Seasonal bathroom renovation – The 12 Tips

14 Apr, 2023

Seasonal bathroom renovation – The 12 Tips

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After a long cold winter the thought of a change of season can be exciting for anyone, housesitter or homeowner. If you are inspired and are planning a seasonal bathroom renovation to refresh your home read on. We offer you 12 must-follow tips that will help you achieve your reno dream.

Planning a seasonal bathroom renovation? Don’t miss these 12 must-follow tips!

Are you planning to give your bathroom a facelift and wondering how to do it right? Any seasonal bathroom renovation in this space can be quite tricky, as more often than not, there are various things that can go wrong.

From budgeting mistakes to plumbing errors and design disasters, small details may significantly affect the overall success of your renovation project. To make sure everything turns out as expected, here’s our ultimatum – follow these 12 essential tips that will help guide you through the entire process without any issues.

Ready for your bathroom renovation?

When considering a bathroom renovation project, ensuring access to reliable plumbing services is paramount. In large cities like Sydney, emergency plumber services play a crucial role in such endeavors. Their expertise ensures that the renovation process goes smoothly, addressing any unforeseen issues promptly and efficiently.

From installing new fixtures to rerouting pipes, Sydney Emergency Plumber services provide peace of mind, knowing that your renovation project will be completed with professionalism and precision, leaving you with a revitalized and functional bathroom space.

Seasonal bathroom renovation
Using neutral colours can bring your bathroom up to date in the renovation


  • Choose quality materials that are durable and easy to maintain – Durability and ease of maintenance should always be top of mind. The last thing you want is to invest in a material that will easily wear and tear, or that requires time-consuming cleaning routines. Fortunately, there are a variety of bathroom tiles made of ceramic, porcelain, and quartz. Besides lasting for a long time, these materials offer a stylish, modern look to your bathroom.
  • Measure your space – When it comes to bathroom renovations or redesigns, one of the important first steps is to accurately measure your space. Knowing the exact measurements can help you plan and visualize the layout and determine what fixtures, furniture, and decor will fit comfortably.  With a tape measure and a little patience, you can easily determine the length, width, and height of your bathroom. Be sure to also take note of any existing features such as windows, doors, and architectural details.
  • Plan the layout before jumping into designsBefore diving into the exciting world of bathroom design, it’s vital to plan out the layout. This will ensure that the space is used efficiently and that everything fits seamlessly.
  • Layout of utilities – Take into account where the plumbing and electrical outlets are located and how they can be maximized to create the best configuration. With a well-thought-out layout in place, the actual design process will be much smoother and more successful, resulting in a beautiful and functional bathroom.

Evaluate your budget

First and foremost, consider the areas where you can cut costs without sacrificing functionality or style. Opting for more affordable materials can make a big difference in your overall expenses.

Additionally, investing in energy-efficient fixtures like low-flow toilets and LED lighting can not only save you money in the long run but also benefit the environment.

decorated bathroom with accessories
A simple light touch bright accessories and decorated walls acts like a breath of fresh air

Photo by Anne Nygård

Choose a water-resistant vanity countertop

A water-resistant option ensures the durability and longevity of the countertop. Not to mention, it also provides peace of mind knowing that any water spills or splashes won’t damage or stain the surface.

There are a variety of water-resistant materials available — think of granite, and porcelain — each with its own unique features and benefits. Quartz, for example, is highly resistant to scratches and stains, while porcelain offers a sleek and modern look.

Ultimately, the choice comes down to personal preference and style, but a water-resistant countertop is definitely a practical and worthwhile investment for any bathroom.

Add storage shelves to keep all your toiletries organized

A cluttered bathroom countertop can be an eyesore and make it difficult to find what you need when you’re rushing to get ready in the morning. Adding storage shelves to keep all your toiletries organized is a simple yet effective solution. It will maximize your counter space while allowing you to neatly arrange your beauty products and grooming essentials in a visually appealing way.

From small to large bathrooms, there are various types of shelving units available to fit any size and style. Plus, with the extra space, you can even add a few decorative elements to give your bathroom a more personalized touch.

