Secrets to Carpet Cleaning for a Stainless Victory

17 Dec, 2020

Secrets to Carpet Cleaning for a Stainless Victory

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If you have indoor carpeting at home you may struggle with carpet cleaning routines. If as a homeowner you have indoor pets that challenge may be all the greater. There are some carpet cleaning secrets that help enormously. Here are our top tips on managing how to clean your home with and without pets!

carpet cleaning
A vacuum is an essential part of any carpet cleaning routine

Secrets to fully utilise the best carpet cleaning product

Carpeting remains highly common in most homes, considering the wide range of residential flooring items now available. In fact, the majority of the total flooring market is dominated by the carpet industry, which produced billions in revenue in 2019 alone. One reason people enjoy carpeting is that it needs less upkeep and repairs than hard-surface floors, in addition to its comfort and softness.

Usually, regular vacuuming and occasional deep-clean scrubbing are all that is required to keep the carpeting appearing fresh and new. Even after your best efforts, the carpet is subjected to be the target of spills, splashes, dirty accidents, and everything you track down on the bottom of your shoes sooner or later. We are here to help, to learn how carpet experts address these issues.

Don’t Rub, Blot  the Stains 

Avoid the temptation to automatically begin scrubbing when a stain or spill first happens. That will just push down the stain onto the carpet. Instead, use the following:

  1. Utilise the best carpet cleaning product 
  2. A clean rag
  3. Paper towel

You can also use a sponge to gently dab the stains. Blotting is the secret to effective carpet cleaning.

    •  A slight amount of pressure is exerted on the stain by blotting, so you can soak it up. 
  • Rubbing allows the particles to become grounded in the fibres, which would result in those fibres being unnecessarily broken down.
  • And make sure that you always blot inward into the middle from the outer edge of the stain; blotting outward will disperse the stain farther over the carpet.
Wine stains are a challenge

The Club Soda Method of carpet cleaning 

You may have learned that if you do it properly, you can use club soda to extract beer and wine stains from the carpeting, which is valid.

  • Pour club soda on a clean rag first then blot the stain. Repeat with more club soda, if the stain is brighter. 
  • Mix a one-to-one mixture of white vinegar and water and pour it into a portable spray bottle. If that doesn’t work, you may also use upholstery cleaning products available in the market 
  • Spray on the stained region with the solvent and wait 10 to 15 minutes for it to sink in.
  • To soak up the cleaning fluid and also the diluted stain, press a smooth, dry sponge down onto the saturated area. 
  • Rinse the place with clear, warm water until you’ve cleaned the stain. 
  • To sweep the carpet strands in their normal direction, use your hand. 
  • Finally, lay a few white paper towels over the area and weigh them down with something heavy, like a phone book.  
  • Dampness from the carpet can be removed by the towels; keep them in place until the carpet is dried, usually for around 24hours.

Gum stuck on your carpet

And here is an all-too-familiar circumstance to challenge your carpet cleaning techniques: You walk out on the street to chew gum, but don’t know it until you track the nasty mess into the house and onto your carpeting. Here’s the simple secret -you can find the trick of extracting gum from the carpeting.

  • Grab a pair of ice cubes and press them for 30 to 45 seconds against the gum.
  • Use a spoon to remove the blob until the gum is frozen tight, and use scissors or razor blade to slit the carpet threads as near as possible to the gum.

This will help you minimize the damage a lot. 

Clean it regularly using the best carpet cleaning product

In conclusion, deep-clean your carpet daily to keep it clean and fresh in the long term. Make sure that you use only the best carpet cleaning shampooer available in the market. We suggest deep cleaning your carpet every six months to make it looks like the day you got it.

Pet care

Removing pet stains from your carpets

Unfortunately, as I’m sure all pet owners know, cats are not particularly choosy when it comes to their methods of defiling a carpet. This also applies to  where they go. Should they defecate you will probably know immediately. The offensive stench will make its presence known, and you will immediately go in search for the source of the smell. If the faeces is already dry you will be able to scoop it up in a tissue and dispose of it. If not:

  1. Collect the faeces in a piece of tissue.
  2. Treat the stain with a gentle carpet cleaner. Use something appropriate for use around pets, and not full of harsh chemical agents.
  3. So scrub the spot with a brush and apply water. Scrub again and repeat until the stain is no longer visible.
  4. Use fresh cotton or paper towels to absorb as much of the moisture as you possibly can. Continue repeating until the carpet is dry and the stain is no more.
  5. Repeat with the similar vinegar and water solution as with urine and apply it to the area.
  6. Dry with paper towels after scrubbing.
  7. Sprinkle with baking soda and leave overnight.
  8. Hoover in the morning.

Briefing live in petsitters

Be gentle with pet stains

And so when cleaning pet stains or briefing live in petsitters, it is important you do not make a grab for harsh agents or chemicals like bleach or ammonia. This is because they can prove to be detrimental to your pet’s respiratory system and cause no end of harm and irreparable damage. It is recommended that you purchase cleaning agents designed for cleaning pet stains and specifically for use around pets at pet stores or supermarket pet isles.



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