Simple home improvements – during & after Lockdown

29 May, 2020

Simple home improvements – during & after Lockdown

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As a home owner you may have found solace during the quarantine in a hobby, new methods of working or caring for your living space. Many people have in fact turned to their property and gardens during the stay at home order to keep entertained constructively. Here are some simple home improvements for during and after the Lockdown.

Lockdown DIY: Simple Home Improvements to Make During Quarantine

simple home improvements
Painting and touching up walls can freshen up a room

We’ve always envied those who enjoy the benefits of working from home. How lucky can they be to be able to work without the hassle of commuting or getting dressed up! Before we knew it, fate had it as such that we’d all be working from home. Unfortunately, sooner rather than later, we all realized the downside of staying at home all the time. However, that doesn’t mean that we should be stuck hopelessly in this lockdown situation. Think of it as an opportunity to let your inner artist out and take care of everything around the house that you’ve been putting off until you have “some free time.”  A few simple home improvements can keep you constructively busy and entertained in your own living space.

Some simple home improvements to do during the quarantine

Experiment with Wood

There’s no time like a lockdown to let your inner artist out. Ever felt like making a project with your own two hands, but didn’t due to limited time?  Have you wanted to take up a new hobby but didn’t for the same reason? Well, now you have all the time in the world! And, if you’re going to experiment with a project, then making something out of wood can be a great place to start. You can start with something extremely simple, just as hanging some floating shelves to shelter your scattered books and decorations. You can also take it up a notch and try making a relatively advanced project, such as making a rustic bedside table. 

Working with wood can be very satisfying

Repaint the Walls

Experimenting with wood can be fun. But if you’re looking for another art project with more refinement, then try repainting your walls. Giving your home a fresh coat of paint is one of the quickest and most affordable ways to decorate. You can create a new and refreshing environment while shedding your accumulated stress.

It’s been proven time and time again, how painting and art therapy can ease the mind and relax the soul. Furthermore, you can take it a step further and create your own artwork on the walls! You can count on your natural talent if you’re artistic by nature. However, being an artist isn’t the only way to create wall art. Try shutting off the lights and use a simple projector hack to showcase the art you want to duplicate. It’s an easy trick. And, you can create everlasting pieces of mesmerizing art on your walls. 

Replace Old Fixtures

Speaking of everything you’ve been putting off until you have some free time, don’t you think it’s about time to change those old fixtures? You’re your own home expert, so you’ll know better than anyone what changes need to be made. If you take a quick look around, you’ll find faucets, knobs, light fixtures, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, and many other old and rusting fixtures that need to be replaced. It would also be wise to check your plumbing system and take care of any leaks or plumbing issues. While certain tasks can be done manually, these Californian Lakewood professionals recommend seeking an expert’s help to get the job done well. The experts will point out all the serious issues in the plumbing infrastructure, so you can let them do the heavy lifting for you while you have your fun with the aesthetics. 

Create a Workstation

Creating a desk space can help in organising areas by function

Have you tried working from home yet? Did you find it as efficient as working from the office? If you’re still struggling with being as productive as you’ve always been, then your surrounding environment is definitely one of the main reasons. To overcome this issue, consider creating your very own workstation at home. Your workstation should serve to give you some degree of isolation while enabling you to focus and be productive. Consider transforming a room or corner in your home into a workstation; add your desk, utilities, lighting, and comfortable seating. On the plus side, your family will realize that your work mode is on every time you seek your workstation, so you’ll finally have some productive time with no distractions. 

Making Space for a Slide Projector

Oftentimes work spaces at home can become elastic movable affairs. If as a businesses you need to view multimedia presentations via a slide projector then creating a blank wall space for that activity can have multiple benefits at home.  While you are organising your work area consider where is best to create that space for a projector and its projection against a wall. By using a simple projector hack and some careful space management that work area could adapt itself to become a home leisure area for home movies too.


Sorting through old clothes creates space


There might be another reason why you’re not very productive at home. Usually, your office would only contain whatever is necessary without too much clutter, but that’s not the case at home. There are way too many things that take up space in our homes. And all of this clutter affects our subconsciousness negatively before we can even realize its impact. Instead of filling up your space with useless stuff, it’d do you so much better to de-clutter your area and get rid of all that’s unnecessary. Try adopting a minimalist, yet, modern approach. You’ll find it thrilling to experience the huge difference in your environment.

Being locked down at home with no place to escape can be an eye-opener that will finally get you to do take care of all the things you’ve been putting off around the house.

Final thoughts on time spent in simple home improvements

It’s also the best time to work on your home to transform it into a safe space. Whether it’s an art project, decluttering, or creating an office space, you’ll be sure to get the best out of this quarantine with some simple home improvement projects.

It can also be a good family bonding activity, especially if you have kids. Simple DIY projects can be a good learning experience for them, which might lead them to further interest in more DIYs or woodworking. Wood building kits for kids are available on the market, but there’s something more fun if you’re doing it together. You’ll never know,  your home transformation and improvement can be just a wonderful bonus from this experience.



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