your property

If you have had a pest infestation in your home, whether it was raccoons in the attic or squirrels in your walls, and you have had the nuisance animals removed, you might think the job is done. Now that the pest animals are no longer in your home, you can move on from the experience. Now plan the next step.

It is very important to realize that even though the animals are gone, there are still many different diseases and other harmful germs they have left behind. Continue reading to learn more. It is essential to sanitize at home after a pest infestation.

Pest Infestations

Even the most seemingly harmless animal is just as big of a threat as any other nuisance animal once inside. It is also imperative to understand that virtually every pest animal carries a multitude of threatening diseases. Pigeon droppings, squirrel poop, raccoon droppings among other items are loaded with viruses and bacteria. So the need to sanitize at home is critical when you detect such an invasion.

To learn more about this visit A brief overview of a few very dangerous diseases will be covered in further detail below.


Histoplasmosis is a serious illness commonly found in birds, bats and several other pests’ droppings. Please note that it will live long enough in dried droppings to be able to infect humans. Raccoon roundworm is a very harmful, potentially deadly disease that is found in very old raccoon droppings. Salmonella is a serious illness, often common in food poisoning cases, that virtually every nuisance animal leaves around homes. It is a common by product of their droppings.

There is virtually no end to the number of other harmful, often deadly diseases that nuisance animals can leave all over your home, with the potential to infect you, your family, and your pets.

Sanitize at home – The Clean-up

Regardless of where your infestation starts, you will see how much mess animals can make anywhere in your home. The best way to estimate how large the mess could be is to imagine how long the nuisance was present. Rats and mice, birds, bats, raccoons, squirrels, and other creatures all make serious messes once in your home.

Some of the worst messes usually occur in attics, This is because it generally takes a while for the animals to be discovered up there. Moreover, all of the insulation they like to live in or destroy is in the attic.

Consider how nasty fatal all of the animal detritus can be. For example, animal hair and urine that has dried, and droppings can be a threat to the health and safety of your pets and family. Since there are untold numbers of diseases in each of these substances, consider having a professional  service clean-up your home.


Sanitizing your home is almost as important as having the nuisance wildlife removed! There is no way to avoid the sanitation of your home. Good sanitation will undoubtedly kill virtually every little germ, bacteria, and virus that causes serious illness. As we know, there is not a single pest that does not carry some harmful disease. As a result, sanitation is fundamental to the wildlife removal process.

You may spend most of your pest control budget on removing the pests and preventing re-entry. If so then sanitizing your home is still important and you should spend what budget remains on this process. There is no other step in the process that ensures the well-being of your family like thorough home sanitation.



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