Small dog breeds to consider when choosing a pet

23 Feb, 2022

Small dog breeds to consider when choosing a pet

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Many pet owners love dogs. Sometimes when choosing a dog you need to consider the size of the breed before you bring your new pet home. So many factors will affect your choice of pet. If space and activity are an issue at home, then consider one of the small dog breeds. Here is a list of five breeds to think about before choosing your new pet dog.

The Top 5 Small Dog Breeds You Should Consider

pet friendly home
Pugs are often characterful and easy to keep

Do you love keeping dogs as pets? Do you find it hard to resist their adorable faces? If the answer is positive, you are a true dog lover, and you might have one at your home. However, if you cannot get one for any reason, we are here for your help. Have you considered the range of small dog breeds available?

What is the best small dog to have?

There is a wide choice of diminutive dog breeds for you to choose from. Each has its own qualities. Most of the time, people are hesitant to keep dogs in their homes, and this is often due to their large body size. But hang on! Here we have the solution: you can get your hands on any smaller dog breed. Check out our list of the top five small dog breeds you should consider.

Top Five Small Dogs Breeds You Must Get

Sometimes if you are looking for a dog but concerned about the size and weight of a new pet then you might want to focus on the small dog breeds. In this article, we offer you a quick and pithy description of some of our favourites.

cute small dogs
Small dogs are easy to care for in the family and with a petsitter

The Pug

Pugs are among the most favoured small dog breeds.

As a dog breed they originate from China, and you can detect this from their facial features: their short face, petite body, and curly tail make them distinctive among other dog breeds. These features are evident in ancient Chinese manuscripts and artworks from various periods in Chinese history.

Key facts about Pugs

  • They love being the centre of attraction.
  • They have a real personality and show off for their owners. They know how to make you laugh and can be the most humorous member of your family.
  • However, they can be challenging to train and are pretty stubborn

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

small dog breeds
This is a King Charles Spaniel in a bike basket

They are indeed the king of beauty and cuteness, as the name says. Kind Charles Spaniels are one of the small dog breeds.

Key facts about the King Charles Spaniels

  • They might have different hair colors, varying from white, brown to black.
  • They are very famous as in the UK, with many representations in famous paintings over the centuries, ever since the breed was favoured by King Charles I.
  • Their body height is somewhere around 12 to 13 inches.
  • They love making new friends, and you will never see them getting afraid of any stranger
small dog breeds
The Pomeranian is light and very portable, and attractive

The Pomeranian

This is another one of the classic small dog breeds you can even carry on your shoulder and will never feel burdened. Their small and compact size draws everyone’s attraction.

Key facts about Pomeranians

Here are some of the lesser-known facts about Pomeranian.

  • They can be quite bossy sometimes and love to rule over you their owner.
  • They originate from Iceland.
  • They might not be friendly initially; however, they will become more friendly and sociable with time.

The Papillon

The Papillon has distinctive butterfly shaped ears

They are one of the more popular small dog breeds. At a glance, you will feel like they have big ponytails on their head, but this is what makes Papillon distinctive among others.

Key facts about the Papillon:

  • They got their name from a French word that means butterfly, as they have butterfly-shaped hair fringe.
  • Also, they love giving kisses to everyone and are very affectionate.
  • They can be good friends with cats.
  • A rare combination among small dog breeds in that they are friendly, obedient, and active.

The French Bulldog

Our last pick on the list is French bulldog: an eager-looking breed with absolutely adorable body size.

Key facts about the French Bulldog

  • You cannot expect them to swim due to their body hair.
  • They don’t like to bark too much.
  • They love making new friends.
  • Though this breed is smaller, it can gain weight quickly if you feed it without the appropriate exercise.
small dog breeds
The French Bulldog breed is a friendly and highly portable pet, from puppy to adult

A final word on choosing from one of the small dog breeds

Smaller dog breeds are easy to keep and require less space. You can easily take them for a walk or drive, and they can be your best companion. To know more about dogs, do check out fresh stuff at



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