Sitters Be Warned: You Need to Sell Yourself

7 Feb, 2023

Sitters Be Warned: You Need to Sell Yourself

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If you are new to house sitting then listen up. Sitters experienced or new to the activity will know that there is something in the profile that can help you get that gig. But how do you start? Sitters, you need to make a big effort to promote and sell your experience and suitability as house and pet sitters. Read on to learn more.

Sitters – Are you wondering how to find a house sit job?

Sitters are you wondering how to find a house sit job? We explain some of the ways that you can make your profile and application stand out from the crowd as you apply for house sitting and pet sitting opportunities in the UK and overseas.

It is par for the course that there are always a lot more sitters than homeowners available. But you know that pet owners will be seeking sitters so you need to try your best. Because of this, it is vitally important to sell yourself as a house-sitter an owner can really trust.

Photographs – A picture is worth a thousand words

One of the best ways to get the edge is to use photographs of yourself, your living environment or even your pets, if you have any. Be as specific as possible about your experience and requirements. Even if you have never house-sat before, your profile should at least describe your aptitude for house-sitting and the reasons why you would make a good sitter.

Its this sort of careful attention to detail that will help you win over the many other sitters out there. It is par for the course that there are always more sitters than homeowners listed. Because of this, it is vital to sell yourself as a house-sitter owners can trust, because they are literally spoilt for choice!

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How to find a house sit job -> It’s A Jungle Out There!

It may sound simple but your passport to free accommodation is not quite so easy to secure; it is competitive. In writing your profile, consider what you might like to know about someone to whom you were going to handover the keys to your home:

  • The sort of hours you keep
  • If you work from home (that is a real added security bonus)
  • Pets/gardening/pool experience, even if in the past
  • A feel for their values and standards.

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Address All the Home and Pet Owner’s Criteria

Also make sure you address the owners specified criteria point by point. Don’t gloss over things and hope your marvellous personality will shine through. And remember, before you meet you are still strangers. You have to instil confidence in the owner. You need to build trust and a rapport with them.

If you are looking for a local house-sit, you could always invite the homeowner to visit you where you are living now so they can see first hand how you live. Remember to tidy up before they get there!

Be proactive

You also need to be proactive. Don’t wait for an owner to contact you, they rarely do. So regularly check and have a look through the HouseSit Match property database, make contact and be chatty and friendly but above all listen to what they need.

With HouseSit Match you really do have the world in your hands!

Register now and get in on the ground floor of the next big thing! Who knows where in the world we might expand to next?

If you have pet care and homecare experience and want to travel and experience a new location why not register as on HouseSitMatch as a housesitter

To register as a House-sitter or Petsitter follow this link


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