Serious home DIY: The tools you’ll need

19 Jan, 2021

Serious home DIY: The tools you’ll need

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Most homeowners have a DIY kit of some description whether to put a nail in the wall or unblock a sink. However, if you are considering some serious home DIY then prepare your kit bag with real equipment. Here are some top tips on what you might need.

serious home DIY
Plan the kit you might need to take on any serious home DIY

Engaged in some serious home DIY? Make sure you have these tools

We live in an era of more specialization than ever before in history. You can literally find someone who is a specialist in any conceivable field. On the other hand, there are people who like doing things themselves even though they are not specialists themselves. These people are called Do It Youselfers (DIYers) and they are super keen on home DIY.

Self-satisfaction in DIY

There is a joy and pride that comes from doing things yourself. Whether it is creating a piece of furniture from scratch or simply fixing it, it is quite an experience.

DIY projects can range from fun and harmless to serious undertakings. If you plan on doing a serious home DIY project, the following are the tools you will need:

Hammers and Nails

You will always require a hammer and some nails regardless of the scope of a DIY project. They are indispensable tools that have limitless applications as far as construction projects are concerned.

The classic hammer

If it is a serious project, you will probably need various hammers for the job. However, the classic hammer with a smooth head and curved claw will probably do most of the work.

Varying sizes of nails

You will also need a variety of nails and of different sizes if you are going to be undertaking a considerable DIY project. A hammer and nails have the added benefit of being usable for other things besides your projects.

Screwdriver and screws for serious home DIY

 Another tool that you will probably need for any serious DIY project is a screwdriver and screws. They are sometimes used as an alternative to a hammer and nails but they are often used in conjunction. Screws hold things together from furniture to electric sockets. Their versatility is unrivaled as joining parts.

Serious home DIY

For serious DIY, you should have a set of screwdrivers of various sizes and pointed ends. The same goes for screwdrivers. However, the flat head screwdriver and the one with a crossed end will be the most used ones.

Table Saw

A table saw is a common tool used by professional contractors. It is also a valuable and indispensable tool for any serious home DIY work.

DIY project

A table saw can be used to cut a variety of materials including metal, wood, and plastic. You will definitely use a table saw to cut something in a DIY project. It is a power tool that is used to make precise cuts on large objects in minimal time.

Circular saw

A circular saw may be fine for small DIY projects but for larger ones, it will soon be useless. You can find good table saws at affordable prices and they will make your work a lot faster.

Adjustable Wrench

If something is not attached using screws and nails, then it is probably attached using nuts and bolts. For this serious home DIY effort you will need an adjustable wrench to loosen and tighten the various nuts and bolts.

Buying a complete set of wrenches

There are those that prefer buying various wrenches and having an entire set. However, an adjustable wrench is preferable because it can be altered to fit the specific nut or bolt.

Saving money with an adjustable wrench

An adjustable wrench will definitely save you money on many jobs. It will also make your work much easier than without it. You can use the wrench for jobs of all sizes so it is very versatile.

Utility Knife

We all know how important knives are to our lives and the same goes for any DIY work. For DIY work, a utility knife is the best option. You will need to cut various things when undertaking any DIY work, large or small. A sharp utility knife will help you cut open boxes or trim pieces of wood very quickly and efficiently.

Sharp and strong

A good utility knife should be sharp and strong. It should also have an ergonomic handle and a sleeve which will add safety. They will cost you less than it would if you did not have them.

serious home DIY
It is easy to overlook a pair of pliers, but they are useful


When doing any DIY job, you will need to hold on to and grasp various objects. If you can’t do it by hand, then you will need pliers. Pliers are useful tools that you cannot do without when doing any form of construction work. There are various types of pliers which you can use for various tasks.

Regular metallic pliers

You may decide to get a set of pliers for serious DIY work. However, a regular metallic two-pronged pliers with plastic handles will do just fine. Pliers are one of the most versatile tools for a DIYer. You can use them to pull out nails, tighten and loosen bolts or bending wires among other functions.

A final word on serious home DIY

There are more tools that you will probably use when doing DIY work at home. The ones above are some of the most essential tools that you will definitely need. Feel free to find whichever tools THAT best suit your project.


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