Smart home internet speed: 3 Home truths

17 May, 2023

Smart home internet speed: 3 Home truths

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The perception of owning a smart home is still one of luxury and excess. However, many of us as homeowners use smart appliances these days as part of our everyday existence. People worry about the smart home internet speed required, however

What smart home internet speed should I get?

smart home internet
Most homes today have some smart devices. Usually the smart home internet speed needed is no faster than for a normal home

There are a few pivotal points in the life of an individual.

Becoming an independent adult, moving out of the family home, getting your first job, and then having your own home are all pivotal points. All these significant life events have one thing in common; they lead to responsibility, help with making a decision, and owning your life.

However, one thing that most people never tell you is that moving out of your house might seem an exciting point in life but in reality, you have more responsibility.

Taking ownership of your own home

From watering your plants on time to cooking food, cleaning your home, and keeping track of the bills, you will be responsible for all. These tasks might seem easy at first but eventually, you will find them monotonous, burdening, and quite extraneous.

  • Adoption of AI appliances for convenience at home – To ensure that you do not have to struggle every day with these small tasks, most tech companies are encouraging people to use AI and machine learning for completing their daily tasks. From cleaning the home to cooking things, everything can be done with the use of smart home appliances while you enjoy a sound sleep.
  • Smart homes are a reality – Gone are the days when the smart home was labeled as a luxury. Now smart home is a necessity and everyone who wants to elevate their lifestyle without spending too much money wants to upgrade their home to a smart home.

Since the smart home was previously seen as a luxury, most people might think you need very good internet to run such a home. Or you might think that choosing a smart home internet speed will increase your electricity usage, but the reality is otherwise.

Good quality internet as an everyday utility

By just getting a good quality internet like RCN Internet and some basic smart devices, you will get to convert your whole home into a smart home. Then you will see that smart home internet speed is no more demanding than for a traditional home.

Apart from this, RCN internet is Ideal for whole-home connectivity, which keeps all the devices, connected regardless of their location. Moreover, if you are concerned about speed, it offers you the best possible speed to support your smart home project.

What is internet speed and its usage in different devices?

smart home internet
Smart thermostats are becoming increasingly common in homes

As an internet user, you might have come across the term blazing fast internet speed of up to 1000 Mbps. let’s demystify this. as a statement it is just a generalized version of what speed looks like. In real life, there are multiple internet speeds within the same package. You have these to consider:

  • download speed
  • upload speed
  • browsing speed.

Internet speed in general is used as a term to explain how fast the data can be loaded. The speed is measured in Mbps. However, the speed required to run each device will depend on the function you perform with it. Most companies offer high download speed with very low upload speed.

If you have subscribed to an internet package already, you might have noticed that download speed, upload speed, and browsing speed are not mentioned separately. Instead, they usually give a ballpark figure. Apart from this, when you use the internet and Wi-Fi speed is quite different. This speed also differs from device to device.

Examples of appliances and smart home internet speed

To know about the internet speed used by the device you need to know about the basic internet speed requirement along with the speed required to run each device. To offer you a basic idea, we have listed some of the simple smart home devices that you use and the speed required to support these devices:

  • Smart Speaker – Your smart home is incomplete without a voice assistant. Generally, you will get amazon echo and google home assistant. Both these home assistants perform the same task and surprisingly they use the same internet speed as well. To use your smart speaker you need a meager speed of just 1 Mbps. However, 1Mbps is the active speed but if your home assistant is not working, it uses less than 1 Mbps.
  • Smart Lighting – Smart lighting is the very first thing that most people chose when they start their smart home project. For the smart lighting, you just need one Mbps for running. This includes the speed of both smart plugs used for lighting and smart switches. Even if you opt for direct smart lighting, one Mbps speed is still good enough.
  • Smart Security Camera – As a new homeowner, the basic need is to ensure the safety of your home. This is where smart home security appliances come in. Smart home doorbells and smart video surveillance come in. All these things require little to no wiring and they can be attached anywhere. For keeping our security camera alive, you need just 2 Mbps of internet speed. However, this speed is required for just one camera, so if you have more than one camera you will need 2Mbps for each camera.

Average Internet Speed Required Per Household

Most people complain that the smart home internet speed needed by appliances would be high because they fetch data in real-time. However, smart appliances require minimal internet speed. In reality these appliances will not affect your budget or internet usage at all. They also take minimal management. It can all be done through a smart home manager login.

A simple way to evaluate smart home internet speed or usage is to look at the average data and internet speed require without a smart home. The difference will help you know if you need to upgrade your internet package.

Normal household internet speed and usage

A normal household with 1-2 people generally requires just 40 Mbps. This includes the ocean online content streaming, browsing, downloading, and watching videos as well. However, if you bring the headcount to three people the internet requirement will increase to 100 Mbps. Similarly, if you keep adding to the headcount you might have to bring it to more than 100 Mbps.

Reality of smart home internet speed and usage

Now if you add the smart appliance usage to the overall internet usage. You will notice that with a smart speaker, security camera as well as smart lighting, the internet usage and speed will range from 100-150 for 3 people households.

Bottom Line on the necessary smart home internet speed

To sum it all up, the above-mentioned points clearly explain that you will not see a lot of difference in internet usage and required speed with or without a smart home.


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