Selecting a family dog – Top Tips

3 Feb, 2023

Selecting a family dog – Top Tips

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If you are planning on getting a family dog for you and your children to care for and play with read on. Many petowners have to think more carefully when they introduce a new pet especially a dog to their family home. This blog offer some top tips to help you make the right decision for you. Then once you have your dog, you will likely need dog sitters.

Read on to learn more.

Selecting a family dog: What factors should be considered?

family dog
Choosing a breed with a gentle temperament is important

You’re ready to take the leap and get a new furry friend for the family. You know you can’t wait to have that companion by your side for the next 10 to 15 years. You just are not quite sure what kind of dog breed to get.

Where do you even get started?! What factors should you consider before getting a dog?

Keep reading this article because we will discuss several important factors that you need to consider before making the big step of getting your new furry friend!

The best temperament for a family dog

What are the main things that you should look for when you were considering getting a family dog is the dog’s temperament. This basically means how they act and what you can expect behaviorally from them.

For instance, you may want to get a dog that is protective. On the other hand, you may want a dog that is happy-go-lucky and just enjoy cuddling with its humans. 

Consider child-friendly dog breeds for a family dog

Determining the type of temperament that you want your dog to have is crucial in the beginning steps because this will help you decide what type of dog is conducive to your family lifestyle.

Not sure what this means? Here are a few examples.  A cute Giant Schnauzer as seen here tends to be a watchful dog. They are extremely loyal to their humans and because of that, tend to be easily trained.

On the other hand, you may be looking at a Husky as the breed you want. Although these dogs are also loyal and protective, they tend to fall under the stubborn category. This makes them harder to train. Doing your research to determine the temperament of the dog is crucial.

family dog
Consider the size of the dog and the space they will need

Size of the family dog

Once you narrow down the type of temperament that you want your dog to have, you need to think about the size of the breed. Typically, smaller breeds don’t need as much space, and larger breeds probably need a bigger space and a bigger yard.

Apartment living and the pet dog

That means if you live in an apartment or a smaller condo, you may want to get a small dog. If you have a backyard and a lot of lands, a large dog may be a better choice for you.

However, just because you have an apartment doesn’t mean that you cannot get a large dog. You just need to be aware that they need more exercise and will need to go outside more often to play.

Additionally, it is important to note that the size of the dog doesn’t necessarily correlate with his aggressiveness or temperament. Some small dogs may have a more aggressive temperament while some large dogs may be much gentler. It simply depends on the breed.


Your schedule

When it comes to choosing a dog, you also need to know your own schedule. Because the dog is a huge responsibility, your schedule doesn’t matter. This is an important deciding factor in the type of bread that you can bring home.

In order to meet the needs and attention that your dog requires, you want to choose a breed that is more compatible with your schedule.  So what does this mean?

If you choose a dog that needs more training hours, you need to have this time in your schedule. If you work a lot, you may want to choose a calm dog breed or an older dog that can be left alone for a longer period of time.


Activity level of the family dog

You also want to keep an eye out for the different activity levels that various breeds present. Some dogs are really low-energy dogs and do not require a lot of attention, exercise, or maintenance, while other dogs require a lot of attention and energy-sapping activities.

You should base the dogs’ activity level on your own lifestyle. Are you active? Or do you prefer to sit on the couch and watch TV on the weekends and weeknights? The answer to this question should help me decide what type of activity level works for you. 

When you were trying to decide what is right for you, think about compatibility. The more similar you are to the breed, the easier it will be for you.

Everyone in the family must learn how to care for the dog


Maintenance and Grooming

When it comes to maintenance and grooming, every dog breed is different. Dog’s coats are different, their health issues and pre-existing breed conditions are different, and the proper way to groom them may be different.

Knowing what to expect is important as you go into choosing the right breed for you.

Although all dogs need grooming and maintenance, the level of that is going to change based on the breed. For instance, short-haired dogs like pug do not need as much grooming and maintenance as a poodle may need.

Not only will this be more time-consuming if they need a lot of grooming, but it can also be expensive. This is an important factor to consider when getting a dog.

In addition to the grooming, you also need to consider their health conditions. Some dogs have pre-existing conditions that affect them later in life. For instance, a German shepherd will tend to have hip issues as it ages. Knowing this can allow you to prepare and understand what you were getting yourself into when choosing a breed.

A dog can be a great companion for all the family

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Dog for the Family

If you were looking to get out for a friend, that is very exciting! But before you get too excited, it is important to consider a few different factors when choosing a breed. 

You need to take into account their physical maintenance and grooming needs, their activity levels and exercise needs, the size of the dog, and the general temperament of a breed. Knowing all of this information can help you make the best decision when choosing a breed.

Now it is time to get out there and get your new best friend! If you need any more tips, be sure to check out some other blogs on our site. 


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