Invest in a heat lamp or fan to avoid molding and damp issues

Did you know that the bathroom is one of the most common areas in the house where mold and dampness issues can occur? This is because of the high moisture content in the room. To prevent this from happening, investing in a heat lamp or fan can be incredibly helpful. These devices will help improve air circulation and control humidity levels, reducing the risk of mold growth and damp issues.

A heat lamp can provide warmth, while a fan can help reduce humidity levels by venting out excess moisture. Taking these precautions can prevent damage to your bathroom, ensure a healthier environment, and save you from costly repairs.

Determine the position of your toilet and sink

When designing or renovating your bathroom, determining the best position for your toilet and sink is an important decision. You want to ensure that both fixtures are easily accessible and functional while also maximizing the space in your bathroom.

Consider plumbing placement, ventilation, and traffic flow when selecting the position for these essential fixtures. Placement options can vary depending on the size and shape of your bathroom, so it’s important to evaluate your space carefully. Once you’ve determined the best location for your toilet and sink, you can move on to selecting the style and accessories that will truly make your bathroom shine.

Focus on colors and patterns for a seasonal bathroom renovation

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in a house, which is why it’s important to give it a touch of personality. And every year it pays to keep on top of maintenance and consider a seasonal bathroom renovation however simple or dramatic. 

Colors and patterns can play a huge role in achieving this. Opt for shades that are soothing yet invigorating, such as calming shades of blue or green, or a vibrant splash of purple to add some flair.

As for patterns, geometric shapes and stripes can make a small bathroom appear larger, while floral prints or intricate tile designs can add a touch of elegance. Mixing and matching colors and patterns can add depth and dimension to any bathroom, giving it a unique and stylish look you’ll love for years to come. All these touches make a difference in a seasonal bathroom renovation. 

make a better bathroom
Follow a decorative them all the way through the bathroom for cohesion

Photo by Christian Mackie

Invest in bathroom mirrors

Bathroom mirrors are more than just a functional item in your home. They can also be a stylish addition and even an investment in your property.

Upgrading your bathroom mirror can instantly enhance the look and feel of the space, improving lighting and providing a focal point in the room. Not only that, but a high-quality bathroom mirror can stand the test of time and add value to your home. This will stand you in good stead whether you are undergoing a seasonal bathroom renovation or a long over due overhaul of that space.

With so many different styles and designs available, it’s easy to find a mirror that suits your taste and budget. So why not invest in a bathroom mirror today and enjoy the benefits for years to come?

Keep the bathroom ventilated

When it comes to bathroom remodel ideas and then upkeep, keeping the area well-ventilated is crucial for both hygiene and health reasons. Without proper ventilation, excess moisture can accumulate, leading to unpleasant odors, mold growth, and even respiratory issues.

Opening a window, using a bathroom fan, or installing a ventilation system are all good ways to keep your bathroom fresh. Additionally, using natural air fresheners like essential oils or plants can help keep the bathroom smelling fresh and clean.

Remember, the key is to keep the air circulating and moisture levels low, which will ultimately lead to a more pleasant and healthy bathroom experience.

Keep some vintage finishes

If you’re looking to give your bathroom a unique and timeless look, incorporating vintage finishes might be just what you need. This is true whether you are managing a seasonal bathroom renovation or simply because the bathroom just needs a refresh.

Vintage finishes can add character and personality to your bathroom and make it stand out from the typical modern and sleek designs. You could opt for vintage faucet fixtures, clawfoot bathtubs, or antique light fixtures to bring a touch of nostalgia to your space. The great thing about vintage finishes is that they never go out of style and can add value to your home.

rimless shower door
Living plants and glass shower doors add a touch of freshness to the bathroom

Photo by Curology

Final thoughts on a seasonal bathroom renovation

Designing and decorating your space can provide immense satisfaction knowing you created something unique and distinctly yours. And with any seasonal bathroom renovation do not be afraid to use bold colors and finishes. Just remember to take the time for the planning process before beginning you will benefit when it comes to the bathroom renovation cost.

Remember there is no cheapest time of year to remodel bathroom, but by taking into account all of our suggestions, your finished bathroom will be one-of-a-kind, giving it vibrancy and energy that will help make it your own special comfortable space for years to come.


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