Shedding pets? Top tips for cleaning up at home

4 Apr, 2021

Shedding pets? Top tips for cleaning up at home

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If you love pets whether they are dog, cats or various other types of animal you will know about shedding. Shedding pets provide a constant chore for petowners with pets that live in the home. Likely they will shed fur or simple add to the dust challenges in your home. Here are some top tips to help you manage and contain the challenges of shedding pets.

Tips for Cleaning up After Your Shedding Pets

shedding pets
Long haired cats shed fur and create fur balls

Keeping cats and keeping dogs

If you keep pets at home, and they live in the home with you, you need to manage cleaning routines carefully.  Some cats and dogs shed a lot of hair and that can affect furniture surfaces and air quality.

Keeping your home clean means knowing exactly how to clear up after your pets – not just hair, either. Knowing that you have regular appointments with pest control companies will help to keep on top of worms and any fleas that might be spreading through the carpets and upholstery in your home.

Shedding pets can shed more than hair, so it’s going to matter to know whether your pet is dealing with bugs or pests, too.  Here are some top tips to help you manage and contain the challenges of shedding pets.

Pet care for shedding pets

Pets, especially cats and dogs can be fun, funny, and endearing fellows that are fun to have around.  Any pet sitter, cat sitter or dog sitter will tell you that!

Plus they give us petowners a sense of being home. they add to our feeling of security. They’re also comforting to have around, frankly simply because of their presence in the home.

Aside from the bond we share with our canine and furry friends, the huge challenge we deal is pet hair. It gets onto every surface and every corner of every room. Whether you own a single well behaved dog or a few furry huskies, managing fur and dust balls is a regular chore.

Keeping your space clean and organized is one way of maintaining a healthy environment is a challenge.

How do you manage pets who shed?

Managing the fur and containing the resulting dust balls in your home is a petowner’s regular routine task. It’s exhausting constantly cleaning up and grooming your pets, especially if you’re a new pet parent.

Luckily, we have scanned and summarised information from hundreds of pet related sites and pet owners feedback to give you top tips to help you clean up after shedding pets.

  1. Groom Your Pets

Before you think of even cleaning your floor and your furniture, the first thing you need to do is to groom your shedding pets.  Make this a routine event. And if you are briefing a petsitter then don’t forget to include that in your written instructions for what a housesitter does in your home to care for the pets.

They’re the ones shedding their hair and fur all over the place. Take time to groom them regularly really helps to reduce the amount of fur they shed.

So how do you groom your shedding pets? Well, first, you need to buy a special dog brush that will pull off the dead skin and loose fur that’s stuck on your pet’s skin. When you’re done, you need to get a special pet shampoo that will give them a proper wash. Only wash as frequently as recommended by your vet.

Next, trim their nails and visit a pooch salon to have the hair trimmed and clipped. At least with these grooming procedures, your pet’s shedding will be managed and less likely to pile up at home. These are details that most petsitters will do for you without being asked.

shedding pets
Some pets need more grooming than others
  1. Cover Up

Cover up is another smart tip that works wonders when implemented. Here, all you need is to recognize a few nap spots where your pet likes sleeping most. Place blankets and sheets on these areas to have your pets sleep on top. In most cases, using machine washable sheets and blankets is the best idea as washing them will be an easy process.

With pets sleeping on the sheets, much of the pet hair will accumulate on the sheets making it easier to clean.

Alternatively, you can decide to upgrade your sofas to a pet-friendly set. In most cases, leather sofas are the best to consider if you have shedding pets, as they’re not stained easily with both pet hair and pet stains.

  1. Invest in a Reliable Vacuum

If you’ve been using a broom to sweep dirt and debris at home, perhaps it’s time to ditch the broom for a vacuum cleaner. However, a vacuum isn’t just a vacuum. You need to invest in a special vacuum designed for removing pet hair. This will change your life if you have shedding pets.

These can be very effective. And when you are briefing your petsitter in the art of cleaning up after your pets, don’t forget to give them the guided tour of all your cleaning equipment.

Thankfully, finding the right pet vacuums at is a simple process that’s just a few clicks away. The right vaccum cleaner is a must for every petowner with shedding pets. This site offers a wide range of vacuums for cleaning pet hair meaning you’ll find great options with high suction power.

Before buying a vacuum, you need to inspect the suction to ensure it’s strong enough to suck pet hair. You also need to inspect the brush attachments and the overall features to ensure they’re efficient enough in picking pet hair from your specific floor type.

Always make sure you train your dog sitter or cat sitter in how to use your vacuum cleaner properly. It will make a difference to how clean your home is on your return after the housesit is completed.

shedding pets
Choose furniture covers similar to your pets fur is one idea
  1. Keep a Separate Dog Cleaning Area

While washing your dog is one way of removing the loose hair from your dog’s skin, washing it in a separate contained area, such as the laundry room, can really help to reduce this mess. Now, a cleaning station serves two major functions.

First, if you have shedding pets, it allows you to clean your pet in a controlled manner, and two; it prevents your dog from getting inside the house with dirty paws.  If you have housesitters dog sitting for you make sure you tell them too. Be consistent. It will help your pet and your home.

  1. Hair-Proof Your Home

For pet owners with shedding pets willing to try anything to contain pet hair, consider hair-proofing your home. Ideas for this procedure include replacing your existing carpet with a carpet for pets or with mats that you can beat outside.  Or you can choose mats coloured in muted tones and prints to see whether they can camouflage your pet’s hair.

Shedding pets always like sofas and comfortable chairs, it is inevitable. And so the same applies to the sofas and other fabrics within the house where pet fur and hair seems to gather. Firstly choose a colour scheme which matches the colour of your pet’s hair.

It will help it seem less dirty. Or better still buy washable chair and sofa covers that you can clean regularly to create a fresh surface to all you seating areas.

  1. Clean the Litter Box

Finally, it’s highly recommended that you clean the litter box often to maintain a fresh environment.

While not a very pleasant task it can be quickly done. Using a pair of gloves, you can easily accomplish this task with speed and efficiency. Once again teach your housesitters if they are cat sitting for you, exactly how often and how to clean the litter box. Your cats will recognise the change in routine if you don’t.

So, once you empty the litter box, scrub it gently using warm water and dish soap or water plus vinegar solution in the ratio of 1:1. Once the litter box is spotlessly clean with no odours, then you can put it back in a location that’s more comfortable for your pets.

A final word on managing shedding pets and their fur

As you can see, pet owners keeping pets at home is a great way of keeping friendly company with reliable pets around you. From what we’ve seen, one of the common problems of owning pets is having to deal with pet hair. Thankfully, you can contain this problem by employing any of these top tips discussed above.



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