Small roof design – What you should know

16 Mar, 2021

Small roof design – What you should know

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If you have ever had to decide on a roof design for your home you will understand the challenge. And as a homeowner who knows little or not much about such designs learning about the intricacies of roof design for a small house can be even more concerning. Before you make a commitment to your roofer, read on to learn about the various options to consider.

Roof Design for Small House

small roof design
A small roof has many advantages over a large roof regarding costs and maintenance

Most small homes today have roof designs that are efficient and simple. Compared to the roof design of a larger home, a small roof costs less and is easier to maintain. As a homeowner, roof problems should be the least of your worries, that is why Jackson Contracting Inc. drafts roof designs for small homes that are built to last using high-quality materials.

What’s the Best Small House Roof Design for Your Needs

Whether you are contemplating fixing your roof or installing a new one, invest in a reputable roofing company. This choice, based on positive experiences of previous clients, should pay off in the long run. After all, one of the main reasons a property owner hires a roofing company to work on their roof is because they trust their expertise and services.

Compact Form Factor

As an owner of a small home, your property’s roof design has a compact form factor, meaning it is not a large roof that covers a large expanse of surface area. Big homes usually have rooves that are more complex which initially cost significantly more money to put together. What is also important in the design is the materials you choose, like tile, shingles, or metal.

Ultimately, it is recommended that you decide on a material that best suits the climate most common in your region. This means you choose material best suited to deal the extreme weather conditions you will encounter.  If you live in an area that experiences high winds and frequent storms investing in durable types of roofing shingles made of asphalt, metal, or hardy tile such as slate may be the best option.

This choice alone will help to preserve the health of your roof.

buying a tiny house
A tiny house has advantages in eco sustainability

Cost-Effective to Maintain

One of the major benefits of a small structure is that it is very easy to maintain and fix. For example, cleaning your small roof will take you less time than if you had a larger roof. Issues with small roof designs are also less common when compared to larger roof designs. The less roof surface area a home has, the fewer chances of the roof will experience problems.

Making Use of Angles and Incline

When designing a brand new roof to replace your old one, after suffering years of wear and tear or structural damage, implementing the proper angles and incline is essential which your local roofing company will be able to do. This ensures rain, snow, hail, and other harsh weather debris are deflected off the roof and onto the safe ground beside the home. Completely flat roofs are often desirable because they tend to hold onto debris since there is no incline in the roof’s design, which can be a major headache to clean afterward.

Sometimes Less Is More

We have often heard the phrase that “less is more” in different modes of design such as in paintings, architecture, and engineering. Small roof designs can perform very well given their compact form factor and quality is not compromised at all.

In fact, as a small homeowner you will know now that roof designs can perfectly complement a home. Just like a large roof design, a small roof matches the requirements for a large home but for less money. Roofing contractors charge per square foot and on material choice. As a result, owners of a small home can expect their roof repair or roof replacement to be less inexpensive.



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