Smart decluttering tips before moving

17 Aug, 2022

Smart decluttering tips before moving

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While most of us love to move into a new home, many homeowners dread the preparation. We can all benefit from smart decluttering tips from an experienced hand. Read on to learn some of the ideas our members have shared with us their home creative decluttering tips before moving home.

Smart decluttering tips before moving home

smart decluttering tips
If you have pets then packing can be a worrying time for them

You never realize how many things you own until you have to put everything into boxes and transport it to a new location. Depending on how far away your new residence is from your old one, you either need to make several trips or spend money to move everything.

From sorting out areas of your home, to organizing, packing up, moving, and then unpacking everything, it can be a long process. One of the smart decluttering tips is to prepare early. Above all when you start clearing up and sorting, stay consistent when decluttering.

Check out our smart decluttering tips

Before you do any of that though, maybe you should think about whether you really need all of that stuff. A new move means a chance to start anew, that is the number one of our smart decluttering tips. Maybe it’s about time you part with some of your belongings so as to let go of both the psychological stress of having it around and the need to transport it to your new home. 

Donate Your Things 

Give a hand to charities and local nonprofits by donating things you don’t need. After all, someone less fortunate than you doesn’t have the privilege of owning too many things and could really use something you might not need. 

Give It Away to Your Family or Friends 

Ask your family or friends if they have any use for the things you want to get rid of. It’s always better to give your things a second life rather than throwing them away to end up in a landfill. Call friends whom you think might enjoy that chair you don’t want anymore or those blankets you don’t need. 

Moving can be especially hard for elderly people, as there’s a lot of sentimental value attached to their belongings and memories. Try helping them with their decluttering process – offer support and extra hands when sorting things out.

If you live in Ottawa you may even hire a professional moving service to help the elderly with their relocation. Experienced senior movers in Ottawa can help you get organized and make sure that the move is done safely without too much stress. Plus they come equipped with the right tools and resources to ensure that everything is packed properly and transported safely.

Rent a Storage Unit 

The ultimate in smart decluttering tips is rent a storage unit. It is so easy!

Storage units help offset the stress of moving by giving you somewhere to temporarily store your things until you figure out what to do with them. When you move, there are tons of things to worry about, so you might not have the time to figure out what to do with your excess stuff. Instead of throwing in the towel and just tossing it all out, rent a storage unit. 

Storage units have become more and more popular over the years. Some storage unit rentals offer packing materials too; the storage units at U CAN Store showcase the sufficiency of these materials. You can choose an appropriately sized storage unit for yourself, and give yourself some time to get through this transition. 

Hold a Garage Sale 

smart decluttering tips
One of the smart decluttering tips is to hold a garage sale to clear out some unwanted items and earn some money!

A really therapeutic process is hosting your own garage sale to sell your unwanted items. It is one of the smart decluttering tips.

By selling your things at a garage sale, you can get a little money to help you get through the move or trade for a new item that you might actually have a use for. Garage sales don’t require much effort, but make sure you’re obeying your local laws and regulations. 

List It for Sale Online 

There are many websites where you can sell your stuff, from old furniture to old clothes and items. Items that you think are worth more money might take longer to sell, so keep that in mind. If you don’t know how much you should ask for, look at listings of items that are similar to yours. 

Clean up your things, take clear photos of them in good lighting, and write out a compelling description. List the item’s strengths and make sure to mention that you’re selling it because you’re moving, just so people don’t think they’re being tricked. 

smart decluttering tips
One of the most effective and smart decluttering tips is to consider the furniture pieces you wont need and those you will, when you are deciding what to let go of.

Try Tor Recycle the Rest 

Maybe you’ve already gotten rid of the stuff that was in good condition, and now you’re left with things that are broken beyond repair. In this case, you can try to recycle whatever can be recycled from your pile. 

Not everything can be recycled, so do some research on what can and can’t be repurposed or upcycled. Making early decisions is one of the smart decluttering tips.

Find a recycling center near your place of residence and drop off your recyclable items there. This is the second best option of disposing of your things, right after giving them away to someone else. 

Throw Them Away 

There are some things that nobody wants and can’t be recycled. In this case, you have to get rid of them somehow. As a last resort, you can toss them in the trash. 

It’s not the greenest or most profitable way of decluttering your home, but it’s the easiest. If you have a lot of trash to throw away, you can bring it to a landfill yourself, rent a dumpster, or hire a junk removal company to get rid of your stuff for you. 

Smart decluttering tips in summary

Moving can be really stressful and expensive. It’s a hectic process, so why not take some of that stress off your shoulders by decluttering? These smart decluttering tips are essential to consider ahead of every move, and sometimes in between.

Whether you are packing precious items carefully, decluttering and removing what is not needed you need to start early with these decluttering hacks for your living space. Decluttering is good for your mental health, and when moving home it’s also good for practical reasons.

After getting rid of some of your old things, you’ll be able to buy some new ones and start a new life at your new residence. 


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