Solar powered gadgets for home and travel: The Top 6

4 Sep, 2021

Solar powered gadgets for home and travel: The Top 6

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Solar power is evident in all our lives, whether we are aware of it or not. Increasingly there are solar powered gadgets for use in our homes, and for when we travel. This is great news for homeowners and housesitters alike. If you are a digital nomad keep reading. There are gadgets here for you too! Here is our take on the top 6 solar powered gadgets that we think you will find really useful.

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Out With the Outlets: 6 Must-Have Solar-Powered Gadgets

solar powered gadgets
Solar energy pervades all our lives today

Fossil fuels are on their way out as an energy source. Not only do fossil fuels incur a massive carbon footprint, but they’re also a non-renewable resource. In the natural world, the sun powers everything.

Whether you’re a trailblazing hiker or a humble homebody, there’s no reason that the sun can’t feed your gadgets too. Solar energy is more sustainable, both for your wallet and the planet. 

Where and when to use solar powered gadgets

As global temperatures rise, renewable energy is fundamental to powering the world as we move away from fossil fuels. A great way homeowners can help combat greenhouse gas emissions and reduce our collective dependence on fossil fuels is by switching to solar energy.

Many of use are constantly on the look out for solar powered gadgets to swap out the traditional power source domestic tools and gadgets.

However, we know that figuring out the cost of solar in a given area can be confusing and frustrating. That’s why the team at EcoWatch created this guide to help people determine the cost of solar in their area and the best ways to pay for it:

Cost of Solar Panels in 2022: What to Expect

If you’ve been looking for ways to get more green in your wallet and your karma, here are six must-have solar-powered gadgets to help you get the job done. 

Solar battery charger 

One of the best solar-powered gadgets is a solar battery charger. It is a great if you are on the road or for use as one of a growing range of solar powered camping gadgets!

There’s nothing more frustrating than a phone that dies in the middle of your day. Hiking or attending festivals sans phone means that you lose out on taking pictures and videos, not to mention the risks associated with being cut off from your contacts.

A solar battery charger is an excellent way to keep your phone alive without killing the planet. A solar battery charger is a portable battery device with small solar panels built into them. Solar energy powers the battery, which can then, in turn, power your device.

Mileage will vary depending on your gadgets’ size and energy requirements, but with enough time (and patience), the solar system is the limit when it comes to charging opportunities. 

Whether you need to power up smartphones, tablets, or laptops, or even your vehicle’s battery, a solar charger can be a saving grace for outdoor adventurers. 

Solar-powered security camera from Reolink

Natural disaster situations like the ones that cause power outages are also high-risk times for burglaries. Especially daring criminals may even try to sabotage your house’s electrical system to leave you in the dark.

Solar-powered security devices, such as the Reolink Argus 3 Pro, can stay up even when the power goes down, meaning that your property is safe and surveilled even when the lights are out. This solution is also convenient if you have a lack of outdoor outlets. 

solar powered gadget
A solar powered keyboard can last up to 3 months!

Solar keyboard 

If you’re a digital nomad, and many housesitters are, you are doubtless often on the go. Even if you are a homeowner and are just looking to cut back on electricity consumption, this is the entry for you. Solar wireless keyboards have a panel up top that absorbs energy from the sun.

Yes you heard that right. So that you can keep working without worrying about your word maker dying on you. Once charged, a solar keyboard can last about three months before needing to be charged again. Isn’t that great, three months! That really has to be the ultimate solar powered gadget for digital nomads.

Solar Bluetooth speaker 

Suppose you’re not the sit-in-the-quad-with-an-acoustic-guitar type, but you still like a little music when you picnic or go camping. By packing a solar-powered Bluetooth speaker, you can listen to Lorde’s Solar Power album with some solar power of your own.

Pair this gadget with the portable battery we mentioned earlier, and you’ll never have to worry about going gridless on your next hiking trip. 

Solar bug zapper 

Nothing puts a damper on fun-in-the-sun quicker than mosquitoes. Bug zappers use light to draw bugs in and electricity to kill them. While effective, this can be a significant drain on your electric bill, especially if you keep it on all the time, such as during the summer months.

Swapping your bug zapper out for a more eco-friendly version will keep you sitting pretty and saving energy. This is hands down one of the best solar powered gadgets.

Solar-powered generator 

Last but certainly not least, a solar-powered generator can keep all of your lights and devices running without the need to pour gallons upon gallons of gasoline into an engine. What’s more, because there’s no exhaust, you can keep a solar generator inside your house safely.

These generators are a game-changer for campers and people who live in areas prone to natural disasters such as hurricanes. 

solar powered gadgets
Solar powered backpacks that can recharge your mobile phone

Parting shot and a final note on solar powered gadgets

Whether you’re trying to reduce your carbon footprint, save on your energy bill, or stay connected out in nature, solar energy is a one-stop-shop. Solar powered gadgets will keep you on the grid while you’re on the move. And what is more you can use them safely and economically at home. And they are kind to the planet!



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