Simple tips to help you find a home buyer fast

17 Jan, 2021

Simple tips to help you find a home buyer fast

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If you have bought and sold a home you will know the challenges of making and closing the sale. It can be a long process, fraught with challenges, especially in a competitive market. If you are a homeowner looking to sell your property here are some top tips to help you find a home buyer as quickly as possible.

Simple Tips That Will Help You Find a Buyer for Your Home Right Away

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Selling your home can be a challenge in a competitive market

When you’re selling a house for the very first time in your life, the process might seem a bit intimidating. This is especially if you’re not familiar with how properties are handled or current property trends. Luckily, you can handle this on your own (with a little bit of help from a real estate agent), if you do some research and know the right steps to take. In this guide, we’ll provide some pointers on how to attract the right buyers.

Hire a real estate agent

If you have little to no experience with selling houses, best practice is to find a real estate agent. Hire a local agent, as they are more familiar with the market needs and on how to prepare your house to attract the right home buyers. Some agents can also set up your home at a reasonable price to attract the right buyers. Real estate agents are in tune with buyers’ preferences, and they access databases containing house listings to match home buyers with their preferences. They can also host events like ‘Broker’s opens’. In such events they review property then give their clients feedback on its condition. So it’s best that you hire a local real estate agent and brief them so they can understand your needs and provide you with the best solutions.

Attract a home buyer with good promotional photos

Remember to dress up your terrace for buyer visits

Every experienced house seller will tell you that promotional work comprises largely of the selling process. This is why your house listing must be in tip-top shape in order to attract the right buyers quickly.

Take high-quality promotional photos of your home after refreshing your home for the pictures. Despite what home buyers might tell you, first impressions do count. And usually the first thing they see is a photo of your property.

Therefore promotional photos should be added to several house listings to attract as many buyers as possible. If you list your house on the multiple listing service with attractive photos, buyers will come to your house in no time. Be sure to add photos from several angles and with as much natural light as possible.

Optimise Storage Space

If your house doesn’t have the largest kitchen, don’t worry.  You can make buyers feel as though there is more space by taking a few steps.

For example, decluttering your walk-in cupboards, storing the contents temporarily elsewhere. Ask a friend to offer space, or find a rental facility. Clear up your kitchen space for example by moving any extra chairs elsewhere. Make space, it really helps a room look bigger.

Try to leave more or less 30 percent of your closets or shelves empty whenever buyers come to inspect the house. Veteran house sellers swear by this step, so it’s worth learning from experienced property sellers.


Every home buyer loves a cosy home

Nothing seems warmer and inviting than a cosy, warm house with several comforting accents and a lot of sunlight. If you have a terrace, however small, add a bistro dining set, a few potted flowers, and herbs, or a set of lawn chairs. Think of ways to brighten and freshen the look of your property.

Prospective home buyers respond well to bright and airy homes

You can also add a few books or colourful pillows to your window bench to help buyers imagine how it would feel to read a book in that space. Make sure that all rooms are bathed with natural light as much as possible. Try replacing heavy curtains with lighter ones. Try to coordinate and neutralise the colour scheme by making it lighter and matching the colour scheme of your rooms. Cleaning is key. Make sure you clean every window, floor and surface thoroughly.

Quick Repairs

If anything deters house buyers from buying a house, it is neglect or damaged parts of the house. For instance, chipped banisters, leaky faucets, or a loose door handle might be a source of worry for most buyers, which is why you’ll need to make a list of everything that needs to be repaired in your house then make sure to go over this list before house buyers inspect the house. The better the integrity and condition of your house, the more satisfied house buyers will be.

Now that you know what to do in order to attract house buyers, all that is left is to take action. Don’t be worried if your house doesn’t sell immediately, as that usually indicates problems with the market, which may not be active. To that end, make sure to consult a real estate agent to know the best time in which you can sell your house.


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