Setting up a smart home – A beginners guide

16 Mar, 2021

Setting up a smart home – A beginners guide

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Smart technology is growing all around us. It seems a natural progression today from clocks that adjust themselves, to mobile phones that can guide you with GPS to where you want to go with a vocal command. As a homeowner you may always have dreamt of setting up a smart home. Well now you can. Here is your beginners guide!

Beginner’s guide to setting up a smart home

setting up a smart home
Dreaming of living in an architect designed smart home?

Smart electronics have revolutionised our homes. The astounding innovations brought through the technology industry over the last two decades have been absolutely incredible. Had we talked about them half-century ago, they would have too much like an adventurous science fiction novel.

Today, simply by clicking a remote you can turn all of the lights on or off in your home. You can activate security features, turn on CCTV, and even operate your washing machine remotely from a hundred miles away. Smart homes are amazing.

The easy beginners guide to setting up a smart home

In this article, we are going to bring you a beginner’s guide for converting your home into a smart home. By the end of this article, I am confident you will feel like expert in all things smart. You will feel you can create a high tech home with ease. Understandably, electronics and smart gadgets can be tricky and difficult to use.

Consequently, if you prefer a more traditional way of life they may present challenges at first. Read on and learn a little more about smart technology and its applications. It’ll get you excited about all things smart!

Here is a beginner’s guide to converting your home into a smart home.

What’s the Foundation of Your Smart Home?

Most smart homes have a foundation platform. Although some mix and match technology. If you intend to invest in a smart home, then the ideal is to have a foundation platform to ensure uniformity throughout your home. In this way all platforms can work together harmoniously. To learn more about Texas instruments click here. 

If you have a single platform, you can control every aspect of your high tech home through the hub with ease. When setting up a smart home first setting up your foundation device is a great way to move forward with investing in your smart home – trust us on that one!

What Devices Do I Need?

It is good to know what devices you will need as pillars of your smart home. Here are a few to invest in first:

  • Smart light bulbs are a great first investment. They enable you to control individual lights or groups of lights from your phone. You can even manage different scenes with variant levels of brightness and colour warmth. This means you can eliminate blue light from your home.
  • Smart locks should be one of the first things you invest in to keep your home secure and to permit family members entry in your absence. With a smart lock, you can unlock your home from a hundred thousand miles away.
  • Smart thermostats are a dad’s fantasy. No longer will your children break the sacred rule of ‘Thou Shall Not Toucheth The Thermostat’. You can control your home’s temperature digitally.
  • Smart cameras and doorbells have gained a lot of traction in the last few years and have caught some very odd occurrences on camera. You will be able to ignore people to whom you don’t want to open your door. You can even set up an alarm function to call the police!
  • Smart security systems are some of the most widely used pieces of smart technology. They allow you to monitor and guard your property, even from somewhere else in the world. You can install indoor motion sensors, floodlights, sirens, alarms, and door sensors so that you can ensure your home is protected and that your belongings are not at risk of theft or damage.
  • Smart television and television remotes allow you to operate your home theatre from a distance, control what’s on television, and stop your children from watching things that they shouldn’t!

How Can You Control It?

The best part about being the home owner of a smart house is that you can control your home from afar. If you are energy conscious but your family are not so observant, control your home in their absence. As a result by using smart technology you can  prevent anyone at home from recklessly wasting energy. Energy efficiency is one of the greatest benefits of smart homes.

Energy efficiency is a goal shared by home specialists from, who promote this as a way to live sustainably! You can control your home from a distance like never before. Because of smart technology it means that you can do things for your children in your absence that they may not be able to do. For example you can even wash their clothes and make them food without even being there.

setting up a smart home
You can adapt your own home to smart technology

Photo by Binyamin Mellish

Keeping up with developments after set up

Investments in smart technology are becoming more appealing to investors as public demand and acceptance grows. At the moment, smart homes are not as smart as they could potentially be, but with that said, in the next few years some absolutely marvellous inventions are scheduled for release, and huge innovations and groundwork is going to be made in the smart home industry.

New developments appear on a weekly basis. However, they are usually released to consumers on a yearly basis.

Smart homes are set to become a staple in homes throughout the world. In some homes, smart homes are set-up while the houses are being built, which is absolutely amazing. Yes, in some homes, they actually come with smart devices. The most common devices for a home to come with already built-in is the security system and set-up.

Security and cameras (doorbell or otherwise) are very important elements of smart homes. They ensure that your belongings are guarded with the latest technology. Smart technology is a great innovation for you and your home. Moreover it will soon become integral to most of our lives.

Th inside track to setting up a smart home

Setting up a smart home and ensuring your property has the right technology is not something you need to worry about. You can hire an installation team to fit your smart hardware. As a result setting up a smart home becomes an easy step without you needing to do a thing. This is fantastic news if like many people, technology is not your strong point.

Usually, the smart equipment can be set-up even without any intervention on your part. Consequently, it can usually be set-up for free. Yes, you can count the installation as included in the cost of the smart home equipment. This is the norm.

Thank you for reading this article and joining us here today. We hope this page has helped you to feel more confident about setting up a smart home. If not now perhaps you try more smart technology in the future.


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