Save on energy bills this Winter

17 Aug, 2022

Save on energy bills this Winter

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With the cost of living rising fast most homeowners are fearful of rising fuel and heating costs. In this article we offer 6 top tips on how to save on energy bills this Winter.

6 Ways to save on energy bills this winter

save on energy bills
Heating our homes is often a worry when prices rise

The rising cost of living is a concern for almost every household. Winter is an especially pricey part of the year as the temperatures plummet. It’s cold so we need to spend more to heat our homes and we use more hot water.

Yet, with fuel prices at high levels, the weekly food shop getting more expensive and dizzying heights reached on energy bills, you’ll be looking at ways to save where you can.

Switch off appliances you are not using

Appliances left on standby are still receiving electricity, even at low levels. This means you’re using energy and spending money even when your device isn’t in use.

Combat this by switching things off at the wall switch so you aren’t using and paying for power that you don’t benefit from. It is sure way to save on energy bills.

Unplug your electrical appliances if you are not using them

Draught-proof windows and doors

Although ventilation is important in any season, draughts aren’t good for your home or your wallet.

Prevent damp issues by draught-proofing windows and doors in your home. You’ll also hang on to the heat you’ve paid for, reducing the intensity needed to warm the space. This will save you money in the long term.

Put up thermal curtains and blinds, use rugs on wooden floors, seal gaps or cracks around frames and use draught excluders.

Upgrade your combi boiler

The majority of what you spend will be on heating, so having a boiler in good working order is essential.

If you have an older boiler, it may be costing you. Newer combi boilers are more energy efficient, so upgrading could make your money go further.

Spend less time in the shower

We all love a warm shower in winter to get toasty, don’t we? Unfortunately, it could be an expensive habit.  Heating water takes a lot of energy, so taking shorter showers consistently could knock a chunk off your bills.

If you’re the kind of person who prefers to soak in a hot tub to drive away the winter chill, you may want to swap to quick showers for some or all of your routine.

In cold climates keeping warm is essential

Add insulation

A significant amount of heat loss occurs through the walls of a home. Make sure you’re making the most of your energy by installing insulation in lofts and cavity walls.

Likewise, insulating your plumbing means you’ll lose less heat through the water system. This also means you’ll lose less heat through the piping in radiators, reducing the cost of heating your home.

Get a smart meter

A smart meter can help you monitor your energy use more closely to allow you to reduce habits which may be costly. It records consumption in real-time, so you won’t need to wait a month for your bill to then do mental gymnastics working out how to change your behaviours.

You should be able to get a smart meter from your supplier, as the government aims to have one installed in every house.


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