Secure your home before a holiday

4 Jun, 2023

Secure your home before a holiday

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Preparing to secure your home as a homeowner is really important when you go out. It is doubly important when you go on holiday or leave your property for a long time. In this article we offer our top tips on how to find a housesitter and to secure your property before you leave.

How to secure your home before a holiday

Before you head off wherever you are going, you need to make sure that your home is safe and secure. There are a few different ways to do this, so it’s going to entirely depend on what you think will keep your home the safest, and how many of these measures you want to take. If you don’t know where to start then it’s a good thing that you have come across this article.

Down below, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the ways that you can ensure your home is safe before you go away, so keep reading if you would like to find out more.

secure your home
An empty home is vulnerable. Secure your home before leaving

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Sort the locks and bolts

The first thing that you are going to need to do is make sure that all of the locks are safe and secure. Check all of the locks in your house, and be certain that none of them are damaged or faulty, because if they are then you are leaving your home vulnerable.

If you do find that there is a problem, you can’t just leave it and hope for the best as this is far too risky. Instead, you are going to need to look up locksmiths and get them to either come and fix the lock, or change it entirely depending on what you want. Do a quick search online and you will be able to find the best in your area based on the reviews from previous clients.

secure your home
Door bolts and window grates help to secure your home – They don’t have to be obvious

Find a housesitter to secure your home

If you are worried about your house and you are going to be gone for a few days or longer, it might be worth having someone come over to house sit the space. At least you know that there is someone in the home, which puts people off trying to enter the building.

Most robbers don’t want to invade the home when there is someone inside as it increases the risk of getting caught and other things going wrong, so it’s a deterrent in itself which makes it a good idea.

secure your home
If you find housesitters they can keep your home looking occupied and your plants and garden looking healthy and cared for in your absence.

A security system

Last but not least, have you considered adding a security system to your home? Of course, this is not just for when you go away, but it’s useful to have all of the time. You can do some research and find some of the best residential security systems that are within your budget, and then get one when you’ve got the money for it.

keep property safe
Live and monitored security cameras on the outside of your house are a great deterrent

A security system is a great way to secure your home. But you need to have it serviced. Don’t assume once you have the system that is all you need to do. Regular maintenance is essential to ensure it works when you need it.

We promise it’s worth every penny that you invest into it, as it keeps your home safe from any future threats.

How to find a good housesitter

If you are going away from home for a holiday or extended work trip, and you have property and or pets you need to find a good pet housesitter.

Looking for an ideal pet sitter

Depending on the assortment of pets you have you may be looking for a specific skill set.

Pet house sitter to the rescue

To make this transition even easier for you and your pet, consider sourcing or hiring a pet house sitter. These individuals work by solely looking after your pet inside your home while you continue to make the most out of life outside. If you have dogs then a good house pet sitter is an excellent alternative to kennels.

The services of a pet house sitter can be very beneficial as it doesn’t require your pet to travel from your house, reducing their stress and anxiety.

Finding a dog sitter and housesitter will keep your pets in their home and secure your home

1. Join a housesitting website to check online listings 

The reason online networks like exist is to facilitate matches between home and pet owners and checked sitters who can help you care for your pets and property when you can’t.

These networks are easy to join you simply register online, create a profile and then create an advert which describes your dates for the assignment, your pets and what is required.

The network will then share your assignment advert with the registered sitters and then they apply. While this is not a fool proof way to find petsitters it can help you save a lot of money because largely these housesitting websites offer free housesitter if you can offer free accommodation. If that doesn’t work out then try the following top tips.

2. Ask The Local Vet if they know a good pet housesitter

If you just moved to a new area and you’ve tried a housesitting platform, and don’t have any friends yet, it’s best if you ask the local vet for references. A good pet housesitter will surely have a strong and positive reputation in the area, which means that the vets will likely know them.

It is likely that these sitters looking for house sitting jobs will expect payment for their time and services so plan for that.

Before leaving your pet at home alone, visit your vet and inquire if they can give you contact numbers of the best local professional pet housesitter. Make sure to inform the vet about any unique characteristics your pet might have so they can easily find a pet house sitter who matches.

 3.  Compile Questions for the Sitter

It’s common for pet owners to be careful of the people they choose to stay with their pets. We all want a good pet housesitter. This is especially true if you currently have a kitten or a puppy. To ensure that you will only entrust your pets to worthy individuals, compile questions before hiring a pet housesitter.

Depending on your pet’s breed and age, you can ask potential pet house sitters about their experience in taking care of a pet similar to yours. You can also inquire if they have their pets and how they usually take care of pets. These questions can help you determine whether a particular pet house sitter is a perfect match for your pet.

How to secure a home in summary

We hope that you have found this article helpful, and now see some of the things that you can do to secure your home before you go away. Of course finding housesitters is a great way to manage your property and pets in your absence.

It’s important that you are take your time to prepare, and not leaving until you have the peace of mind that you need that your home will remain safe in your absence. We wish you the very best of luck with this!

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