Sell energy efficient homes faster

28 Apr, 2023

Sell energy efficient homes faster

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All homeowners today are mindful of the energy efficiency and sustainable energy initiatives available. It is now clear that energy efficient homes sell faster than every before and than other types of homes especially in London. Read on to learn how and why.

Why do energy efficient homes in London sell faster?

energy efficient homes
Using LED lights at home saves a lot of energy

Energy efficiency is highly important and on-trend with modern values. Incorporating these qualities into a home for sale is sure to hasten a sale.

Energy efficient homes are more desirable

It should be no surprise that energy efficient homes are more desirable to many prospective homebuyers today.

Such modifications can help people feel they’re leading their lives more ethically, with greater consideration for the environment and its creatures.

Fast sale of energy efficient homes in London

However, the faster sale of energy efficient homes can be attributed to more than just nice feelings and clear consciences, especially in London. Energy efficiency has many other perks for new homeowners in the capital. Let’s explore what some of these benefits may be down below.

Environmental concerns

We’ve touched on environmental factors already, but it’s worth mentioning them again. After all, the green picture in London is perhaps more vivid than in other UK regions.

Multiple green initiatives aim to improve energy efficient homes

There are a plethora of green initiatives surging through London. There are green zones where drivers of electric vehicles are exempt from tax, for instance. The capital is known for generating lots of emissions, usually, as are most cities, but work is increasingly being done to turn things around. Prospective homeowners in London will want to be part of that movement.#

Pivotal studies in achieving net zero

Reports from 2021 revealed London housing plans were being made to help achieve net zero and a greener future. It wasn’t surprising, given that homes were responsible for one-third of London’s greenhouse gas emissions at the time. There’s a wave of change coming, and energy efficient homes in London soon won’t be a perk but a baseline expectation.

Making the country more sustainable

Many of the innovative minds behind making the country more sustainable will be based in the capital. These include experts advising MPs to  businesses leaders and researchers in green tech.

London often leads

If significant strides are made, they’ll likely happen in London first. Energy efficient homes have a crucial role in this chain of events.. And the home you’re selling must be innovative and exciting in energy efficiency and other things.

energy efficient homes
Solar panels make great strides in making homes energy efficient

EICR Assurances

You don’t need an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) to sell the property you live in. Nevertheless, many property sellers secure them anyway.

Providing buyer assurances

An EICR certificate in London, or indeed anywhere, provides prospective buyers with many assurances about the wiring, circuitry, and quality of electrical equipment and utilities in a property.

Assurances also do the following:

  • Reduce the property’s carbon footprint and thereby reduce energy consumption simultaneously.
  • Serve as a negotiation tool, using the findings of the report to adjust the property purchase price.
  • Fulfil buyers’ requirements, as some will list an EICR London report as a condition of their purchase.

Is your home being rented out?

If you’re renting out the home you wish to sell, then you’ll likely know already that EICR reports are a mandatory part of compliance procedures. So, it’s worth learning more about EICR compliance in London, and HEXO Electrical Testing can help with that. They can provide free quotes today for landlords and homeowners alike, providing a reliable service with 100% satisfaction. Any help you need, they’ll provide.

London energy savings

Few people live in London without anticipating big spending on all costs from bills to amenities. Moreover, the cost-of-living crisis affects everybody, and all will be interested in reducing spending however they can. So any improvements that create energy efficient homes will have an audience.

Reduce your spending with energy efficiency at home

Energy efficient homes reduce spending in many ways. Insulation can mean heating is used less, and solar panels can even generate income if the electricity converted from the sun is sold back to the grid.

energy efficient homes
Choosing LED light bulbs every time increases your energy efficiency at home

LED light bulbs last longer and require fewer replacements, while modern appliances like fridges and washing machines are now specifically designed to use less energy.

Smart meters matter

Smart meters play an important role too. They ensure homeowners don’t overpay for the energy they consume and even automate payments at the users’ requests.

Variable energy prices dominate

Considering that most Londoners are on variable price contracts with their energy suppliers, the price hikes will affect them considerably. Anything that can be done to bring down those rising costs on your side is undoubtedly worth exploring.

Better standard of living

Energy efficiency measures can provide comfort too. Given that many London districts are more affluent, it makes sense to go the extra mile here.

Going the extra mile

For instance, insulation makes homes warmer for longer. That said, they can also prevent noise pollution, which can be incredibly important in a bustling capital city. Even if it’s just the windows that are double-glazed, it can make a significant difference to how much of the outside world gets inside.

Energy efficient home appliances

Of course, energy efficient appliances are often quiet in their operations too. A fridge that’s energy efficient may not make a noise when the door is shut, whereas an older model may constantly hum. The same is true were you to use an air conditioning unit as an example, too.

A final word on accelerated sales for energy efficient homes

As you can see, energy efficiency is crucial in why London homes can be sold faster. From ethical considerations to living affordably and comfortably, many residents of the capital are undoubtedly looking for clean living and value. That’s what energy efficient homes can provide. So consider making necessary adjustments to any property you wish to sell.



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