Small Saltwater Aquarium – Top 8 Fish Species

17 Jun, 2024

Small Saltwater Aquarium – Top 8 Fish Species

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Fish lovers often ask us which fish to add to a small saltwater aquarium. Pet owners who love to include fish in their pet collections often tell us that there are eight fish species that do very well in a small saltwater fish tank. Read on to learn which of these top species do well in your saltwater tank.

Top 8 Best Fish Species for a Small Saltwater Aquarium

small saltwater aquarium with yellow and black angelfish
You can find yellow and black angelfish to add to your small saltwater aquarium

Photo by Fahad AlAni

Creating a vibrant, thriving underwater world in a small saltwater aquarium is a unique joy and challenge. It’s for aquarists of all levels. While the limited space may seem like a constraint, it opens up a realm of creativity and careful selection of its inhabitants.

For those ready to embark on this salty adventure, choosing the right fish is crucial for maintaining a harmonious ecosystem. Here are the top 8 best fish species suited for a small saltwater tank, each bringing its splash of color and life to your miniature ocean.

  1. Clownfish

The iconic clownfish is a must-mention. They are hardy and adaptable. They are also playful. Their orange hue, framed with white stripes, is striking.

two clown fish facing each other
Clown fish are remarkably resilient and easy to care for

Photo by Jeffry Surianto

Clownfish are remarkable for their resilience and ease of care, making them an ideal choice for novice and experienced aquarists. These vibrant fish are known for their bright colors and active swimming patterns and for their unique relationship with sea anemones.

  1. Royal Gramma

With its vibrant purple front and bright yellow rear, the Royal Gramma is a visual delight. This peaceful fish does well in tanks starting at 30 gallons, and it prefers plenty of hiding spaces among rocks. It’s hardy and can adapt to various tank conditions, making it perfect for beginners.

The Royal Gramma is a model citizen in a reef tank setting, coexisting with all other marine species, provided they are not aggressive. It’s a hardy fish that thrives on a diet of various meaty foods and occasional plant-based supplements. This enchanting species tends to swim in the middle to lower portions of the aquarium and loves

  1. Banggai Cardinalfish

The Banggai Cardinalfish, with its striking black stripes, white body, and tasseled dorsal fin, is a serene and beautiful addition to any small saltwater aquarium. These fish prefer a slow-moving environment and can do well in tanks as small as 30 gallons. They’re also peaceful, making them great tank mates for other non-aggressive species.

The Banggai Cardinalfish is admired for its unique appearance and cherished for its gentle nature. Originating from the Banggai archipelago in Indonesia, this species has faced challenges in the wild, making its conservation in aquariums significant. Despite their serene disposition, they exhibit fascinating parental care behaviors, with the male responsible for mouthbrooding the eggs until they hatch.

  1. Watchman Goby

Known for their fascinating behavior and bond with pistol shrimp, the Watchman Goby brings character and a splash of color to a small aquarium. They are sand-sifting species, helping keep the substrate clean. Suitable for tanks 20 gallons and up, they’re a beneficial and intriguing species to observe.

Watchman Gobies, with their distinctive colors and patterns, range from shades of yellow to brown with various markings that enhance their appeal in a saltwater setup. They are known for their vigilant behavior, often seen perched within or at the entrance of burrows they share with pistol shrimp.

This symbiotic relationship adds a unique dynamic to the tank and promotes a healthier environment by aerating the sand bed.

  1. Firefish

The Firefish is a slender, vibrant fish that adds color and a dash of dynamism to your aquarium. It’s shy yet peaceful with its yellow head and pink-to-red-hued body. Firefish need an aquarium with plenty of rockwork for hiding and can live well in a 20-gallon tank.

Firefish, known as Nemateleotris magnifica, are among the most eye-catching species you can introduce to a small saltwater aquarium. Their long, darting movements and vivid coloration make them stand out in any marine setup. These fish are not only known for their beauty but also for their peaceful demeanor, making them excellent companions for various other non-aggressive marine species.

  1. Neon Blue Goby

This colored, electric blue goby is eye-catching and valuable. Neon Blue Gobies are known for their cleaning services, often removing parasites from other fish. They thrive in tanks of at least 10 gallons with ample rock for hiding and perching.

neon blue goby fish
The Neon Blue Goby fish also works well in a small saltwater aquarium

Photo courtesy of Abyss Aquatics

The Neon Blue Goby (the Electric Blue Goby) is a brilliant addition to any small-sized marine tank. Small, they reach about 1.5 to 2 inches in length, making them an ideal fit for aquariums starting from 10 gallons. These gobies are renowned for their vibrant electric blue color that immediately draws attention.

  1. Six-Line Wrasse

The Six-Line Wrasse is renowned for its bright colors and high energy. Covered in brilliant blue lines with a vibrant orange backdrop, this wrasse is a hunter of pests and a dazzling addition to any small saltwater setup. Due to its active swimming habits, it is recommended for 30 gallons or larger aquariums.

It is a small but dynamic member of the reef community, measuring up to about four inches in adulthood. It’s prized not only for its striking appearance but also for its role in controlling pest populations in the aquarium. This species is known for its relentless pursuit of bristle worms and other tiny parasites, making it an invaluable addition to maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

  1. Green Chromis

The peaceful Green Chromis is an excellent choice for those wanting to create a small shoal in their aquarium. These social fish display beautifully in groups, flaunting their shimmering, green-blue bodies. They do well in 30 gallons and up tanks, offering a glimpse into the dynamic schooling behavior of the ocean’s vast expanses.

This is popular for its serene beauty and hardy nature, making it a suitable candidate for both novice and seasoned aquarists. These fish are adaptive and can thrive in various water conditions, which is partly why they are so beloved in the aquarium community.

Their preference for swimming in groups adds a captivating, almost hypnotic aspect to their presence in a tank, encouraging aquarists to maintain them in small schools to truly appreciate their natural behavior.

While the specific fishes described above can bring a miniature slice of the ocean into your home, acquiring these species requires selecting a reputable seller with fish for sale. Before purchasing, ensure the seller provides healthy, sourced fish.

Exploring the Best Fish Species for a Small Saltwater Aquarium

Starting a small saltwater aquarium is an exciting venture into marine life. By choosing the right fish and providing them with a suitable environment, you create a stunning visual display and a healthy ecosystem that mirrors the diversity and beauty of the ocean. Happy fishkeeping!

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