Simple ways to warm up the kitchen in changing seasons

8 Sep, 2021

Simple ways to warm up the kitchen in changing seasons

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With the changing seasons we always feel the drafts in each room. Kitchens especially seem prone to small wind tunnels, as they are usually connected to the outdoors or garden in some way. Homeowners usually try to get repairs and home renovations done in good weather to prepare for changing seasons.  Here are some simple and inexpensive ways to warm up a kitchen ahead in time for the changing seasons.

warm up the kitchen
You need to work to warm up a large kitchen space

Fall is finally here and many of us are looking forward to cosy nights at home, pumpkin spice everything, and crisp walks in the golden woodlands. If you are looking to make some changes to your kitchen for the cooler seasons, today we want to share some fun ideas with you. 

Add warmth and fun to your kitchen this year and you will be able to enjoy a stunning space for all the family to enjoy. 

Warm up the kitchen with standing candles 

The first way to bring some warmth to your kitchen this fall is to add some standing candles to the kitchen table and create a stunning and elegant feature. Standing candles and their holders bring a real sense of warmth and elegance to your kitchen design and they can be a brilliant way to add a little colour to your kitchen. You can choose a metallic one such as gold or silver, or go for something with a warm tone such as red or orange to match the season. 

Consider new kitchen cupboards 

If you are looking to make some larger changes to your kitchen such as new worktops and cupboards or stunning freestanding kitchens, one thing to consider is the colour of your kitchen cupboards. If you are looking for a colour that will bring warmth and brightness to the room all year long you could choose an orange or rust tone which will keep your kitchen looking fresh and bright. You could also consider a stunning teal which will offset warmer colours beautifully and will be a timeless choice for all times of the year. Perhaps look online for inspiration for your kitchen cupboard colours and consider ways to make them look fresh and warm. 

Repaint the walls a warm colour

One of the easiest ways to change your home to suit the season is with a fresh kick of paint on the walls. Warm tones are synonymous with the fall and winter however you can go the opposite way and bring a dark tone such as navy to the wall which will provide the perfect background for all of your orange and gold toned accessories during the fall and winter. 

Hang a wreath for atmosphere

One of the great little features you can add to warm the kitchen during the fall is a beautiful wreath with golden and red leaves, lights, and other fall items. There are plenty of ways for you to bring some life to your wreath and whether you buy one or opt to make one, adding some battery powered fairy lights throughout is a brilliant way for you to add some magic to the wreath. Hanging a stunning warm wreath on your door will warm it up and it will also make the room look more inviting and fun. 

Add to add greenery to add life and vibrancy

best kitchen
Decorate your kitchen with fresh colourful plants and produce

Plants are always a great way to warm up a room and put some energy into a home. In the kitchen, having a couple of small plants on your windowsill or on the countertops can get a brilliant way to balance out your design and bring some much needed green to your kitchen. You can also find on ants thah have orange or red foliage and this can be a good way to pull the design together and really bring that idea of the fall to the room. 

Invest in a pumpkin casserole dish for seasonal flourish

One of the best decorative features you can get for your kitchen this fall is a pumpkin casserole dish. There are many different companies that make these and you can find them on Amazon for varying prices. These stunning kitchen features will bring instant warmth and seasonal style to your kitchen and the bonus is that you will be able to actually use your pumpkin casserole dish for dinner parties and family get-togethers. Having this beautiful piece out on display on your kitchen countertop during the fall and winter will instantly lift your kitchen design and bring some much needed warmth and fun to the room. 

warm up the kitchen
A pumpkin casserole dish is a great way to add a fun and practical flourish

Add some fun fairy lights for accents

Fairy lights are a brilliant way to brighten up any room and also bring some atmospheric lighting to a room that may otherwise look dull and boring. One great way to bring that fall spirit to your kitchen is to add some beautiful fairy lights to the room and have them lit up during the evenings when enjoying meals with your family. This will just add a touch of magic to the room that will bring it together. 

A final word on how to warm up the kitchen

Try these ideas to add some fall magic to your kitchen this season. Small touches can really bring on a warm and friendly atmosphere. You may have to worker harder as the homeowner in some kitchens than others, especially if you have large space to manage. But try these tips, they really help. 


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