Spend quality time with your dog – 10 Ways

14 Jun, 2021

Spend quality time with your dog – 10 Ways

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If you are a pet lover or petowner you know the joys of pet ownerships. Dogs especially are so interactive that they can be great fun. And yet how do you spend quality time with your dog? Here are 10 ways to consider, to help you get more enjoyment out of your relationship.

How to spend quality time with your dog

spend quality time with your dog
Walking the dog is a great way to be together

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Very few people regret bringing a dog into their life, especially if it’s something that they’ve wanted for a long time. They just have the potential to bring so much joy to our lives! If you’re going to go through the considerable amount of time, energy, and money involved in acquiring a four-legged friend, then it’s important that you take additional steps to spend quality time with him or her. In this blog, we’re going to run through some of the most effective ways for spending good times with your pet pooch. You’ll find that both you and your dog love it!

So, without any further preamble, let’s take a look at some of the best ways to spend good moments with your pet.

A Long Walk

You’ll likely be taking your pet dog on at least a couple of walks each day. But it’s important to remember that two walks are just the minimum! If you want your dog to be happy — and who doesn’t? — and also to spend some good moments with them, then look at taking an extra long walk with your dog. They’ll be at home all day, so they’ll relish the opportunity to get outside. Of course, how far this walk is will depend on the size of your dog. If they’ve only got tiny legs, then you can’t walk too far. But the distance is secondary. It’s all about ensuring that your pet can enjoy being outside without having to turn around to go home just as they’re warming up. 

Run it Out

But who says that you have to just limit yourself to walking? A gentle stroll is what most people experience with their pet, but it’s not the only option. Unless your pet is old, then you can look at going running or engaging in other exercises with them. Many dog owners don’t even think this is an option, but it is. Dogs have a lot of energy and generally like to be on the move, in much the same way as energetic humans. It’ll depend on the breed, of course, but you might find that things like trail running help to bring out the best in your dog (and you!). 

In the Kitchen

Of course, there’ll be days when you don’t want to or cannot go outside. It could be raining, or cold, or you have to wait inside, or you just want to spend the day at home. It happens! On those days, why not look at giving your pet another type of treat? Look up how to make homemade dog treats, and you’ll find that your dog is more than happy to spend the day indoors with you. Think about how pleasant it is when someone makes a delicious, homemade snack for you. That’s essentially what you’ll be doing for your dog. Plus, it can be great fun to spend quality time with your dog in the kitchen, cooking up a delicious storm.

With Other Dogs

Your dog is going to love spending time with you, but you’re not going to be the only one that they’d enjoy playing with. Don’t take it personally! While some dogs don’t get along with other pets (in which case, you should avoid dog parks or work on training), many do love nothing more than playing with their canine cousins. So if you’re looking for something fun to do on a pleasant afternoon, why not look at taking your pet down to the local dog park? They’ll have a great time, and so will you, as you’ll get to interact with other dog owners.

Hit the Stores

Who doesn’t love a little bit of retail therapy from time to time? Certainly we love it. But did you know that you can take your dog with you? There are more and more stores giving you access if you with your dog. You’ll need to check first, and stick to the dog-friendly stores. And of course some may happen to be pet stores, where your dog would love to visit. While you’re there, you can take a look at picking up, well, whatever it is that your dog seems to be drawn towards. For your dog, it’ll be the equivalent of walking into a candy or toy store. So much to enjoy!

spend quality time with your dog
Work from home to maximise your time together

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Adventure Time

One of the fun things about having a pet dog is that you’ll have a bona fide adventure partner right by your side. If you’re looking for something fun to do, then take a look at planning an adventure with your pet. There’s no shortage of options out there. For example, you could take a fun road trip. Dogs love being in the passenger seat as a car zips down a gorgeous country road. Another option is to take a look at any areas of natural beauty that are close to where you live. There’s just something special about exploring a natural area with your dog by your side.

New Toys and Games

Remember when you were a child, and your parents would buy new toys for you? The excitement was palpable. Alas, at some point, humans grow out of the novelty of having a new toy. But dogs never tire of a new play thing. They retain that excitement for much longer. Choosing a new toy for you and your dog to play with can be fun. It will also enable you to spend some quality time with your dog. 

So if you want to make your dog extra happy, take a look at picking up some new toys for them. They’ll love them! You can also look up some fun games to play with your pooch. We spoke earlier about how fun it can be to go on a long adventure with your dog, but it can be just as enjoyable to play in your yard.

On the Couch

But who says that you need to be active all the time? Sometimes, the best moments arrive when you’re doing nothing at all. On chilly and rainy evenings, there aren’t too many things more enjoyable than curling up on the couch with your four legged friend by your side. Get some human and dog snacks, pick an awesome family movie, and sink into all the pleasures of a cozy night in. 

Work From Home 

If you work from the office, then you’ll need to feel a little sorry for your dog. They’ll be sitting at home all day, just waiting for you to come back. It is not, after all, like they can go out to explore all on their own. You can help to make your dog’s life all the more enjoyable by beginning to work from home. The pandemic showed us that it’s usually easy to work from home, without any downside when it comes to productivity. Even once the coronavirus pandemic is behind us, you may be able to continue working from home. All you need to do is ask your boss

The Dog’s Day 

Finally, if you really want to give your dog a great experience, then why not let them call the shots for a day? This is a great way to spend quality time with your dog. Perhaps on their birthday? This process involves simply doing whatever it is that they enjoy doing. If they want to go on a walk, then go on a walk. If they’re hungry, then give them some snacks. This isn’t something that you should do too often, and also not before they’ve been fully trained (they might get some ideas, after all). All too often, dogs have to play second-fiddle to whatever it is that their owner wants to do. Yet while that should mostly be the case, there’s still a chance to give them a little dose of control and autonomy from time to time. 



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