Setting up home in the countryside – How to guide

19 Nov, 2022

Setting up home in the countryside – How to guide

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If like many city dwellers and urban homeowners you have recently been dreaming buying a home in the countryside read on. We offer a guide with top tips on how to set up country home, and adapt it to suit your needs.

How to set up home in the Countryside: The ultimate guide

home in the countryside
A cottage in the country is many people’s idyll

There is no better way to spend your money than to build another home in the countryside. It is an ideal way to get away from the crowds and hectic cosmopolitan life. Building your own country home can be a simple and enjoyable project.

There are some things you should know that will entirely demystify the process. They will help you overcome the challenges that you will hit along the way.

This question became a hot topic recently when a great number of young families started looking for more sustainable and contemporary country homes. The house designs vary significantly across the wider market.

Hence, we have prepared some helpful tips to follow for setting up your home in the countryside. 

home in the countryside
Far reaching views are an outstanding appeal of a home in the countryside

Be Smart When It Comes to Space 

As much as you would like a big and spacious home be careful. Make the best use of the entire space of the property you have. When we say “space,” we do not only mean the home space. Rather we suggest you consider the whole property, all the land where you are planning to set up your home.

If you plan on spending some time in your country home, then building farm sheds will help. This is where you can house all of your gardening supplies and agricultural machines. When it comes to your home, you need to pay attention to all the aspects of functionality.

Base the design of your ideal home in the countryside on simplicity and natural living. The countryside is a great place to have a piece of land surrounded by nature, make an effort to build an environmentally friendly living space. A sustainable home will help you live at peace in the countryside. 

house sitting UK
Some country cottages offer a wonderful nook, a home in the countryside

Be Careful When It Comes to Planning 

Both urban and rural environments have some restrictions when it comes to building and construction. The perk of building your home in the countryside is that there are fewer limitations than in urban environments. Also, there are no restrictions similar to those in urban areas.

However, there are some regulations that should not be ignored, so, before you start construction of your house, it would be smart to double-check them. 

Access to the Construction Site 

Just as it is in urban areas, reaching construction sites in rural areas can be equally tricky. Even though it is less likely that you will damage some of the nearby objects, getting to the exact location can be the most difficult.

Once the project of building your country home crosses your mind, you should think of how the heavy-duty vehicles will reach your land. 

Bear in Mind Possible Restrictions Due to Nature Protection Laws 

home in the countryside
Be mindful of the location and likely building restrictions due to culture and history in the locale

Just as we have previously mentioned, at times there can be certain restrictions when it comes to the construction of objects in rural areas.

The main reason for this is the natural beauty of the location. Namely, if the place where you are planning to set up your rural home is of extraordinary beauty, then you can expect many obstacles that can pose a problem for your home’s construction. 

Planning the Possible Risks of a home in the countryside

It goes without saying that every construction project involves some risks that are beyond our understanding, and you will need to consult professionals about this issue. All kinds of environmental impacts are best understood in the early phases.

Issues such as noise, water, and wildlife are the risks you will need to discuss in the early stage of the construction; otherwise, they can be one of the main reasons for stopping the construction. Furthermore, putting off discussing and working on issues like these can cost both time and money.

So, it would be best to check out the site history and the status of the previous attempts at planning applications. 

remodelling your home in the countryside
Designing your own home in the country gives you a great opportunity to plan windows for views 

Be Honest With Your Architect

One of the most important things is to be completely honest with your architect and share even the slightest details about your desires when it comes to your home.

In reality, sometimes our wishes tend to be overly ambitious, and they cannot be executed in certain areas. By taking all of the factors into consideration, you will be able to make the perfect plan in time and see if it will work for both you and your family. 

Constructing your home in the countryside needs to be taken seriously since there are some things you need to consider even before you start construction. When it comes to functionality, you will need to figure out how you will use the space the best and how you will make the best use of the land you have bought. 


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