Sleeping With a Pet? Here are Some Tips for You

18 May, 2020

Sleeping With a Pet? Here are Some Tips for You

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While some of our pet owners would not consider having a pet in bed or even inside their homes even, many others love to have their pets sleeping with them.  Here are some guidelines about what to do to prepare if you like to have your pets in your bed with you…

Are your pets sleeping in your bed? Here are Some Tips for You

Most pets sleep in their owner’s bed when young or as an adult. If you choose to share your bed with your pet, then you should know that the perks of having the pet on your bed outweigh the occasional sleep interruptions. For example, you sleep better. Most pet owners get a better sleep when snuggling with their pets by their side.

a pet dog sleeping on a bed with human next to him on a laptop
Some pets are easier to accommodate than others in your bed


Sleeping with your pet has a positive experience. However, you should take safety precautions to ensure you are protected health-wise. Kate Barrington at notes that having your pet by your side lowers your blood pressure. Additionally, having your pet by your side reduces feelings of loneliness and anxiety.

What Are the Health Benefits of Sleeping with My Pet?

Experience Less Stress

You feel calmer which makes it easy for you to drift off to sleep rather quickly. Besides, it decreases the feeling of depression as the warmth they give you eases your pain and makes you feel less isolated.


Sleeping close to your pet is a great source of comfort. To be realistic, you find unconditional love as snuggling with your pet at night brings feelings of joy. You sleep better and soundly.

A Sense of Safety

If there is trouble at night like a fire or an intruder or any other unexpected event, you can expect the pet to wake you up. This is comforting to know that you have a way to remain alert even as you sleep.

Besides, you can sleep in your home alone with your pet knowing that things are okay. If they are calm, it means there is no cause for alarm. A pet staying near you in the home can understand that you are relaxed in your own space and will relax too.

young tabby cat sleeping on a bed
Many cats just love sleeping on human beds

Photo by Paul Hanaoka

Tips for Sleeping with a Pet

1.      Make Appointment for Regular Pet Checkups

Before allowing your pet on your bed, ensure they have been examined by a veterinarian to ensure they are healthy and have no diseases. Only allow a pet on your bed after it has received a clean bill of health.

Therefore, you should schedule routine checkups at least twice a year as a preventive measure. Plus, ensure your pet has all the necessary vaccinations. If the pet shows any sign of infection or diseases, contact your vet.

2.      Keep the Pet Clean

Always bathe and groom your pet regularly, more so if they spend more time outdoors. Use veterinary approved products as they protect against parasites, fleas, or ticks. Practice good hygiene to ensure you don’t catch germs. Regularly wash your bedding with a disinfectant and change the bedding.

3.      Be in Command

Ensure the pet understands that you are the boss and it’s your bed. Therefore, they should only jump onto the bed when you allow them. Be dominant and never allow the dog to eat on the bed as it sends a wrong message. Punish the dog if it misbehaves, by sending them away to sleep elsewhere.

corgi dog on a bed
Some dogs simply prefer being near you at night

Photo by Jacob Van Blarcom

4.      Use Latex Mattress

Even if your pet is well-groomed and clean, there will always be pet dander to deal with. Therefore, a latex mattress has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Plus, the mattress is resistant to mold, dust mites, mildew, and other allergens. Regularly wash your sheets like once a week.

5.      A Pet Should be Housebroken

Young puppies have problems controlling their bladder and they can wet your bed. This can ruin your bed-sheets or mattress. Ensure the housebroken pets finish their business before coming into the bed. A pet that is not ready to come to bed will disturb you in more ways than one.

A blue eyed siamese cat in a bed
Many a pet loves the comfort of a cozy bed

Photo by Bastian Pudill

Sleeping with your pet can be healthy and gives you the comfort and safety you need. You enjoy better sleep. The tips above ensure that the pet doesn’t ruin your bed or sheets. Observe them for a joyful and comfortable relationship with your pet.


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